the 'lean'

This is an email that David sent out to his brothers and dad. They have a 'special ability' and appreciation for such young talent! tee hee

We just had dinner and I saw Cade out of the corner of my eye leaning over the side of his chair. Then it happened...pssbbttt. I didn't think much of it at the time, until he did The Lean again and riped another one. I was like..."Where did he learn that from?" Shannon of course looks right at me and says "From his Daddy!". Like father like son! Or like Papa like Grandson! We had quite a good laugh. I guess kids really do watch everything you do. We'll have to teach him Uncle Jared's gun cocking move next.

give said the......what?

She's in speech therapy. Honest! Well, schools out, and I guess her brain is beginning to turn to mush again! Someday she'll know the song and sing it correctly...and not put any of daddy's fun play on words in it either!

This is what her pretty much 'deaf' grandpa had to say to this video:

Cute! Her eloquence matches my hearing perfectly

target practice

It's alwasy fun when Daddy comes home....Really, that's the only time we have fun! Mommy is so boring! Look what fun we have with him!

Daddy is having tons of fun with his new nerf toy. The kids are enjoying it too!

Cade takes one in the gut.


harry pottuah

Kaylee has the cutest way of saying Harry Potter. She found a pair of David's glasses and it went from there!

Kaylee is a fan of Harry Potter. She doesn't quite get the stories at all, but enjoys the action.

the two shall live as one

bedroom buddies!
Yes, Cade has been officially kicked out of his room and into Kaylee's domain. So far so good.

breakfast with friends

While the adults were making a yummy waffle breakfast the kids sat down to a little movie. They all had their own purses (in Cades case, a murse). Those three are too cute!

i gotcha where i wantcha...

David came home with a fun little surprise...for himself. He got a nerf type of gun that fires darts with suction cups on the ends. He's had fun firing them and having the kids go crazy with all the fun. They even gather the darts up after the gun is empty and brings them to him to reload and fire again.
The other night there was a moth up high in our kitchen, so David brought out his 'big guns' and fired at will. Too silly. He hit the moth a couple times too. The kids were just watching in amazement and awe at the marksman that Daddy is.

find John Alley

A dear friend of mine from BYU got married about 10 months ago and is now 4 months pregnant. Last Friday her husband, who is training to become a pilot went missing after leaving his classes.



child prodigy

She's not even 4 yet and already graduated!....well, from preschool that is.
Pomp and Circumstance.
The program. They sang a few songs that they've learned this year. It was so cute to see her up there to the other kids.
After she received her 'diploma' and a goodie sack.
Kaylee's name on the wall.
Kaylee and her awesome teacher Miss Petrides

Waiting patiently during the graduation...and for some yummy treats they're serving.
David and Cade running around at Kaylee's Graduation.
Cade the cheese!
What's gotten into him?! perfect!

Cade is into 'squishing' faces lately. He gets such a kick out of it. And who couldn't resist squishing David's face...what a hunk!

baby sam

On Monday we had a new nephew born on my side of the family. My brother and his wife and their 4 kids (1 boy and 3 girls) had a little boy....Sam. He's had a hard start...he's in the special care unit with a low blood sugar count, rapid breathing and an infection. They seem to believe it might be pneumonia. Looks like he might be there until next week. His little body is trying to get the infection out and he's working so hard. Sweet little Sam.


are you smarter than a preschooler?

So after the campout David was quizzing Kaylee of the princesses on her flashlight.

"Jasmine"....David is surprised she knows her name!

"Jingle Belle" close enough

"Sleeping Beauty"....David says "no, that's not Sleeping Beauty...."

he turns the flash light over and points...."this is Sleeping Beauty." Kaylee responds, "No, that's Snow White." David is again surprised at Kaylee's knowledge of the names. He stands corrected.

"Ariel....sounds like 'arrrel'"

and her all time favorite: "Cinderella"

It was such a cute story. Kaylee corrects David. A 3 year old corrects her father.

kaylee's camping shadow puppet

Kaylee gave a great show on the side of the tent. She was pretending to be two people...you can see when she turns off the light that she asks if the 'other person' is scared and agrees to turn the light back on. I love the sound effects!


surprise in the woods!

Kaylee investigates something during her little hike with Daddy.



camping with daddy....daytime

The Aaronic Priesthood campout was this weekend. David took Kaylee and had a great time. It was in the Tucson area on Mount Lemmon. It was nice and cool in the evening...even got a bit too chilly for David....now that's cold! I can't wait to go camping too! Lets go next week! Anyone wanna go? :)

Kaylee on the 'big rock'

Kaylee perched on top of a log....
David and Kaylee on a little hike. Kaylee enjoying her little flashlight....notice the princesses!
Daddy and Daughter on a rock.
We're going on a bear hunt!........someone in the past made this little structure. Kaylee had some fun exploring.
grrrrr......where's the bear?

remember....don't feed the bears or they'll follow you home!

camping with daddy....night

Kaylee and David arrived and had to set up the tent in the dark. Kaylee had her own special princess flashlight.
Kaylee and her flashlights....enjoying time by the fire with Daddy.

The tent. Kaylee in her 'fun bed.'
Kaylee ready to go to sleep with bear next to her.
Good morning Daddy! It's 5:30. Lets go out and explore!

in the car

Kaylee is happy after a good day at preschool.
Kaylee gave Cade her treasure chest treat for being good at school. It looks like he liked it!


meet my new little friend

After going through a couple vacuums and having parts break on me I decided it was time for a change. I've been researching and contemplating which vacuum would be the best for me. The Dyson seemed to be the best option.

