rub a dub dub

a favorite photo I snapped of conner


yeah for Wednesday mornings!  Since Kaylee is in school I'm able to bring the boys to play...and it isn't as crazy!

Cade the FIREMAN

first time in shoes.  Cade wore them when he was little.  It's nice to see some use to these again!
Can someone tell my why my boys have amazingly long eyelashes and I don't?

holla holla holla holla!  Holland!


up high and enjoying the view.

brooke brooke my brookie!
this girl is a riot!

that's right!

if you were a fly on our wall/toilet/toy basket/washing machine, this is what you might hear a couple times a day.  (scenerios vary from episode to episode, but the outcome is just about the same).

cade: AAAAAH!  {cry}....{sob}...KAYLEE!

mom: kaylee!  what did you do!?

kaylee: i HIT CADE!

mom: go to your room.  we don't hit.  you know better!


mom: That's right!  I'm your mother!


So, we've been excited to see what Kaylee learns at school.  It's amazing what she learns through songs!  She knows the sounds of letters...thanks to the Letter Factory!  She's beginning to spell words by singing them.  She knows the days of the week by singing them.  She knows the months of the year by singing them.

Only if I could make up songs and sing, then all this talking stuff wouldn't have ever been a problem with speech!

We taught Kaylee her birth date.  When she was asked, for the first little while she would say, "July next!"  She finally is able to say it correctly.  We've tried to add a bit more information since then...like her birth year!


daddy: ok Kaylee, repeat after me!

daddy: July first

kaylee: July first

daddy: two thousand

kaylee: dollars


adorable abby

this was the only smile I could get...she's such a calm quiet girl!  Can you show my kids to act this way? :)

such bootiful eyes and long lashes!

beautiful creation Liz!



who is this?

hint: loves food

my cookie monster! BUDDY!

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The beginning of the school year has been great. Kaylee loved her teacher Miss Reid. But before the first month was over, we would have a new teacher. Turns out the 2nd and 3rd grades had a combined class that needed to be split. Miss Reid had taught 3rd grade before, so she took the new class. Kaylee's class was then divided between the remaining classes. Luckily we have 3 other friends in her class from our ward. Kaylee LOVES school!
We recently had school picture day. I wasn't aware of this, but if you volunteer to help with the photos, you get a package for free. So Kaylee got free photos. We'll be doing this every year for sure!

Kaylee is a ham....and cheese
a neat silhouette

pose pose pose pose.
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Cade has been enjoying preschool and riding his bike. He's growing to be such a handsome little fellow. He loves to climb up on my bed when I take a little nap and snuggle and kiss me. He's my little man!
love those almond eyes!

When he's finished taking photos, he'll let me know!
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Conner has been into 'containers' lately. Specifically: fitting himself into them.

last photo of conner before his big do-over!
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new pet

while visiting a friend for the day, Conner decided to find out what it would be like to be a dog. so far so good! he does make a cute puppy!
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new do

kinda a funny story....kinda sad.
So yesterday we did a haircut-a-thon. Cade first, then Kaylee, and then I figured it would be good to take some of the length off of Conner's hair. His bangs were hanging into his eyes. So I'm doing really well and got up to his bangs. He feels the clippers on his forehead and leans his head forward which takes off twice as much as I was planning. Well....turns out his hair cut was a perfect mullet! At first I thought we could make it work, but then David started calling Conner by his new name, Connie. Oh well...I guess we'll have to cut it all to the shorter length. So here is our new do. A bit shorter, but that means he won't need it cut for a long time. I still need to do some tapering in the back, but at least he looks more like a little boy now...not a girl! :) I miss his longer locks, but they'll return. I wish I would have take a photo of Connie before we got rid of her!

preschool shoot

We got a few preschool families together and had a fun photoshoot. Here are just some that I captured. I'm excited to send the photos out to the parents! These were some CUTE kids!

I'm planning on doing another session on Saturday. So if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll get you signed up!
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maricopa 5th ward YW

A photoshoot with the YW in my ward. pretty girls!

more to come
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