april 5

Kaylee was up at 4:00 a.m. - "I'm dry!" Sadly, though her diaper was warm. She must have realized what she was doing and tried to stop or at least thought she did. It broke my heart as she went sobbing back to bed with a fresh diaper on. I saved her original one for when she would come in and say "I'm dry!" again ... she's done that before. poor lil girl! try again.
She still got to play with her princesses during General Conference.Cade was dry! I have a set of Cars (the movie) cars for both boys to play with when they are dry. I'm not sure how the reasoning will work with Kendall ... he is usually dry anyway. Cade understands though!
Cade found Jenna's gum she got for her birthday. He had opened two pieces before John found him (I had mentioned ... gosh it sure is quiet). Kaylee told (reassured) Jenna when Jenna found out that Cade got into her gum that "Cade opened it for you." I had a good chuckle. It's free game if you don't put it up or lock it up!
I love to keep busy while listening to General Conference. If I'm not busy, I will doze off. Today I worked on some sticker labels for the AIDA photo dvd and also a photo collage for a friend's son for the after prom party at our HS. The recognize the Seniors with an individual photo collage. The girls also went through my stash of pens and threw away the ones that didn't work and also sharpened my pencils. Those 2 "junk drawers" needed an overhaul! Now I have 3 cabinets in my kitchen that are storing "stuff" ... another project. I think I have too much room in my kitchen cabinets - enough room for Kelly and Mike to move in ;o) !
The messages were wonderful and motivating. President Monson was very direct - serious/stern - with his warning about the Internet. We must be careful. Very careful.
The kids had fun being with each other. Kaylee and Kendall were buddies while Cade napped. Kaylee will come up to Kendall and gently rub his face and say, "You are my friend." It is really sweet. John took Kendall into "Daddy's office" for "you know what - aka - candy" and snuggled him to sleep.
The kids have enjoyed the new Barbie movies Jenna got for her birthday. Kerst will be the first to ask to put it on. He is such a sweet and loving boy. Even Cade is enjoying them (sorry David ;o) ).
We are trying Mom's Southwest Chicken Soup tonight.
No snow storm. Our school district cancelled everything going on last night and today due to the storm threat. Our middle school's musical was cancelled. I don't think they will be rescheduling it - or at least I haven't heard. There were a couple of High Schools that had their proms cancelled as well due to the storm threat. I bet those kids aren't happy ... We still had enough snowmen to have snowmen snowcones.

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