haley pospisil

Haley turns 8 next month. Happy day when she is baptized!
She's such a pretty girl, sweet like her mom.

april 29

My eyes and my ears couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. "I'm dry your Highness." "My dry too Highness." OK, my ears could believe it ... I kind of expect (and want) to hear that each morning, but not at 5:25 a.m.! Oh boy. We sent them back to their room until the sun came up. They weren't quiet either, but my kids still slept through it all. Conner woke up to the commotion, took 4 oz and went right back to bed until 8:30.
I wasn't ready to greet the day that early. I was up past 10:30 last night enjoying John's new HTPC set up in the basement. We watched an NCIS that he taped! It was really nice.
Pushed the kids out the door to go to school. How do I tell the girls that a cold is not a good enough excuse to stay home from school? Kiss ... love you ... see you after school .... have a good day. Explanation enough?
Conner's right ear had even more drainage today. I thought that would have ended by now. We are faithfully putting the drops in 2 times a day. He will see the doctor on Friday. He must have had a doozy of an infection to get all of this nasty drainage. He still has a cough - fighting the cold that Kerst, Kaylee, Kendall and Cade had 1 1/2 weeks ago. Kendall still has a cough. Now Jaley and Jenna seem to be getting a touch of the cold (but not as severe). I'm glad I've stayed clear. My hands are proof. Extremely dry from all of the hand washing. I am a firm believer in that. I need to install my industrial soap dispenser in the bathroom. Maybe that will help the little guys wash their hands more often. I try to stay on top of it, but sometimes they are too fast. They are getting very independent with going to the potty. It is WONDERFUL!
Cade went down for a nap first today. Kendall is having a ball with Kaylee outside. It is GORGEOUS! 75 degrees! I would love to bottle up this weather!Crazy afternoon. I had the 2nd year campers for girl's camp over after school to help assemble the 25 foil dinners for our cooking clinic tonight. We do the cooking clinic before camp because we don't know if we will be allowed to have fires in the mountains.
The foil dinner consisted of the pre-cooked frozen chicken fillet (Teriyaki flavor), tator tots, and carrots (I pre-cooked these until they were softer). This made cooking the dinner on the fire SO much faster! I left 3 at home for John and the kids. He said that Cade and Kaylee went crazy over it! I have to admit, they were amazing! I'm going to have to pick up that chicken again!
I was gone at 5:15 to this YW activity. Now I smell like camp fire.


april 28

I had something typed up for today and waited to post it at the end of the day but one of my dear children logged me off...So cliff notes version ...Kaylee was stuck with watching Cars (the movie). Yep, she was wet. I guess I haven't figured her out. I do know this new incentive is working because she was "so sad, I be dry tomorrow, ok your Highness?" The princesses have been in her Sunday bag. She hasn't even asked about them. It was definitely time to change things up a bit. Cade and Kendall were able to pick the viewing options for the day. They were both dry! Cade brought me up Thumbelina to watch as a choice. Kaylee grabbed the movie. "My favorite movie." So we didn't watch it but watched Cars instead. Silly girl. She could have watched it on Cade's nickle - so to speak.
Conner's right ear was yucky crusty today. He must have had a doozy of an ear infection for that kind of drainage. The left ear drainage was worse if you ask me. The right ear drainage was more of the color of light custard.
Jaley's ear is bugging her as well. Hers is just a cold that has effected her ear. She was up quite a bit last night so I let her sleep in. I didn't see her until after 10:00 a.m. It was a rough night for her. She is my early riser out of my bunch.
Busy evening. Swim team run and Julia's final choir concert. To be 2 places at once ... Thankfully we can divide and conquer. It is rough when it falls right at bedtime for the Williams bunch.


foot problem

my sister told me this story, I couldn't resist not sharing it with you guys:
took Brienne to her 6 yr. well check on Friday.
On of the questions he asked her is if she had any issues with her feet.
She replied "Yes, they fall asleep alot".
Dr.: "How do you wake them up?"
Brienne: I jump on them.
Dr.: Does it work?
Brienne: Yes, but it doesn't feel so good.
Dr.: Do they ever not wake up?
Brienne: No, I make them wake up.
Dr.: Why?
Brienne: Because if I let them sleep too much during the day, they'll be awake all night.
isn't that true!!!!!!

april 27

We woke up to snowmen! I was shocked. Not expecting it at all! In fact I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and saw snow on the rooftops. I asked John to turn the sprinklers off in the morning. We have them going off 2 times a day to water the patches I filled in the bare spots.
All were dry! The new reward - Thumbelina movie (Barbie) for Kaylee. Cars movie for Cade. Kendall didn't care ... Kaylee's princesses are still in her church backpack. I think I might pick up some small candy bars (mini mini ones) ... food - rather sweets - are a HUGE incentive for Cade and Kaylee. Especially Cade, although he is not the one who is wet once a week. He's been dry for the last month. Naps and nightime!
Conner's left ear had nasty crusties from draining all night. Poor baby! Looking at him, you would never know what was going on inside his ears!Busy with laundry. It is amazing how much laundry we all make! It just never seems to stop. I swear I do one load a day, but then I try to get a huge amount done on Saturday or on Monday. It is nice that my older kids do their own laundry (including Kerst; he has been doing it since he was 6 years old. I do help him out though especially since Kendall shares the laundry basket now that he is out of my closet and sleeping in Kerst's room).
While doing laundry, John's final part to his HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) was delivered. I hauled the box in and placed it on the floor. It was a decent size box. About 10 inches off of the ground at least. I went back to folding laundry at my dining room table and turned around to find Conner sitting on top of the box! That boy is crazy!!! I wanted to run and grab my camera, but I had to make sure he was safe first. I grabbed my camera to see if he would show me how he did it again, but he didn't cooperate. I think he was mad that I ruined his great accomplishment and refused to perform for the camera.
The kids had at least 4 snowmen today. They LOVE snowmen snowcones!I put Cade to bed for his nap. When he woke up he stood up on his toes on the top bunk to look out our half circle window. Oh the frown on his face. "Snowmen ALL GONE?" He couldn't believe the snow had completely melted by 3:00 when he woke up. I know, crazy huh! 4+ inches gone by about 2:00 in the afternoon! We are to be in the 70's the next couple of days.
We had Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner. Cade had 2 servings! I was shocked! I think we are having a breakthrough! He is really good at trying new things. It just takes several (many many many) tries before he decides he can tolerate a plate full.
The kids all went to bed. Kaylee first. Cade stayed up to play with Kendall. John put together his HTPC and hooked it up to his "steal of a deal" 52 inch Sony TV he found at Sams (returned due to cracked base ... he got it for more than 1/2 off). That guy of mine!
Maybe sometime I will find time to watch a show on the new TV John found. I'm lucky to go downstairs once a week (usually to get something from the food storage ... speaking of, I need to take an inventory of that ... a new project I will take on in a couple of weeks).

