best friends

Kaylee had such a wonderful summer!  She made a first best friend that kept her busy all day long...they were inseparable!  
Hadley and Kaylee both lost their two front teeth...and I was lucky enough to be asked by Hadley herself, to pull one for her!  (I've pulled a majority of Kaylee's teeth so far....)

we got to spend a whole week in Utah visiting our family after an action packed reunion in Colorado.  the kids enjoyed every minute.  I have so much to blog about...mostly in pictures....cuz that's how I roll.

what is so funny about this shot...it reminds me of how small Kaylee is.  She is actually older than her cousin Hadley.  (Of course, Hadley also has the 'tall' genes in her family)...but Kaylee is pretty small for her age.

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Brooke said...

Love this twinners shot Shannon.
Cousins need each other!

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