We tried ebay for a bit, but never seemed to win any bidding wars and decided to try Amazon. I watched the price for a while on a few different models...they went cheaper and then rose in price.

I fought back and forth which Dyson model would work best. It came down to attachments and some features that let me to the Dyson DC17 Animal. It's made for homes with animals...but aren't kids close enough?

We got it from Amazon...refurbished...and it arrived today! I took it for a little stroll around the house to help orientate it with it's new home.

I'm pretty excited to have a high quality vacuum finally.



Those that have seen me pregnant before know that I show almost INSTANTLY and seemingly FOREVER. This time is no different. By the time I was 5 months I looks just about ready to pop to most people. I'd be asked...."any day now?" and I'd say....nope....about 4 months left. Then that question...."are there two in there?" ...........no. A friend at church asked me when I was due last month and I said 2 weeks. She believed it....until I told her I was joking.

I get complimented that my pregnant belly is so cute....and I think it is...I don't seem to share any of myself with the baby...it's all out front. But it's so darn uncomfortable. I have an extra appendage sticking out and it's right above my center of gravity. That cuteness takes it toll on me. I'm getting slower and slower every day...and I have 2 months left. I'll be down to a crawl by the end.

Our little mister also has enjoyed his own personal trampoline on my poor bladder. It'll be nice when he finally turns and is head down. I swear too, that he's taking more than his part of my energy. He's a little energy hog....I just get the leftovers. That's ok. I love my naps when I can get them.
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fun with bubbles at tony and alishas

We went to see Tony and Alisha after church today. I saw Alisha at church but she didn't get a mothers day candy bar so I brought her one. I asked if they wanted some company for a little while, so we all came in to have a chat and the kids were in for some fun! Alicia brought out the bubbles and the kids went to town.

These bubbles were the ones from Gymboree...the ones with a sugar base and they last FOREVER. Even after being there an hour there were still bubbles all over on the floor. They also seemed to just float in the air. It was so neat! I'm gonna have to go and get some of these. Much funner than the normal bubbles you buy at the store.

After telling them that the bubbles were 'sugar bubbles' they tried eating them. Tasty? I'm not sure.

Popping the bubbles on the table with their little 'fangers'

I put Cade to work cleaning up any bubble residue left on the tile. He's such a great helper.

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mothers day card from david

David got me such a wonderful card for Mothers Day. He said it was PERFECT for what he wanted to say!

"She's a kind and loving mother,
the joy of my life.
She's the woman of my dreams,
my closest friend, my wife."

2nd page
I'm not alwasy good
about telling you
how much I appreicate you
or how much I love you,
but I hope you know
how much I do.
And I hope you know how proud I am
that you're my wife...
my beautiful, caring wife.

Happy Mother's Day
With All My Love

(and then some handwritten mushy stuff)
I also got an awesome homemade Mothers Day Gift Certificate....that rocks! I can't wait to use it.

happy mommys day from cade

These are the prints
You've often seen before,
On the kitchen wall
And the bathroom door,
Those you quickly washed away,
These you'll save for a future day,
For they will remind you
When I'm big and tall
That once I was little
And my hands were small
Happy Mother's Day Mommy, I love you! Cade made this during Nursery today. He also made me a cute necklace made out of fruit loops....it even matched my dress!
I love this quote about finger prints. A while back in the magazine Family Fun there was a quote about enjoying the fingerprints on your windows while you still can. Someday they will be gone. I've taken that to heart and only wash our french door windows once a month instead of whenever I saw a print or two. That's been a nice reminder to me that these kids won't be small for much longer!

Mommy Day Gift Certificate

(good on any day but Mother's Day-that's a freebie!)

*No changing diapers for a day

*Date night, including dinner anywhere you want...doing anything you want :)

*Free 20 minute Massage

*Free dinner cooked by me (not that great of a gift but I'll try :))

*Free morning off...I get the kids ready, cook breakfast, make the bed, etc.

*Free night off....I get the kids ready for bed and do the dishes

*Anything else that you think I should have included :)

Good for one year only until next Mother's Day. Only available at participating Williams' households. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Items are subject to change based on the need of the recipient. Kids are not responsible for fulfillment of items listed. Not redeemable for cash. Includes promise of eternal love for....eternity.


i'm a sleeper, she's a princess

So David has been gone since early last Sunday on a business trip. When he leaves I don't get the best sleep. I'm a light sleeper as it is and it's hard to get comfy for some reason without him there.

Kaylee has gotten into the habit recenlty...and this week too...of coming into our room and climbing up onto our bed to 'wake us up'. This never makes me very happy. I cherish my sleep time.

This week Kaylee came and 'visited' me a few times in the early morning. This morning was the earliest.... 2:30am! I was fast asleep and suddenly I felt the bed shake a bit. I looked over and saw Kaylee climb onto our tall (3 foot high) bed and lay down on David's pillow and pull the covers up.

I thought that I would just let her fall asleep and then carry her back to her room. After a while, she fell asleep and I decided I was too tired. I just laid as still as I could. When I moved it seemed to wake her up a bit.

It was interesting. During the night she might snore a bit, or start to cry and suddenly giggle. She's a silly one to watch sleep...and noisy.

David gets home tonight. Hopefully these early morning visits will stop.
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