music makers halloween

Every monday morning we have 'music makers.' Its a time that we all bring our kids and sing songs, march in a marching band, have some fun and listen to stories. Kaylee and Cade both love it. This month was Halloween themed, so all the songs and fun stuff were centered around Halloween. Since today was the meeting before Halloween we all wore our costumes. It was great fun to see all the kids in their cute costumes.

Kaylee was a Prima Ballerina...she should'v been a 'diva' ballerina...she had a bit of an attitude.

It looks like Kaylee was posing for this shot, or was just playing around, but in fact she was upset at me and went to the wall to pout. Ooooh. Life is so hard when you're so young.

sorry David. I had to dress him up as kaylee's dance partner just once. We'll have to figure out something on Wednesday for trunk-or-treat, but he was so darling. Everyone loved that their costumes went together. Male dancers aren't all 'femmy'...it takes a man to wear tights and pull it off so well when wearing a diaper. I LOVE MY LITTLE MAN!

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she can't help it

Kaylee LOVES peanut butter sandwiches...just bread and pb. When she is finished she'll turn to me and say...."mom, look at my face." She's so proud of what she's done. what a mess.

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slip slidin away

David had his yearly PricewaterhouseCoopers party at Kiwanis Park in Chandler. It was fun. They had different types of blow up toys to play on, a climbing tower, dunk tank, other games to play and yummy food from Joes Real BBQ.

Kaylee played on this from 3:30 to 7pm. She only stopped for a moment to refill her tummy and go potty. She was in heaven with all the fun games and great kids to play with.

One of Kaylee's countless trips to the slides!

Daddy and Cade ready to slide down!


OK! Lets go again!

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this isn't surprising

At the company picnic, Cade was in HEAVEN! Drinks galore, brownies galore, goodies galore, fun galore!

Just one of many brownie pieces Cade enjoyed this evening!

Two things Cade LOVES...FOOD AND BALLS! Life can't get any better than this!
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all the fun stuff

Cade was interested in the dunk tank. Sitting on the tank, waiting to be dunked is David's boss Pablo. He started to splash David and Cade when David went to get Cade. They were getting wet, so David just ran over to the red button and pushed it. Dry Pablo got wet!

The climbing tower! Wow that's high. Kaylee wanted to try EVERYTHING!.........even........

climbing to the top! She got about head level with me...I was pushing her up. Those leg/hand pegs were way too far to reach!

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welcome brooklynn alina kisby

My sister Cara gave birth to her 5th baby. Its another girl! That makes 4 girls and 1 boy. Poor Gavin was sad at first, but he gets to sleep in the same room as Brooklyn, so he'll keep her safe...he was happy about that. She was a whopping 8 lb 11 oz and almost 21 inches long. That is a big baby for Cara. Her water was broken at 6:30pm EDT and she pushed twice and she was born at 7:33. That makes an even 20 for the grandparents! Anyone else need to make an announcement to make it an odd number? Yeah for the Kisbys!

just sweep it under the rug

Today I was vacuuming and Kaylee decided to get under the rug and 'sleep'. She has cute toes!

Cade thought it was funny that she was under there and decided to climb the mountain...here you can see his feet and Kaylee squashed against the floor.

Cade loves his sister!

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off roadin

This one is for Mike. Can your Rodeo do this? Cade had his first visit from the Speech Therapist today. It was great! I got some great ideas of how to start helping him with his speech. She thought Cade was such a cutie. He has so many admireres. he has such cute chunky cheeks and his eyes smile at you when he smiles.
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just one moment in time

Kaylee has been a blast to take picture with/of lately. She loves to hold poses or will sit and let me take picture after picture of her. I was able to get her and me together in a picture. She wrapped her arm around my neck. So tender.
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new family member

'Punkin' has his little cousin staying with us...we have yet to name him! We got him at Mother Nature's Pumpkin Patch in Mesa today. We had a ton of fun with our friends.
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putting on a show

Kaylee and Cade are going to be ballet dance partners for Halloween. I finally got Kaylee a leotard to dance in. She had a fun time dancing to the radio and showing off her moves. What a beautiful arabesque!

I'd love to put Kaylee in dance classes sometime soon. She'd be in HEAVEN!

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the group at mother natures pumpkin patch

Eden and Brody joined us at the pumpkin patch. It was great fun.

At the end of our trip we stumbled upon a box of chicks on sale for 5 dollars. They were cute...but not cute enough to bring one home! tee hee hee!

I loved this shot!
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kaylee at mother natures patch

We all got to pose for pictures at the entrance into the farm. The kids loved getting on the tractor.

Kaylee the heifer...but a cute one!

Kaylee in the playhouse at the farm. She loved all the fun places to see and play on.

We went on a hayride and got off at a place we could look at sheep, goats and piggies. Kaylee was excited to see the pigs. She climbed up onto the fence when I wasn't paying attention. That little monkey.

Kaylee got on top of this 300 pound pumpkin all by herself! She's too cute!

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cade at mother natures patch

There was a cute little play house for all the kids to play in. I got a cute picture of Cade in one of their windows. He enjoyed all the excitement with being on the pumpkin patch and farm.

Cade couldn't stop being interested in everything around him. I was afraid that I'd loose both the kids because they were wanting to go
different directions. grrrr

Cade, Billy Goat Gruff!

We got these stickers for the kids to pick their own pumpkins at the patch. I put Cades on his back so he wouldn't play with it.

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