an introduction: jack

Jack Barker
March 2009

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april 26

John let me sleep in today. I was awake by 7:30 but decided to be lazy until about 8:15.
John....you're our hero! I love it when David does this for me, and he does it often!
Kaylee wasn't really interested in her princesses. She wasn't excited about going to church to play with them either. Since she has been dry so many times, the princesses don't seem to be as "special" ... that is why I added the "you get to pick a movie" reward. I'm sure it will need to be changed around here and there (and still have the princesses disappear on a wet day).
hmmm....gotta switch things up....she's keeping us busy.
Conner stayed home from church due to his double ear infection. Kendall too. He has a nasty cough. Julia was fighting a cold. It was a missionary farewell today. The meeting went over. Cade and Kaylee were DONE before the meeting even started. Needless to say, I was in the hall on the couch with them the last 15 minutes. It is hard to handle them without people in between the two of them. They both know how to push each other's buttons and they don't understand (or use) the importance of indoor reverent voices when one takes something away from the other. Cade had a couple of loud outbursts. Kaylee thought a rough hug would be fun as well. I was so grateful to hear the organ playing the closing hymn. Shannon ... you've got to find someone to help you if David doesn't attend Sacrament Meeting! The swapped schedule doesn't help either. I think it would be easier if Sacrament Meeting was first and if we had church in the morning. The no naps on Sunday is hard on Cade (at least during Sacrament Meeting).
sundays are difficult...you're definately a trooper. Sacrament even first is tough for us still. Taking them out and making them (actually Cade) uncomfortable is hard at times, he usually is 'good with it all'....he's not too 'god fearing' yet! Sometimes we're out in 'time out' during sacrament 3 or 4 times.
I made Red Beans and Rice for dinner. Kidney Beans, celery, Andouille Sausage (a bit spicy ... it is what makes the dish), and chicken bullion broth (I didn't have onions, but was still yummy). It is served over rice with sour cream and guacamole. We got Cade to eat 4 HUGE bites before he could eat his banana. He is stubborn, but I won tonight.
Good job on keeping the stubborness at bay.
Conner is doing better. Both ears were draining today. With the nasty drainage, I'm surprised he wasn't more miserable. The tubes must make the ear infections so much more tolerable for him because the fluid is allowed to drain. We've got to keep an eye on that kid when he gets even the slightest cold. Last time it turned into RSV. This time the double ear infection. He still has a raspy cough.
I'm so glad that we were able to get him the meds he needed. Sure is a busy time taking care of these Williams kids! They take a lot of attention...and moolah to keep alive and well!
thanks corin!


april 25

Kaylee was up early - and wet. So sad. I don't know what was different. I did the bathroom/bedtime routine. She wanted her privacy went she went potty (we have been talking about the importance of privacy - hopefully she did empty her bladder...who knows since she had the door shut) She didn't complain about not having her princesses which was good, but I have added an extra incentive for her to be dry. I told her that those who are dry get to pick the movie for the day. Cade was dry. "Oh, not Cars. I'll be dry tomorrow, I promise." silly girl!
Remember Kaylee getting Cade to do her "dirty work" (taking toys from Kendall, etc) aka "hitman" as Shannon called it. Kaylee has a new hitman. Kendall. Literally. John and I couldn't resist a good chuckle as we saw Kendall chase Cade around the island past the kitchen table turn the corner and back around through the other entry into the kitchen ... trying to hit Cade. For Kaylee. We stopped him, don't worry! It was pretty funny though. poor little kiddo...gets picked on so much...my sweet cade!
It is interesting to see how Kaylee and Cade are when the other isn't around. Cade and Kendall play really well together when Kaylee isn't around and vice-a-versa. All 3 do well together too, but they do have their moments.
Shannon has a sweet post on her blog about Conner turning 9 months. Happy 9 months baby boy! He was pretty happy, considering. He hasn't been eating well the last 2 days and this afternoon I discovered fluid coming from his left ear. I called Shannon. Take him in to the doctor. Urgent Care is what is available on the weekends. I remember my pediatrician mentioning a new urgent care center for children that just opened. I thought I'd check it out. Our doctor was on call! It was so nice to have her check him out. Poor kid. Double ear infections. You wouldn't know just looking at him. Well, if you did watch him eat his solids yesterday and today he would turn his head to the left and yank at his ear with almost every bite. I was wondering yesterday if something was going on, but he seemed perfectly fine other than that. He had a very fussy moment last night too. glad we got those ear tubes when we did! they're a life saver, and sanity saver!
With Kaylee up early and everyone else still sleeping, I headed outside to finish up my patching of the bare non-grassy areas in our lawn. It was a bit chilly and misty. It wasn't a great weather day. Chilly all day and damp. No rain, just damp. The girls had ballroom dance. That took up my morning. We cleaned in the afternoon and then I headed out with Conner to the Urgent Care center and then ran some quick errands. phew, i'm tired just reading all this!
The day slipped by.

happy 9 month birthday babe

Happy 9 month birthday Conner. I was actually awake tossing and turning this morning at 2:39 am and thought of you sweetheart.

here are a few things I dearly miss about you:

your sweet brown eyes and how they focus on me in sweet moments

your kisses you give me, open mouth and wet

your squishy tummy and the bellybutton I give raspberries on

your cute giggle I hear giving you those yummy raspberries

cute Price chunky toes and feet

giving you a shower with me at night

cuddling you to sleep on our rocking chair

falling asleep with you by my side

you 'attacking' me when I'm laying on the ground

your toothless grin and bright eyes

miss you

love you


here is a sweet video Corin took of Conner, in his new favorite hideout.

See you in less than a week. Start preparing for a fun weekend!


