going 2 flag

This week on a whim, we decided to go to Flagstaff on one of David's work engagements. It was only for the night and then we came back the next afternoon, but it was great to get out of the regular schedule and do something different for a change. We were scheduled to stay in a studio hotel room with a dinette kitchen, but when we got there, they upgraded us to a 2 bedroom with a full kitchen. I was so excited. The kids slept in one room and we got the other.
The next morning, David went to the meeting he had in Flagstaff just to find out that the guy he was supposed to meet wasn't there. He infact, was in Phoenix of all places at a 'managers meeting'. He had forgotten all about the meeting that David had with him. So much for that. We at least had a great time on the spur-of-the-moment using the companies money! wahoo.
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enjoying powdered doughnuts for breakfast

Kaylee on cloud 9. Daddy is fun to play with.

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closing the doors

there was a breeze and some of the weather around the area was threatening . . . so during the game, they closed the ceiling. It sure was something to see! There aren't many stadiums that do this!
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diamondbacks game

We went to Chase Field in Phoenix to watch the Diamondbacks play the LA Dodgers. It was so fun! I was excited to see a baseball game!

Cade and Daddy walking to the game. I love the little leashes we have them wear! They're so cute!
Eden walking her pet . . . Kaylee. Be careful . . . it bites! tee hee hee

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12-3 d-backs win!

Daddy and Cade enjoy watching our d-backs play baseball.

The fam!

Kaylee enjoyed watching the game and being with her favorite people . . . Eden, Jacob, Avi, Chase and Buddy.

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my buddy

Cade had his ear tube surgery this morning. Everything went well. The Doctor removed thick mucus from behind his ear drum. Would have caused some more hearing loss than Kaylee experienced. Waking up from anesthesia was no picnic . . . it was probably a mixture of being disoriented, hungry, tired plus being in a different place. He screamed for quite a while . . . it took about 20 minutes after getting in the car to even have him calm down. He eventually fell asleep on the way home and we got a nice nap.

Cade is such a cute little guy. He's a trooper!

I love my buddy!

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pacana park

This evening we went to the park with Sheena, Logan and Janae and played for quite a while, then Emilie and Eden came and played too. We had so much fun. It was in the upper 90's today, and it flet SOOOOOO GOOD! Pacana park has a covered playground which is so nice in the hot hot summer. I'm so excited for it to get cooler down here!
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giddie up ya'll

Kaylee looked super cute with these pink boots at church. She was so excited to wear them. She LOVES nursery!
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maam, your dishwasher is fixed

Cades pants are falling off! Does Cade have Grandpa Prices tooshie . . . or is Kaylee attempting to undress Cade? He would make a perfect plumber! What a cute little bum!

You can see Buddy's perfect 'farmers tan.' We love to go swimming. Out here the public pools are open until October. yeah! We love to swim! (or as Kaylee would say . . . shim!)
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lil bookworm

Cade is our lover of books. He'll find a book, no matter what it's about and grab either mommy or daddy . . . whomever is nearest and drag us to a chair to read it together. He's so funny. Kaylee has never been into books like this before, so this is a fun new excitement for all of us. Tonight it was 'The Night Before Christmas.'
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cade thomas williams

yeah, better late than never. I'm getting into making announcements/invitations.
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gotta love em

Kaylee and Eden are great friends. I feel so fortunate to have such great friends for Kaylee!
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avi lee gardner

I am helping my wonderful friend Emilie make baby announcements for her new baby girl Avi. We had a photo session yesterday and took over 300 photos. My camera wasn't working so well . . . some of the photos were blurry . . . but I finally figured out what was wrong, after the photo session. Oh well. I've been enjoying scrapbooking and this gave me the idea of making some baby announcements. This was the best time to try it out. Avi is such a pretty little girl! So photogenic!
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we're divided

Our 4 Maricopa wards were divided tonight into 6. David and I were in the 4th ward and are now officially in the 5th ward. We went from 8am church to now 11:30. Our 4th ward was only created just over 19 months ago . . . January 29th, 2006 . . . the day before Cade was born. Maricopa is growing VERY FAST. All the wards had 750 or more members. The largest had over 1000. We're very close to becoming our own stake. It is amazing how fast things grow. Only a bit over 4 years ago there was only one Maricopa ward. I love the changes we are experiencing. It's fun and exciting. I love Maricopa.
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pretty ballerinas

Kaylee, Eden and Cade had a great time tonight while Daddy and some friends went to a meeting to find out what new wards we will have in Maricopa. I stayed behind with the kids and Emilie. The meeting was at 7pm . . . 1/2 an hour away. Not a very good idea to bring kids when you're needing to put the kids to bed at 8.
Eden is such a cute dancer. She did some cute twirls and a few arabesques to the pretty music.
Kaylee was enjoying the pretty ballerina dresses. She and Eden danced together. It was too cute. I need to make some tutus.
Men can wear tutu's too. This one brings out the green in Cade's eyes . . . that is . . . if that is really him wearing it! tee hee hee (don't tell daddy!)

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mmmmm eggs

Kaylee has really been into making faces and wanting to see them on the camera after I've taken them. She's given me a ton of fun faces to play with. She sure is turning into a character. . . an 'easy-to-work-with' character.
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breakfast with bear

no, this isn't mickey mouse . . . it's 'bear' her bed buddy. We had breakfast for dinner tonight and she was excited to get a 'bear' shaped pancake. Cade got a snake pancake. Kaylee was so excited we were going to have 'kakes' tonight. She carried the huge bag of pancake batter from the pantry to me at the stove. She loved dinner tonight . . . which isn't very common.
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i can do that too

Kaylee was watching in awe as Daddy started juggling balls and apples. She decided she had to try it too. She picked up a few balls (of different sizes and weights) and tried to juggle. She did well considering. Kaylee LOVES David. She loves to snuggle with him and watch a movie. They enjoy a lot of the same treats. David loves his little girl.
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family love

Logan and Janae Curiel came over to play while Sheena went to work out. Logan is so sweet to his baby sister. He's a good boy. I got this cute shot of them giving kisses to each other.
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