look right?

does this look like bi-partisan support?

what about interstate commerce?

oh.  i think i'm gonna be sick.

then again, maybe i shouldn't.


trip to flag

Boy, it's been a while since I've posted.  I've not been in the mood for a while...just existing mostly.  Have had so much to do, and at the end of the day, editing or posting pics aren't on the top of the list lately.

I got to go and enjoy a weekend in Flagstaff to see my wonderful friend and her beautiful family!

For those of you who know Christina, you'll love the updated pics of the kids.

They have a sweet home in a nice wooded area just off the highway.  It's quite an empty area, not many people living in the homes, some of which aren't finished, or they are summer homes.  The snow was so high...a few feet in some areas, and much higher in other places.  I took Kaylee, Cade and Conner sledding and pulled them for what seemed like miles.  Every once in a while I would break through the snow and it would go past my knee.  That sledding experience didn't last too long.  I can't pull 100 pounds of kids uphill for very long!

Kaylee and Mia were best of friends this weekend.  It was fun to see them play together.  I absolutely love hearing Mia's voice.  It's still high and sweet.  She's such a sweet little lady!

and a silly little lady too! :)

John has grown up so much.  He's a string bean-compared to Conner.  I thought Conner was small, but now I can rest assured that he's growing quite well!  John was a sweet little kiddo.  He loves to be with Mom, just like Conner likes to be with me.  

Christina brought out this cool snowball maker...I made snowballs for the kids and they threw them at the trees.  It was so much fun to use it.  I've decided that we'll have to get these for our christmas families for the next few years!  If only we could use it down here!

daddy still flies planes!  and a good pilot he is!

our sweet baby john!

love these kids and love the mcdonalds!  miss you guys!
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