april 24

It is supposed to be beautiful today! Up and at 'em at their usual time. All were dry too!
I have had Conner in our closet for over a week now. He fusses here and there. I have been giving him a bottle around 2:00. Last night had had 12 oz! He starts to stir around 5:00, but I let him fuss it out a little. He'll stay down for a couple of more hours.
We were outside most of the day. I worked on the yard. The kids helped me spread out dirt on our bare spots and put down seed. I ran out of dirt and the patch master mix. I picked up more later in the afternoon when I ran to take Julia's picture next to her photo she edited that is on display in our School District's Art show. It is quite an honor to have a piece picked to be displayed and she is only in Photography I.
I put Kendall down for a nap on the top bunk. I checked on him about 1/2 an hour later. It was quiet. I walked in to move him to Jaley's bed and he was playing. On the floor. He climbed down from the top bunk. I put him in his crib ... and it still took some time for him to fall asleep. By 2:00 I decided I would just keep Cade up. He was loving the beautiful weather outside (it wasn't as muddy today after the 16+ inches of snow melted). I don't want Kendall to show Cade how to climb down off of the top bunk. That is my saving grace right now with Cade. When I put Cade up there, he can't get down. I'm guaranteed he will nap. Guaranteed he will fall asleep at night and not get out of his room.
Kaylee got 3 major scratches on her left lens of her glasses this afternoon. I don't know how she did it. We were outside... Thankfully we have the "insurance" - the gal told me that it would cover major scratches for lens replacement. I'm not going to do anything yet because she has an appointment next Friday with the eye doctor (he will decide if we need to patch her eye at this appointment). If her perscription changes, we have to have them change her lens. I'm glad I read their little pamphlet on the "insurance coverage" we purchased with the glasses. It said that if your perscription changes within 60 days of the perscription, they will change the lens for free. We have to take advantage of that because her lens' were close to $100 (and that was with the "kid package" discount). Her type of lens isn't the super durable scratch resistant because we had to get the ultra light lens due to her perscription being so drastic.
I picked up a rotisserie chicken tonight. The kids gobbled it up. Cade went crazy over the frozen corn. Here's to hoping for nice weather tomorrow ... I need to finish up my yard project. The kids could use some more outdoor time too! The high today was about 78 degrees F!

my comments are in

RED (if any)

Just for your information: the kids are STILL gone! I'll be unable to take care of the kids until AFTER my wound has completely healed. It is still a total of 2 cm deep...it started out at 4 1/2. It's been SLLLLLLOOOWWW going. We have the goal of returning to Colorado and bringing the kids back on the 16th of May...yeah, that's what I said, MAY! My parents are scheduled to come out on the 16th of May to stay with us for a couple months as well.
I'm such a gimp!


april 20-23

Geeze ... what happened to me?
Pretty much the same. The kids get up early. The sun is going down later so they are staying up later. Kaylee has been pretty tired lately but won't take a nap. How can I convince her that she can't take rain checks for naps and cash them in when she is in High School. She needs to enjoy them now! Today (April 23) she took a nap in the car. It made a huge difference for her for the afternoon. Someday she'll wanna sleep in and take naps....just wait. These kids have David's nack for getting up early. boundless energy...something I have a hard time getting a hold of and keeping.
The weather has been beautiful. Yesterday Kaylee and Cade played on the swing set for over an hour just swinging. Kaylee came up to me "so happy" because Cade said "YES!" Yes to what? "Cade said YES he would marry me in the temple. I'm so happy!" That is so completely sweet! I can't wait to hear that conversation! I've been talking to her about marrying in the temple over the phone and chat...so so cute! It was pretty cute. Kaylee calls Cade her brother. Cade calls Kaylee his brother as well. They crack me up. funny little kiddos
Conner has a new spot he gets stuck in. He crawls and sits in the middle of our kitchen chairs. Stuck. (note - I have some pictures and a cute video I need to post for you. My camera had disappeared downstairs and I discovered it today! I'm back in business). Can't wait for the photos! I'm really missing these new stages in him. really missing it.
Today I was sitting on the steps heading upstairs watching Conner waiting to see what he would do. He pulled himself up to the first step. He balanced himself and then put his knee up on the step and pulled himself up a step. Oh boy...I'm in trouble. He even decided he wanted to follow the kids downstairs. I was watching him again to see if he still had "fear" in him for the edge. Nope. He started to try to follow after the kids ... head first. He was really cute up on the walkway from Kerst/Kendall/Cade/Kaylee's room to our room. There is a banister there. He was sitting there looking down at Cade and Kendall playing with their balls. His toothless grin was adorable. sweet. so sweet.
It was "Take your child to work" day today. John took Kerst, Jaley and Jenna (Julia had a Jazz Competition at UNC). I went up at noon to pick them up (that is when Kaylee took her MUCH needed nap). We met up with him at his building and right across the street were over a dozen horses. Cade was able to pet and feed one. Kendall was not as brave at first but eventually stuck his hand out. (note - more pictures). Good job Cade! So proud of you. Good job Kendall!
We spent the rest of the afternoon outside; it was beautiful (of course Kendall and Cade took the much desired nap). The kids helped me chop down our "weed tree", pulled weeds from the walk way and pulled up some plants so that we can get ready to plant a garden (yahoo!). Kaylee had fun pulling weeds with me. She was a great help! Kaylee is such a great helper!
Quick tubby. Quick phone call. Tired kids. All are asleep.... I was sad to only be able to talk for a moment and then have to leave...so sad. I had to go on a few visits with the RS president. Give them extra hugs for me.


another fun project

Thanks V for giving me a blog tutorial! I love my old green one that I was given when Kaylee was born...time to get some fresh ones! Easy, cute and warm!


missing conner

this was too funny

dance dance revolutionary

on the way to the airport to pick up David. Kayee could win any seat dancing competition!


a huntin we will go...easter egg huntin that is.

yummy sharing time

This was right after I got in on my flight to Colorado during Easter weekend. We stopped at Walmart and shared a treat at McDonalds. We were sharing our food, every 'little' bit. You can see Conner had his first fry in the top right part of the video as we're all 'sharing'! yummo!

april 19

Beautiful outside. The snow is starting to melt in the pathway made by our neighbor's snowblower.
Boys were dry. Kaylee is sad. I don't know what happened. I wasn't home to put her to bed so I am afraid whoever did, forgot to have her empty her bladder. Sometimes she will sit on the potty and do her other business at night and not empty her bladder. Whoever is putting her to bed needs to make sure there is colored water in the toilet before she gets off (sorry for being so graphic, but Shannon needs to know this information - we have spent a long time figuring out these tricks and I don't want to forget to pass on important information!).
Kerst has fighting a crummy cold. It is Ward Conference today. I had to go in to church early and do Primary Music for another ward during their Ward Conference so the teacher could attend the adult meeting. The other ward covered for our Primary as well. John stayed home with the boys. It was nice to have Kendall and Cade get a nap. Conner is starting with a little cough. With his recent RSV bout over Spring Break, I would prefer to keep him home. Kendall has a yucky cough too. Kaylee played with her princesses during Sacrament Meeting. She even shared with a couple of little girls behind us. That went well until they took her horse and carriage. Everything worked out. It is good for Kaylee to learn to share. It is hard when it is something you love so much and you are only 4.
Conner's bum is so much better. He definitely had an internal yeast infection. The medication Shannon sent out cleared it up in less than 2 days. It was the Z pack that he was on for his Spring Break illness that threw his body off.
I must say it is SO nice to have both little boys potty trained. Kendall runs up to me and yells "gotta go potty!" - his undies are a tad wet, but he "stopped his pea - in Kaylee's words" and finished in the potty. I have to admit, I won't miss diapers, but I will miss having my little guy being the baby.

