school glorious school!

I think I have a new favorite day of the year!

Kaylee has been asking and asking and asking for the past couple weeks...School is today? When I would say 'No, not until Monday' I would be met with a whine and a sob. When school!? When will you come?
Today was the day! Kaylee was excited see Miss Reid and make tons of friends. She was so excited about her school day that she held my hand sweetly when I came to pick her up (that's not a common occurance!)

Cade will starte preschool next Monday. He is also very excited, but not as 'dramatic' as his older sister.
School...I think I love you!


Robyn said...

School, I love you too!

Em said...

already! i can just picture her. love kaylee's shoes.miss ya!

Anonymous said...

so jealous! she is hilarious! love ya!

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