i yuv her

we were watching a music video of taylor swift. Kaylee was dancin and doin her thang. Cade was just sitting there on the couch and suddenly piped up, "I yuv her." Yup, my son has his first crush!
the video that started it all...for your enjoyment...made ever so popular by this first video from John Schmidt on the rendition of Love Story meets Viva La Vida

sunday afternoon

a smile for Aunt Kelly

a smile for Uncle Mike


last 'whoop te doo'

our last swim at the pool...until next year!

Who wouldn't just wanna kiss this cute face!?

Kaylee took off her water wings after a while and was excited that she could stand on the bottom of the pool. She had fun hanging onto David and Me while we swam her around the pool...nice to have her feel more independent and comfortable in the pool.

Conner was really enjoyed watching everything around him...a lot of fun splashing.
loved this shot of David and Conner



he's a walkin

he's growing up...look Corin and Kelly...can you believe it!?



finally, a shot, or glimps of Conners first and so far, only tooth!
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i'm a bad mommy

instead of coming to the aid of a crying frightened child...

I get a camera.

don't worry. I wasn't a bad mommy for long. just long enough to get these shots. (anyway, who wouldn't wanna help this cute face?)


back to school

saw this commercial tonight...couldn't stop laughing! this one was a winner in the past...and still makes me laugh. Never made more sense than it does now!

school glorious school!

I think I have a new favorite day of the year!

Kaylee has been asking and asking and asking for the past couple weeks...School is today? When I would say 'No, not until Monday' I would be met with a whine and a sob. When school!? When will you come?
Today was the day! Kaylee was excited see Miss Reid and make tons of friends. She was so excited about her school day that she held my hand sweetly when I came to pick her up (that's not a common occurance!)

Cade will starte preschool next Monday. He is also very excited, but not as 'dramatic' as his older sister.
School...I think I love you!


just love this one

not much not to love about him. he's currently cutting his FIRST tooth. Poor lil one. It's a booger of a tooth too.
we went to 'old McDonald's' as Kaylee and Cade call it. I had fun sitting with Conner while the two older and wilder ones roamed free to do what they pleased. I am really looking forward to Kaylee starting school. She'll be kept busy and my home will be kept cleaner.
We're still trying to decide whether or not to put Cade into Preschool. Cade actually 'passed' his speech screening (probably because they gave him a 3 year old test and he was over 3 1/2). He barely passed it too. They said they would re-evaluate him when he turns 4. Hopefully he won't let his mommy and daddy down. FAIL THAT TEST BUDDY! Give us free preschool! we love you Cade, articulation and assimilation problems and all. :)
if Cade and Kaylee do wind up going to school, I'll have Conner to myself for a few hours a few times a week. Oh the fun that will be! Cade and Kaylee have been talking and talking about going to school. We went and met Kaylee's teacher...Ms. Reid tonight. Kaylee kept saying "I love Miss t'Reid". We also went and saw Kaylee's former preschool teacher, Miss Zebrowski...or ask Kaylee says "Mary Browsky." If Cade takes preschool...he'll have her. We love miss zebrowski! She's wonderful!
funny...I had all photos of Conner, and wrote mostly about the other two kiddos. my mind is wandering a lot tonight.
nighty night.

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