so, colored water, what color is it supposed to be? tee hee hee!fun to hear that you were able to attend the adult meeting....such a great idea. hope the boys get better....hate coughs. this week is supposed to be upper 90's. tomorrow is supposed to be 100....and it's not MAY yet! wanna come visit! ha ha!great job sharing kaylee, you're such a big girl! that is what a princess would do, share with her little friends.I'm so so so happy that the diflucan cleared up his bottom...we were able to figure it all out...eventually. It was definately worth the cost of shipping overnight! just keep it, in case you need it again. now we know it has a longer shelf life than we thought! tee hee heethanks for teaching cade to use the potty and kaylee to be dry at night. Hmmm....let me think of something else for you to do.i love these stories!


trentons senior pics

I had the opportunity to take photos of a family friend while I was up in CO visiting the kiddos. It was pretty dang fun! He was willing to do anything crazy I told him to do. While he was laying in the middle of the road some lady pulled up in her car asking if everything was ok. "yeah, we're just taking some senior photos!" I guess it's not that often that you see a kid laying in the middle of the street with someone above them just taking photos. I must have looked like I was 'kickin him while he was down'.
Thanks Trenton! Enjoy!

I hear that Trenton has an AMAZING singing voice...we'll, maybe I'll ransome these precious pics until you serenade me! tee hee hee...I sure wish I had that talent, but then again, there is always a need for an audience!

april 18

When I went to bed last night the snow had stopped and we were surrounded with fog. I figured we were finished with the snow.
No. More snow when I woke up this morning. In fact it snowed until 3:00 in the afternoon without letting up. The snow plow did a horrible job plowing our street. We usually get one swipe of the entire street during any snowfall and that is it. This time the plow only did one side of the street. We were stuck. I wasn't planning on going out - all three little boys have runny noses. I'm bracing for more double sneezes from Cade. I figured prom would be cancelled due to the weather. News would be posted on our school website at noon.
Julia was brought home from her Grand Junction trip in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. They got stuck! I was shocked to see that the prom was still on. We were nearing 16 inches of snow. Now we had to get out and pick up flowers. I got stuck twice trying to get out. Our neighbor used his snowblower and cleared a path on our street for our van. It still didn't work. John was finally able to get out with his little car.
The kids enjoyed TONS of snowmen snowcones. It was nice to be stuck in the house. Jaley was a huge help and helped me organize our bookcase. She rearranged the furniture in the family room. I'll leave it like that for awhile. There is more open crawling room for Conner. I have been filling Conner up with fresh pears mixed with Infant Oatmeal Cereal. He also will eat an entire banana. His diapers are starting to really stink ... it is sad with that change, but he needs real food! I must say I love my Kid Co food grinder. No electricity needed. I'm glad I still had it. When Kendall grew up and I stopped daycare, I got rid of most everything.
I took Julia to her date's house for her first prom. She was stunning. Gorgeous. Kaylee even told Julia that she was beautiful just before we left. Her date, Alex, was very handsome in his tux. They were the cutest and best looking couple in the group that met at Alex's house for pictures. Julia's dress was the only modest one there. Julia even said that she had the prettiest dress at her date's prom (different High School). I'm proud of her keeping her dress modest. It is difficult when all there is out here are strapless, spaghetti straps and super short options. We still find ways to make it work.

snow snow snow snow! wow, and it's mid april!glad Julia got home safe. I was getting worried.I wish I could enjoy some snowmen snowcones too! I love those photos of the prom! Julia is so stunning. She takes such good care of herself for only being in 9th grade, and even when she was younger. I'm embarassed to look at my 9th grade photo! tee hee hee. They looked like a sharp couple!Kaylee is definately the best judge on beautifulness...she's a princess in training after all! That is so sweet to hear Kaylee say that. Good girl.


april 17

Argh. I had something huge typed up and when I went to post it, it was lost. So here is a cliff notes version - hopefully I remembered everything.
Lots of snow. At least a foot and counting. The schools called and sent the kids home at noon.Kendall had an appointment for his preschool physical (20% on weight, 40% on height - 30 lbs, 27 1/4 inches). I got stuck on the way home in the van. A Good Samaritan pushed me with his car. I then got stuck in our cul-de-sac. Thankfully this was a Friday Off for John. He helped me did out. Needless to say, we are not going anywhere else today.
Julia is stuck coming home from Grand Junction Music Festival.
Tons of snowmen snowcones today. I pulled the plug on them just before dinner so that hopefully they can empty their bladder of all snowmen before bed. I was a rebel and grilled hamburgers. Thats a silly Corin. Grilling hamburgers with tons of snow everywhere, I can just picture it.
I was talking to Shannon on the phone when Conner did something new! I told her to guess what he just did. "Walk." Silly girl. Conner is pulling a "Cousin Sam" trick. He was sitting by the couch and reached up with his cute short arms. He then twisted his body and put his mouth on the cushion and pulled himself up! I tried to get it on camera his 3rd time but Kendall decided to give him a full body hug. It ruined his mood, plus the lighting wasn't that great. I sure am missing all these sweet things. I can't wait to see him do it myself.


april 16

All dry again! In fact, Kaylee slept in until 8:00 and was still dry! Cade was up early ready for breakfast. Conner did ok in the closet. He still woke up at 11:30, 2:00 and then again at 5:00. I left him in the closet until around 6:00, fed him and then put him down again.
Conner napped great in the closet today. It is very VERY dark in there!
I still can't believe how fast he (Conner) is scooting. John put him on the floor by the kitchen sink, turned around to rinse out a washcloth and turned around again. "Where's Conner?" Conner was just turning the corner heading into the dining room. ...how cute. I gotta see some video of this! too cute!
Conner has amazing depth perception. I double checked today. I put him in the doorway of my room and I sat a couple of steps down (the stairway is right by my doorway). Conner crawled out of the door way and was just grinning from ear to ear looking at me. He crawled towards me and stopped at the top of the steps and wouldn't go any farther. Good boy! cute cute cute cute!
Kendall is loving his cousins. Kaylee doesn't want to share ... we are working on that. I know it is a hard concept at that age (or when you are a teenager ... and I have a hard time understanding some of my adult friends that don't get along with their siblings) that our brother (or sister) is our friend, in fact our best friend. I tell Kaylee that her mommy is my sister and that she is my best friend. My other sisters and brothers are also my best friends. Kaylee says, "Not Cade. Kendall." Someday she will understand. Hopefully someday will be tomorrow ;o)
Cade has his double sneeze back. Kendall seems to be fighting off a cold as well. I need to keep Conner away, but it is so hard because he is so darn cute and kissable. The kids just love him!
I have been putting Kendall down for his nap in the top bunk and then I move him to Jaley's bed. I have even been putting him down in just underwear and put a pad under him. I am tempted to try this with Cade. He has been dry during naps (and at night) for 2 weeks! good try...i bet they might be ready....
I have been giving Kaylee snacks more often. It seems to help. She is like my kids. When my kids are tired or hungry they are miserable; better said, they make you miserable. If they are tired AND hungry, watch out! She must have a fast metabolism. I am giving her apples, bananas and oranges twice inbetween breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. She told me today that she was "So happy because she didn't steal." good girl. I love how she puts things, so simply and sweet.
We are bracing for some winter weather. It is funny to listen to the radio. The prediction of snow is between 2 inches and 2 feet. Wow, I think I could be a meterologist if I could have that range and get away with it! I hope Julia makes it back from Grand Junction tomorrow ... Saturday is Prom!!!

