this summer

Kaylee at Manhattan Beach, California.

first time in the ocean.  she loved it.


chores wonderful chores!

introducing job charts, allowance.....and consequences for not doing our jobs.



$1 a week.  any chore refused or undone, results in -5 moneys (aka 5 cents)  (IMO: much better to give them a certain amount, and take it away slowly, than to 'build' the amount up...due to constant questions "how much do I have?" or "how much more do I need to get __________?" or "How much more work until I've earned $$$$?"  it's simple and clean cut.

they are to help with trash duty, dishes (emptying the dishwasher), folding and putting away their own laundry, making their own beds, cleaning their rooms, homework, etc...and Saturday...oh Saturday!...opens up a whole list of possibilities of what mommy needs help on!!!!! :) 

they have been happily completing their own work.

Kaylee is working on earning for a doll...which she reminds me of at least once a day.  but I need to remind her not to talk about it.  so she talks about not talking about the doll she wants.  you know, but I shouldn't be talking about it either.

cade helps to fold my famous stash of white washcloths.

first day of school!!!!

two down!  one to go!!!!!!

so, this is 2 weeks late.  school started August 8th over here in the land of the permanent heat wave....thus started the exciting bike trip each morning and afternoon ending with sweat drenched clothes and drippy drop beaded mustaches.  ewwww.

Kaylee has Mrs. Guggisberg...a sweet wonderful teacher (had her last year...I'll explain below).  Mrs. Guggisberg (with a touch of an eastern accent) reminds me of my wonderful Aunt Louise (who taught for about 30 years in 1st grade and has a 'chi-town' accent).  Very calm understanding teacher that helped put my and David's worries at ease.  So excited to have her again!

Cade has Ms. Miles.  I have a friend whose son had her in Kindergarten and loved her.  She is a more seasoned teacher and I know Cade will really enjoy Kindergarten.  He's been coming home (two weeks now), after a long day at school, and biking all the way home (or scooting) with sweat dripping off him, with a SMILE!

he even loves doing his homework....for the most part. :)

Kaylee and Cade: the school goers.  (look close and you can see the beaded sweat mustaches)  that was one hot muggy day for school to start!  AND I carried conner to school on my shoulders.  nothing like cuddling up on a nice steamy morning!!!

ok, see Kaylee's shirt?  It's her THIRD year wearing it!  Yup.  That is the nice thing about having a kid who grows SLOW.  She still has Cade by about an inch, but that will soon be a losing race.  They both wear the same size clothes AND shoes.

saying goodbye to the last one home:

while at the store getting school supplies, a lady behind us asked Kaylee in an upbeat happy voice, "You getting ready for school!?  What grade are you going to be in!?"

Kaylee very enthusiastically replied:  "I'm going to be in first grade again!"

the sweet innocence and joy she has makes me jealous.

She's excited to be her teachers 'helper'.  She even got to choose where she was going to sit!

absolutely love conners little snuggle smile!

2 weeks down.

two weeks since school started.  the kids are loving school, teachers,and lunch.

i'm loving it too!  just need Conner to hurry and get to kindergarten...but 2 years until that point. 

conner had his first day of school today too....articulation class (right now the class size is 2....most they will take in the class is 4).  they meet once a week for 45 minutes.  BARELY got my grocery shopping done before it was too late.  this is gonna be rough!  missing my free time during the regular preschool from the past.

kaylee has a new loose tooth too!


best friends

Kaylee had such a wonderful summer!  She made a first best friend that kept her busy all day long...they were inseparable!  
Hadley and Kaylee both lost their two front teeth...and I was lucky enough to be asked by Hadley herself, to pull one for her!  (I've pulled a majority of Kaylee's teeth so far....)

we got to spend a whole week in Utah visiting our family after an action packed reunion in Colorado.  the kids enjoyed every minute.  I have so much to blog about...mostly in pictures....cuz that's how I roll.

what is so funny about this shot...it reminds me of how small Kaylee is.  She is actually older than her cousin Hadley.  (Of course, Hadley also has the 'tall' genes in her family)...but Kaylee is pretty small for her age.



i'd really like to hear your answer.

conner is 3

(back on July 25th) for Conner's birthday, we had a road trip to Manhattan Beach, CA...and on the end of that long day....we celebrated 3 wonderful years with a sweet cake, made by Brian and Veronica.  It was fun!

conner has the best photo-worthy blowing face.

that is one SWEET cake!!!  thanks B and V!

already to dig in...wait...we need some photos first!!!

we had just a fun party with our 'cousins'....Lance, Spencer, Ivy and Jordan.

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