he's called 'ticklebug grandpa'


grandpa has cade's foot!

moment before contact.

attacking from behind isn't a good idea.  you'll make the tickle bugs upset!

conner came over to see what all the commotion was about...guess he was thinking he should have left his curiosity alone!

I asked Cade who his best buddy was.  He said, "Grandpa."


Christmas Morning

nothing creates sibling harmony faster.

in today's sad news...

mom and dad left to go home today.  

sniff. sniff.


oh my goodnessssss!

Santa comes tonight!!!!!

testing the waters with a little studio magic tonight.  think i'm starting to see the light?  on my way.


crazy hair day

kaylee gave me a nice opportunity to be creative at 6:30 this morning.

it's spirit week at school...and today is 'crazy hair day'.  i thought since it was christmas time, it would be fun to do a 'Who' inspired hairstyle.  Cindy Lou Who...who was no more than two (plus four).

her eyes kept getting larger and larger as the creation kept evolving.

i give you: 

Kaylee Lou Who...who is no more than two (plus four).

we call these twinkle berries.

 she was so proud of her hair.  she even was careful when brushing her teeth...needed me to help her get a drink from the faucet.  

too fun.  I guess this is one great reason to have a girl!  but, I do have one idea for Cade next year for crazy hair day...but not sure if Daddy will fly with it.

have a happy grinchy inspired christmas


our own village


we waz baking up a storm today.  Grandma and Grandpa Price are here for a Christmas visit!

Grandma helped me cook, and Grandpa helped keep the little ones occupied as we made a mess of the kitchen.

While Kaylee was at school, we made a wide variety of goodies (and still more to make!).

After school, we got to decorate some fun 'graham cracker gingerbread houses' (did you know they make gingerbread graham crackers!?)

have all sorts of funny little things lurking around our little 'village'

reindeer droppings....

Santa stuck in a chimney...

we've got an Amish snowman...wasn't quite aiming for that look...but it happened.

a nice spread of houses...7 to be exact....and 2 'floaters' just docked on the outskirts of town which will be towed over to teachers tomorrow....hopefully in one piece (and not taken a bite out of). ;)

"Throw Papa down the stairs his hat." -just a bit o' Amish Pennsylvania wordin' I overheard to mama snowman say to her son as he fetched his Papa's hat.

where is santa?

our village, with the two island dwellers on the outskirts of town soon to be hauled away to unsuspecting teachers!

all this gingerbread house making was had during Conner's nap time.  

thus, his excitement that evening when we brought the houses out for everyone to see.

yup. way too much fun.

houses made of food!  GENIUS!


three of a kind

back in 1985 Kelly and I cut our hair.  this was right before a big family vacation.  quite a surprise to our mom.  

I remember quite vividly when we were finished with the cut, that we hid the hair in our doll house while mom came up the driveway after getting the mail.

during our vacation, a lady came up to my mom and asked if our cut was a new style.  ;)

25 years later, yup....we still cut our own hair.  but much more responsibly.

last week, a true 'Price' shown through in our niece Brooklyn.

she cut 6-8 inches off....EVERYWHERE!  She actually did quite a good job in back...it was very even and looks almost like a true haircut...gone somewhat wrong.  (the bangs though...just like the infamous 1985 style..must be coming back again).

oh yeah.  I only hope Kaylee doesn't get this idea.  ever. ;)

my sister wrote what happened at church:

At church today:

Many People:   Who cut your hair Brooklynn?
Brooklynn: My mom.

You should have heard the laughs when she would say that.   :)   

(it was kinda true, because my sister DID cut a bit of hair....just to clean up the edges that she could!)

hugs and kisses Brooklyn!  Auntie Shannon and Auntie Kelly are proud of you! 

tee hee hee.



I absolutely LOVE taking pictures, but really really love it when WE are being shot!  I never get to be in many photographs, let alone, nice looking ones that are somewhat planned.  Once a year I get this treat, and it went along very smoothly....with only minor whines.  A new buddy photographer and new friend Dawniele took our group photos!  I'm in love!

...and hoping to get some christmas cards not only ordered like last year, but SENT OUT, unlike last year!

 if you want to see more, take a look over at my photography blog...there's a slew of em over there!

this is us! 2010

Cade: almost 5, Shannon newly 30, Kaylee 6 1/2, David...a thirty-something ;), and Conner 2 1/2


new spice

for all you BYU alumni out there....this story was told in the new alumni magazine that is sent out.

real good!

(a take on the old spice commercial)


fall in az

remember this from a few years ago in a past Arizona Fall?  that was November.  We still have a month of 'splash pad' weather.

well, we had a fun time going to another splash pad with cousins.  they enjoyed running around and getting all wet.  It still doesn't seem to fit in my mind.  

Halloween and a visit to a splash pad in a bathing suit in the same month?

I remember freezing my keester off when I was younger and going trick or treating.  Freezing rain and all that fun stuff.  

cousin lynnea and kaisa


cade didn't get too excited about getting wet...he was pretty interested in the other play areas that didn't have water.

conner: the last air bender...controller of the elements.

conner was a mooch and got goldfish from this family sitting across from us.  he didn't want to let them go, even when they got soggy.

cousin luke.

beautiful lynnea.


confused, but ready!

conner brought over all the soccer getup and pleaded with me to dress him.

i tried to get him to hold a ball or something, but somehow he thinks that a bat is fitting for this outfit.


love his sweetly confused sense!


a gem

it's so nice when i'm going through old photos and i find a gem to post.  totally forgot about these...during an etsy shoot and conner joined in on the silly fun.  once was lost and forgotten is found again.

these shots make me not feel so bummed about having kids with poo colored eyes.

still jealous of his lashes.....real jealous.
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