jensens pics

I took these a few weeks ago. It was great fun. Enjoy Mon!


april 15

Tax Day! I wonder if I can claim my extra friends this year ;o) just kidding!
Kids were all dry again! Even during naps! I am so proud of them!
Conner was up alot last night. I am really going to push the solids today. John is going to move his port-a-crib into our closet as well. Hopefully that will help. I need to get him on a better schedule for Shannon (and myself). Ever since he got sick he has had a horrible night routine.
Conner is getting SO fast! He looks like a sycronized swimmer as he moves across the floor. His legs and arms work so well together! I have been really good at making sure the doors are shut, but then I have little friends around that open them. The main door I worry about is the door to the basement. Yesterday I heard Conner whimpering and heading towards a cry. I located him at the head of the steps heading to the basement. He has depth perception! He didn't want to go down! I am glad. I just hope that he doesn't attempt to try to sit up while near some steps as he might turn the wrong way and tumble. good boy....I think being around steps is really helping him with his depth. cute little cry...i can imagine it.
It is fun to see him rotate himself in the sitting position.Kaylee, Cade and Kendall are cute little buddies. Kaylee likes to keep Kendall to herself though. She will shut Cade out of their play. I have to keep an eye on them and make sure he is included. He is my little buddy .... I hate to see him left out....yeah, he's my little buddy too....poor little guy, he's such a sweetie. Kaylee doesn't like it when Kendall and Cade chum it up. That girl!
Julia heads to Grand Junction for a choir contest. There is to be some weather ...


april 13 and 14

Sorry I haven't journaled. The kids did well when their parents left. Let's just say those at home did a great job distracting them during their departure from the house. Kaylee says several times a day that she misses her Mommy. It is sweet (and sad at the same time).
The kids have still been dry at night! I am SO proud of Kaylee, Cade and Kendall. Kendall was wet this morning, mainly because he was stuck in his crib for some time before I retrieved him.
The boys have been having fun playing in the tent. They are getting along so much better ... better and better each day! It is really cute! We do have our moments. Kaylee was super tired last night. She went to bed first. I had to shoo the boys out of the room so I could tuck her in. Kaylee say Kendall playing with Cade and became upset. "You are still my best friend, right Kendall?" Kaylee asked Kendall. "No. Cade," was his reply. Oh the tears from Kaylee. She was tired, but I also think he broke her heart for a moment. I told Kaylee that the boys don't completely understand what they are saying.
sad sad....sweet kaylee...it's ok!
Kaylee got a Sleeping Beauty and Prince for Easter (Polly Pocket style). Shannon glued on her clothing and shoes. Her extra clothing was on the counter. Kerst found it and was kind and gave it to her. Shannon was quick on her feet and told Kaylee that the clothing was for Sleeping Beauty's friends. Kaylee wanted her friends. I told Kaylee that she would need to put it on her Santa List.
you better watch out!....and better not cry!
Now we have daily converstations about Santa. When will he be here? What is he doing? I tell her that he can see her when she is sleeping and when she is awake. When she woke up this morning she told me that Santa saw her and that she was good and asked if she could have Sleeping Beauty's friends. I told her she had to wait and ask Santa. Time is such a tricky concept!
Conner pulled himself into a standing position on the first step. He was stuck and couldn't get down. Thankfully I was sitting on the steps watching him and assisted him to a sitting position. That kid! He needs 100% supervision! AND BOY IS HE FAST!
too cute
Busy in our life as well. I was helping Julia deal with her choir frustrations and disappointments.
sad to hear, rise from the frustrations. Go Julia!


easter bows

you'd think this would be a post for girlie bows for Easter, but in fact, these are for my boys! I made these cute bow ties for Cade, Conner and Kendall. They turned out so cute.


april 10-12

Shannon arrived Friday morning for a weekend visit! The kids were SO excited to see her! Kaylee said she wanted her mommy to come and stay with us. Cade said no. I caught their reaction to Shannon walking up to the van on camera.
that was too cute! such a sweet surprise to see on their faces.

David arrived later that night.

Conner has picked up nursing again! I think holding him in the nursing position while feeding him has kept him familiar with the position. I haven't allowed him to feed himself a bottle. I have let him hold the bottle to pose for his Mommy and Daddy to show them what he can do, but I still hold him and the bottle. I was happy that he nursed so willingly...he only needed to be supplimented twice. wow!

Easter Egg hunt on Saturday Night.

Staying up late chatting.

Got a haircut!
Watching the kids with their Mommy and Daddy (and Cade still calls me Mommy too ... so sweet). Conner kisses his Mommy.

Shannon hooked up with Sis. Frances during church. It was so sweet! She sat with Shannon all 3 meetings. We had her over for dinner. It was kind of quick as we had to scoot out of the house at 5:00. David gave us 30 more minutes! We hope to get Shannon out here in 2 more weeks. It was a good therapudic trip for her. She was so happy. I was so thrilled to have her! I wish she lived closer. Like, right next door or even down the street --- there is a house for sale.
sounds good!

The kids were kept busy as they gave their goodbye hugs. The departure was swift out the door before the kids knew. When I got back home Cade was playing with his buddy Kendall and Kaylee and Kerst were playing princesses. It has been cute to see them interact.It was a nice weekend to spend with David and Shannon. Shannon needs these little trips. I think, actually I know, it helps the lonely times pass by quickly.
this past weekend was so amazing....like heaven. I've been missing the kids so much this week. give them kissessssssssss for me!

