this is kinda a re-occurring theme, but Conner loves toast, aka 'tos'

he eats it many different ways.

reminds me of those commercials asking 'How do you eat a Reeces?"

and what goes best with a bunch of yummy 'tos'?

can you guess what he is signing?

starts with an m....and ends with ilk.

His speech is coming along really well.  I was trying to help him find a toy a few days ago, and out of nowhere, I hear a little voice say 'I found it!'  Conner!?  yup, he spoke three words together and coherently.  His speech therapist has also noticed a big change in him when she visited us today.

not sure WHY we've been blessed with children who don't speak well...or normally, but it's nice to know that one day, they will put three words together and make sense.



I love my dad.

I love my mom.



after a rough Friday, it was nice to SLEEP IN today.  thanks honey.

I had a wedding to shoot last night.  Really excited about the photos.  Can't wait to share some on my photography blog.

We played at a couple parks today to give the kids some fresh air, and give daddy a break...at least that is what we planned.

conner pooed his pants after 1/2 an hour at the park, so he and Daddy spent the rest of the time in the van while I took care of some baseball photography and Kaylee and Cade watched alongside me.

After the game, we went to play in the park until it was time to go.  Daddy and Conner were 'enjoying' a movie in the van...

got this sweet shot of kaylee.  love her eyes without those dang glasses.  such pretty eyes.  pretty princess eyes.



while I was getting ready this morning, Conner decided to make himself some toast.  He helped himself to more than his share of the cinnamon and sugar.  He had a bit of a sugar high.

are all kids like this, or just mine?  little mischief makers...to the max.

conner saw me blow off my lens after a few of his 'whiskers' fell onto my camera.  he decided to help me keep them off and blew them off as I shot.

looking like a man with real scruff.  how does it feel?

it reminds me of when my dad would have a scratchy face and would take me and rub his whiskers all over my face.  good times.




oh!  Mom!  Look!  A goose!  It's so cute!!!  It's eating our bread!  Look! 

here....want some more!?



What's wrong Kaylee?  'Chikin?'

 Conner wasn't too concerned .  

he made a few good pals.

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