So, we've been excited to see what Kaylee learns at school.  It's amazing what she learns through songs!  She knows the sounds of letters...thanks to the Letter Factory!  She's beginning to spell words by singing them.  She knows the days of the week by singing them.  She knows the months of the year by singing them.

Only if I could make up songs and sing, then all this talking stuff wouldn't have ever been a problem with speech!

We taught Kaylee her birth date.  When she was asked, for the first little while she would say, "July next!"  She finally is able to say it correctly.  We've tried to add a bit more information since then...like her birth year!


daddy: ok Kaylee, repeat after me!

daddy: July first

kaylee: July first

daddy: two thousand

kaylee: dollars


ckm said...

Silly silly! We made up a song for Kendall and spelling his name. Lately he has been singing K - E - N - D - ABCDEFG....

Brooke said...

Funny Kaylee!

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