Take lots of naps Shannon! The time will go by faster! (and take some naps for me!)


april 8

Just a couple of memories ....
It was beautiful outside.
The kids played outside.
Cade ended up having 2 accidents. During the last clothing change, I came outside to find Kendall with his pants and undies down at his ankles. He said he had to go potty. I asked him if he went already. He didn't so I wisked him upstairs and he completed his business.
During Cade's 2nd accident change, I was going through the standard questions ... where do we go bubbles? Where do we go poopies? I then added another set. What do we do if we need to go potty and we are outside? Cade smiled at me and said, "Potty in the grass." Oh great! My neighbors are just going to love me! That was waaaaaay too funny! This reminds me of the story that David's mom told me. When David was about 6 or so, he and his other three brothers went outside on the curb by the street and had a 'peeing contest'. The neighbor called Debra and asked if she knew what her sons were doing. She had a good laugh. too silly! Cade sure is a clever dude.
After Cade said that, I was reminded of what John had told me a couple of days ago. He mentioned that he found the boys outside with their pants around their ankles. I guess they are figuring out their outdoor plumbing. silly kiddos~
The kids have all been dry in the morning and also at nap times! It has been wonderful!!!

still more journaling:

All were dry again! I think I found the magic trick. EMPTY BLADDERS BEFORE BED. DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING AFTER DINNER - KEEP DINNER DRINKS TO A MINIMUM. (FHE treats should be something to eat and not drink ie - root beer floats, snow cones, etc).
The boys have been wearing pants since yesterday. Cade would prefer to be in just undies; actually completely bare if you really want to know the truth. I have discovered that even though pants make an emergency run to the bathroom a little longer, it catches so much more if there is an accident. Cade had 2 accidents yesterday (one outside) and one today. What bubbles escaped the undies were caught in the pants. Thinking back, maybe I should have had them in pants earlier ... but the accidents weren't that many after a couple of days and most were on the wood floor. I need to figure out how to deal with undies in church. I might have to stop in and take them potty in between classes and just before sacrament meeting. Kendall can make it with his bladder of steel; I'm not so sure about Cade. Now I will need to make sure I pack extra clothing.
Cade is going longer between bathroom bubble trips. Taking the candy away was a good move; he still asks if there is candy. Silly kid!
I told the boys it was time for a nap after they had been playing together for awhile after lunch. Kendall goes first now. I think he has figured that out. I picked up Kendall and started walking towards the bathroom for his bathroom pitstop. Kendall turns on my hip and reaches out to Cade and yells, "HELP, CADE!" They have been great playmates today! I gotta see this! Way too cute! These little guys reallyl look out for each other....it's like calling out for the bishop when you're taking the kid out into the hall when acting out.
The weather is GORGEOUS! Cade and Kaylee spent some time outside before I put Cade down for a nap. Cade discovered some water in our water fountain and decided to splash in it. His shirt got damp and he ended up pulling the neck down around his waist. He was quite a sight! one hadsome photo moment!
We had sweet and sour meatballs tonight. The kids actually liked it! Kaylee ate the meatballs with catsup.
I had to go to mutual for a girl's camp prep activity. John had the kids. It was still beautiful outside so he sent the kids to play until it was almost dark. They had a blast. I came home and found their clothing in the entry way. You could see where Kendall, Cade and Kaylee took off their pants. 3 steps later you found their undies ... another couple of steps their shirts. You'd think they were teenagers with that pattern of undressing! It was pretty cute! Easy clean up because I scooped up their clothing and threw them in the washing machine for a load for tomorrow. really cute imagery



i think it's time for a 'me' moment.

ta da!


Corin posted this video of the kids dancing away....I never knew Cade had all these moves in him! way to go kids!

april 7

All dry again!!! Yahoo!!! This is two in a row for Kaylee. Cade's 3rd and Kendall's 5th! I know I will lose track ... actually hope to lose track. That means they are staying dry and I don't have to start at day zero again. The trick so far is to MAKE them sit on the potty and empty their bladder right before bed - even if that means to take their diaper off. Even if it means Kaylee has to sit on the potty for several minutes like she did last night. It paid off. They also get about a tablespoon or two of water if they ask for a drink. No more sippy cups in bed filled with an inch of water.
I cut Cade's hair again. Last time he fought me. Shannon said he does the same for her. That made me feel better. This time I thought I'd pull out the bribes again. Food. That ALWAYS works for Cade! I told him he could have a sucker if he sat still during his haircut. I had it unwrapped on the counter for him to see. He did great!
I threw Cade in the tubby with his sucker while I got ready. I rounded up Kaylee and Kendall and put them in the tubby as well. Cade's sucker was almost gone. Soon I heard a sad sound from Cade. "My sucker." Sure enough the stick was floating in the water. No way would it dissolve; it had a tootsie center. Kaylee was on her tummy looking guilty. She looked up at me chewing the tootsie part.
hang on guys....it gets good!Cade got to take Kaylee's princesses as part of her punishment. "I promise I can't do it again." She is figuring out that this rule is for everyone - even Kendall - she took his granola bar and was sneaking it upstairs.
Cade and Kendall had a ball with the princesses.
Kaylee and I took some time to go through some role playing. If you see ____________ and it isn't yours, what will you do? If you see Kendall's granola bar and he isn't eating it what would you do?
Kendall, are you going to eat your granola bar? Can I have a bite? Thank you (or, that's OK, I can wait for lunch/dinner/snack) - I just wanted to ask. Role playing is important. I did some role playing with her during the boys nap time with her princesses. I had Captain Hook be the bad guy not choosing the right. Kaylee was the mom with the Fairy Godmother.I was going about my morning business and it felt like I had a piece of glass in my foot. I couldn't find anything. Upon a closer look, I found a piece of Cade's hair stuck in my foot. It hurt! Immediate relief once I pulled it out. It was like a needle. He has thick hair. He has wirey hair. There are times that I have found one of my hairs stuck in one of my finger print parts of my finger. yeah....weird!
Cade and Kaylee had a "dance off" during lunch. Kendall would have joined in but he was buckled in his booster seat.Cade down for a nap first; he had no nap yesterday. He fell asleep quickly.
It was BEAUTIFUL outside today! The kids played with Kerst in the backyard after he got home from school. I put Conner in Shannon's sling she made and walked Jaley to and from her piano lesson. He enjoyed the fresh air. Some cute cute videos!
Cheese Ravioli. Cade LOVED it. He had to take a bite of vegetables in order to get another serving.
I did the swim team run. John put the kids to bed. Conner fell asleep on the family room floor waiting patiently for his turn to be tucked in bed. too sweet!


april 6

All were dry (except Conner, of course)! Kaylee usually tells me at night that she already went potty - she told me the same thing last night when I asked her to go to the bathroom. I made her go back on the potty and make sure. You'd think she hadn't gone all day when I had her go one last time.

Cade is VERY observant. I have some cars for the boys (the same cars just to make life easier). They both have a mini Lightening McQueen and mini Mater. Cade swore Kendall had his car. How could he tell? Sure enough I took a closer look and one Mater had a darker front than the other. Cade is my little observer. He can always tell in the slightest of differences.

