it's official

ladies and gentlemen...the permit.

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belly laughs

Kaylee and Cade making Conner laugh...belly laughs.

conner...just conner

just hainging out one day in the play room. conner was in a happy playful mood.he makes this face often!

right before his birthday celebration. after we sang to him I had David take off his onesie...no way I was getting green goop stained all over his clothing! it's funner to eat in your birthday suit on your birthday anyway! dark brown eyes and light brown hair...a beautiful combo!

first festivities

all ready for the icing dream....boy were the kids excited!
you can tell Conner is a bit unsure of what is happening.

now I think he knows it's supposed to be a fun thing!

yeah for ONE!

squishing his yummy cake between his beefy fingers...aaahhhhh...yes, me so strong!

what do you call this wonderous green goop?

who wouldn't love a sugar high right before bed?



happy birthday to you


my boys

three of my favorite men in my life!


Amanda came from Washington state to visit the Valley of the surface of the Sun. I love it when we get together! Cade (the cheese) and Brody
Kaylee (the other cheese) and Brody.
all together! (notice Cade's swimming suit pulled up high above his belly button and putting his arm around Janae like they're a bunch of old married fogies!)

price reunion 2009

We started our trip to Utah by meeting Emilie at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was wonderful to walk through the temple. It was my first open house to attend. It was so wonderful to see Em, Eden, Avi and Brett again! Avi is such a cute little girl! Eden of course was as sweet and wonderful as ever!
miss Em and Shannon with Eden and Kaylee...
Cade went to the store with Max and Uncle Mike and came back with his very own 'dokker ball'. That night Cade said a prayer and in it said, "Mike my dokker ball." That was so very cute! He's slept with it and shopped with it...I'll have to make sure he doesn't take the ball to preschool.
One day during the reunion Kaylee AND Cade were so tired that they BOTH took a nap! They were both out for a long while!
going quading...Cade was as happy as any 3 year old boy on a something as close as we could get to a 'mycadoo' (motorcycle).

Shannon and Conner

Cade and his dunk partner Uncle Mike

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! slippin and slidin

David and Conner at Timp Park

Williams Family June 2009


round and round we go!

the standoff
Cade and Hadley. Waiting in line for the cotton candy machine. He was defending his place in the line...FIRST. Hadley had to wait behind him.
a funnier moment during the standoff

yum yum cotton candy yum yum

Mr. C.
one of my favorite shots

Kaylee, my flower picker.

Cade, the sport

during the stewart falls hike, Cade snuggles with his favorite Uncle Mike!

It was a fun fun fun fun fun fun reunion! Can't wait until 2011


it's the new brown

one funny moment I wanna share from the reunion.
Kelly was up late one night cutting Cara's (another sister of mine) hair. Cara decided to be gutsy and cut her hair from a longer length to the same one that Kelly and I have. Cara then said this was the most she would do, no 'black' in her hair like Kelly.
Kelly pipes in, "I don't have black hair, it's dark brown. I'll show you what black looks like!" She goes and gets a color swatch of black, brings it out and puts it up against her hair to prove her point.
same color!
What a laugh we had! I knew Kelly's hair was pretty dark....almost black, but yeah, the swatch didn't lie. Her color is only 1 shade from mine...I guess coloring it more often will make it darker and possibly darker than the intended color.
Kelly's black is the new brown
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