just love this one

not much not to love about him. he's currently cutting his FIRST tooth. Poor lil one. It's a booger of a tooth too.
we went to 'old McDonald's' as Kaylee and Cade call it. I had fun sitting with Conner while the two older and wilder ones roamed free to do what they pleased. I am really looking forward to Kaylee starting school. She'll be kept busy and my home will be kept cleaner.
We're still trying to decide whether or not to put Cade into Preschool. Cade actually 'passed' his speech screening (probably because they gave him a 3 year old test and he was over 3 1/2). He barely passed it too. They said they would re-evaluate him when he turns 4. Hopefully he won't let his mommy and daddy down. FAIL THAT TEST BUDDY! Give us free preschool! we love you Cade, articulation and assimilation problems and all. :)
if Cade and Kaylee do wind up going to school, I'll have Conner to myself for a few hours a few times a week. Oh the fun that will be! Cade and Kaylee have been talking and talking about going to school. We went and met Kaylee's teacher...Ms. Reid tonight. Kaylee kept saying "I love Miss t'Reid". We also went and saw Kaylee's former preschool teacher, Miss Zebrowski...or ask Kaylee says "Mary Browsky." If Cade takes preschool...he'll have her. We love miss zebrowski! She's wonderful!
funny...I had all photos of Conner, and wrote mostly about the other two kiddos. my mind is wandering a lot tonight.
nighty night.


Baldwin Family said...

That's funny, my kids call it "old McDonald's" too. Sounds like fun at your house! School is such an adventure. It is so fun and so different than having them all at home. Good luck!

Sara said...

Love those eyelashes...he'll be a heart-breaker for sure!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, seriouslt great pics, i might have to have you take some of us when we come in November! You are so talented! love ya, miss ya!

Jen Gillespie said...

How funny, Jason calls it Old McDonald's too. I think it is pretty smart on their part! I can't believe your school has started already. Do they go year round? Seems so early. Good luck with all the free time, can't imagine what you;ll do (kiss and love Conner I'm sure)

Kelly Anderson said...

it was soooo cute to hear cade call and want to talk to mike. it broke our hearts to hear him ask us to come to visit "mine" house...you have no idea how much mike and i wanted to drive down and suprise buddy..oh, and everyone else too;O) hopefully x-mas....cross ur fingers.

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