Kaylee had a run in with "honesty" yesterday. Time out works, but doesn't seem to be long lasting. I told Kaylee yesterday that if she does something she knows she shouldn't (get in the girls' rooms and take something), that she would be on time out AND her princesses would be as well. Today she went into Jenna's room and took a candy cane. She had it stashed in her hoodie pocket. She doesn't hide her guilt or contraband well. Jenna's door was shut and locked. I'm glad she is not super sneaky and shuts the door and locks it behind her. She was on time out and I put her princesses on time out as well. You would have thought her world came to an end. "I can't do it anymore. I promise, " were her tearful words. A majority of the princesses were on time out until Jenna got home. I told Kaylee she needed to tell Jenna she is sorry and promise not to do it again. (Already teaching her the steps of repentance; it's never too early to learn!). We talked about what would happen next time. Time out for ALL of the princesses - Kaylee included. I remember studying this in Child Development years ago. I wish I didn't have such a fuzzy memory

I am going to start putting the boys in pants hopefully tomorrow. Right now it is nice to not have to worry about extra clothing with getting to the potty on time. I need to make sure they can survive Church on Sunday fully dressed! We are on our 3rd week and already 1 week of no accidents ... yeehawww!

I spoke too soon. Cade had an accident after having a snowman snowcone just before dinner. That seems to be the trend with him. I need to really watch him after he eats one. awww!

Kendall was standing by our green chair in the family room when he yelled, "Go potty!" He had a look of fear on his face. I quickly ran over expecting to see a huge puddle on the carpet. Nothing! His underwear had a small wet spot, but nothing really. I was SOOOOO happy! He realized he had to go. He looked at me and smiled when I took him to the potty. "Stop pee!" He's been listening to me talk to Kaylee. This has been good for all 3 of them. They are learning so much from each other. Kendall's language developement has taken off in the last month. It blows me away! Kaylee still has her own language I catch her using when she says her prayers or just wants to jabber. I gently remind her to use real words so we understand her cute things she wants to tell us. Cade doesn't have any jibberish. His prayers are cute too.
I gotta hear his prayer. I can't wait!

Speaking of prayers...they take a long time at our house lately. All 3 little ones want a turn. Their own turn without interruptions or they start over, namely Kendall. ha ha!

The kids had fun chatting with Shannon on the web cam.

Here's to pants tomorrow on the boys! Hoping for a dry night!

everything is amazing, nobody is happy

I've heard of this video, and finally found it today. so true!!!! ENJOY!


april 5

Kaylee was up at 4:00 a.m. - "I'm dry!" Sadly, though her diaper was warm. She must have realized what she was doing and tried to stop or at least thought she did. It broke my heart as she went sobbing back to bed with a fresh diaper on. I saved her original one for when she would come in and say "I'm dry!" again ... she's done that before. poor lil girl! try again.
She still got to play with her princesses during General Conference.Cade was dry! I have a set of Cars (the movie) cars for both boys to play with when they are dry. I'm not sure how the reasoning will work with Kendall ... he is usually dry anyway. Cade understands though!
Cade found Jenna's gum she got for her birthday. He had opened two pieces before John found him (I had mentioned ... gosh it sure is quiet). Kaylee told (reassured) Jenna when Jenna found out that Cade got into her gum that "Cade opened it for you." I had a good chuckle. It's free game if you don't put it up or lock it up!
I love to keep busy while listening to General Conference. If I'm not busy, I will doze off. Today I worked on some sticker labels for the AIDA photo dvd and also a photo collage for a friend's son for the after prom party at our HS. The recognize the Seniors with an individual photo collage. The girls also went through my stash of pens and threw away the ones that didn't work and also sharpened my pencils. Those 2 "junk drawers" needed an overhaul! Now I have 3 cabinets in my kitchen that are storing "stuff" ... another project. I think I have too much room in my kitchen cabinets - enough room for Kelly and Mike to move in ;o) !
The messages were wonderful and motivating. President Monson was very direct - serious/stern - with his warning about the Internet. We must be careful. Very careful.
The kids had fun being with each other. Kaylee and Kendall were buddies while Cade napped. Kaylee will come up to Kendall and gently rub his face and say, "You are my friend." It is really sweet. John took Kendall into "Daddy's office" for "you know what - aka - candy" and snuggled him to sleep.
The kids have enjoyed the new Barbie movies Jenna got for her birthday. Kerst will be the first to ask to put it on. He is such a sweet and loving boy. Even Cade is enjoying them (sorry David ;o) ).
We are trying Mom's Southwest Chicken Soup tonight.
No snow storm. Our school district cancelled everything going on last night and today due to the storm threat. Our middle school's musical was cancelled. I don't think they will be rescheduling it - or at least I haven't heard. There were a couple of High Schools that had their proms cancelled as well due to the storm threat. I bet those kids aren't happy ... We still had enough snowmen to have snowmen snowcones.


april 4

They slept in until 7:30!!! Kaylee was dry too! Another day with her princesses. I was on the hunt for some Easter things and came across some more princesses
...Chore day. Jaley deep cleaned her room. Jenna and Kerst cleaned their rooms as well. John changed the hinge on the closet door in our bedroom. It felt like a pretty productive day!
No accidents! Poopies in the potty. I think we've got it down! I'm glad I have had a couple of weeks not needing to go anywhere during the week or the weekend to make sure the boys can do it successfully. Last Sunday John kept them home because they were recovering from their cold. This Sunday is General Conference. So hopefully after 2 weekends, they will be ready next Sunday for being clothed entirely and ready to go to church in underwear (or maybe a pull up - I do have a stash. I just don't want to confuse them). They have been running around the house in a long sleeved shirt and undies the last 2 weeks (Kendall was in a dress today playing princesses with Kaylee).
We were expecting 16 inches of snowmen. We have only had a dusting so far. Maybe tomorrow morning we will wake up to a thick blanket of snow.
Conner is getting faster. It has been quite some time since I have had a mobile human vacuum in the house. Julia was my kiddo that would put things in her mouth. The binky usually prevented her from putting in something she shouldn't. Conner's fine motor skills are getting pretty good. I have to keep my real vacuum handy to keep the carpet clean.
Kaylee has been doing such a great job at keeping her glasses on. When she takes them off I can tell that her left eye becomes lazy. (only lazy part on that girl!) She has another appointment with the eye doctor next month. Hopefully she has made some improvement in her vision.
Kaylee is excited to be dry tomorrow to play with her new princess friends. I talked to Cade about being dry. I told him I had something special for him too. He had a sheepish grin on his face. He had already peed in his diaper. I changed it and told him it had to be dry in the morning. He even let me take his sippy cup away. I am amazed at how well he understands and can reason with me. (much different than with Kaylee. I noticed that early on with Cade, he was able to listen to what I asked him to do, and he'd do it, at an early age, even today, Cade can follow my finger pointing to an object, but Kaylee still can't seem to follow my pointing an object out) I hope Kendall will move into that developmental stage soon ...
I had all 3 kids (Kaylee, Kendall and Cade) climbing on me and giving me hugs and kisses tonight. I loved it! Cade and Kendall are very cuddly. Kaylee is affectionate on her own terms. It was fun! Soak that in for me and send me some!


april 3

Cade was dry! Kendall was dry but let loose just before I took off his diaper.
Pancakes and eggs. I have given Kaylee repeated/common daily events that will inform her of when we will have snacks.
Breakfast when they wake up. A snack after Kerst goes to school. He leaves around 9:00.
Lunch just after 11:00 for 12:00 and 12:30 naps.
When Jenna comes home (3:30) is the next snack time.
Dinner at 5:30 (planned time ... sometimes it happens a little later depending on the evening and happenings).
Kaylee is still trying to grasp those times for snacks. If we'd let her, she'd be eating all day! At least it's the healthy stuff!
We are still working with Kaylee on not stealing and being honest. She snuck food again and also went into Jenna's room. She sat on time out for awhile (although she was ready to talk as we were walking to time out). Tonight after she had another learning moment of honesty, I sat next to her and asked her if it was ok if I stole her princesses. You should have seen the look of shock on her face. Hopefully that will click with her. This is such an important concept to learn and to assimilate into who she is. She knows it is wrong because she is hiding the contraband.
uh oh...here come the great 5 year old moments...when they really start to deal with telling the truth. Kaylee, you're not 5 yet, you can't start that yet....well, less than 3 months anyway.
Cade and Kendall woke up dry from their naps!
Cade had tons of "fake" snowmen snow cones from the snowcone/slushie maker this afternoon when the kids came home from school. In fact, he had too many. Several accidents occurred after. I sat with him in the bathroom and had him empty his bladder. It took quite some time. I even showed him with the water in the sink by turning it on and off quickly and then to let it stream for longer. I told him we needed to pee longer. He's got the "Stop that pee!" game down well - and I don't want him to do it! I wonder if he has been conditioned to pee a little at a time because of the candy. I took the candy away tonight. Kendall was the last hold out on potty training and I think he's got it. He doesn't even desire the candy. Now to get Cade to empty his bladder completely so he can go longer between potty breaks. I know he can hold it because of our outing yesterday.
Kendall has labeled his deposits in the toilet according to size. Cade caught on. Today Cade proudly came in and told me that he did a "Daddy poop". Sure enough ... He is so cute!
THAT WAS SUCH A CUTE CUTE thing to read!
Conner took an awesome 4 hour nap today! He was up for an hour or so and then went back down for another hour. He must be growing (or I am wearing him out!). He is now a moving target to get dressed. For some reason he thinks he rules the floor. He is also my human vacuum. I am always scouting out the area before I put him down. His bum is slowly getting better. It just dawned on me that he is probably having issues due to the antibiotics he was on 2 weeks ago.
Jenna's bday. happy birthday jenna!
Her friend, Becca, came over and decorated her room (and cleaned it up) before she got home from school! She is such a sweet heart! Jenna and Becca went to the mall and had some fun with Jaley and Julia. Home for Chinese Food. Opened gifts (wrapped in shopping bags - trying to be earth friendly ;o) and save time at the same time!). They are headed off to watch a movie. Maybe we will do the cake tomorrow or later.


april 2

Conner was the only one who woke up wet today! Now I've got to work on him ;o)I got a call mid morning about the costumes from AIDA. The school we rented them from is going to Spring Break tomorrow. Our school is hosting a music festival next Tuesday and we need to clean out the music room of all of the costumes. I have a van ...So, I loaded the kids up AND all of the costumes without any room to spare and made the 1 1/2 hour drive to return the costumes. I thought it would be a good test for Cade's bladder. I brought the potty seat.He made it there dry! I had both boys pee in the portable potty before leaving and they arrived home dry as well! Kendall pooped on the potty when we got home! I was so thrilled!

The kids had fun video chatting with Shannon and their friend "Ogan" (Logan).No naps today; the kids snoozed in the car.It was beautiful outside. I sent the boys outside in their long sleeved shirt and undies. They smuggled Kaylee's princesses outside and had a ball "playing" with them.Tubbies - I am hoping it might be the trick for getting the kids to be dry in the morning. Relaxing. I put Kendall back on the potty and he did more poopies! I couldnt believe how much he has been storing. He named them. Daddy, Mommy, Daeia, Jenna, Jaley, Kerst and baby. That might be the trick. "Can you do a Daddy poopy?"

Conner got up on all fours tonight and started crawling while we were on the phone with Shannon doing the bedtime routine. He also went from his tummy to sitting as well! I finished tucking the kids in bed and brought Conner down to perform his new trick for him Mom and Dad on the web cam. He did it a little. He was tired.


april 1

No fooling ... I wish they were ... Kaylee and Cade were up at 5:45 a.m.! Let's see, that would be 4:45 in AZ.

Our "preschool" aerobics/gym program consisted of running around the kitchen, stairwell to the upstairs around the furniture in the family room and in that process jumping over my legs. Kaylee is a pro. She can jump over both of my legs raised about 1 foot off the ground. Cade can clear one leg at the same height. Kendall would have to take his "jump" with my foot on the ground. Once again, amazing to see their developmental differences.

Kendall was dry again this morning and at nap time. Cade was a little wet for both. Not bad! Kaylee ... I swear I didn't give her a big gulp before bed. I am going to have to figure out how to get her to really empty her bladder before bed. I think she is like Cade and doesn't completely empty her bladder. I have been trying to do the "peeing exercise" with her that Mom had us do when we were younger. We are calling it "STOP THAT PEE!" She is to pee a little, STOP THAT PEE, count 1 princess, 2 princess, 3 princess, 4 princess and pee a little more and then count again and repeat until the bladder is empty. I have a candy bracelet hanging from the mirror for her to have if she is able to do it. It is still hanging there after 2 days. I modeled how to do it today. It is hard to do!

Cade is doing amazing with potty training. One pee accident today - he probably wasn't sure what to do when he had to go to the bathroom and was upstairs. He pooped 3 times today - so 4 motorcycles. The boys both start out with a motorcycle and then get another one if they are dry at night, dry during nap, or do poopies. Kendall didn't do so well in the poopies department. I have to say he looks really cute with his Cars undies under his Dora panties. Blackmail .... wedding video ... oh boy!

My Visiting Teaching companion called today and told me she was going to bring me dinner tonight along with another lady. I told her that was very thoughtful, but that we were doing well. She said she wanted to do it anyway. It was so thoughtful ...

Snowmen are falling - Cade was so excited! He showed his mom on the phone the snow that was falling. I was able to show Shannon him holding the phone up to the window on the web cam. They cancelled mutual at church. Snowmen snow cones tomorrow! We are to get a doozy of a snowfall this weekend!

We were able to talk to Shannon on the webcam for quite some time. She saw Cade's wardrobe malfunction with his undies, witnessed Cade coming to inform us that he did poopies in the potty for the 3rd time today, Kaylee sing and just be her normal entertaining self, and Conner scoot around and show his cleavage. I am looking forward to her coming out to trim my hair and Kaylee's as well...
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