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I love the game Scattergories but have not played it in forever so here is a mini version of it. You have to use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each question:

1. What is your name? Shannon
2. 4 letter word: snow
3. Vehicle: Subaru
4. City: Salt Lake City
5. Boy Name: Spencer
6. Girl Name: Sally
8. Occupation: stewardess
9. Something you wear: sandals
10. Celebrity: Sammy Sosa
11. Food: strawberries
12. Found in a bathroom: shampoo
13. Reason for Being Late: sleeping late
14. Cartoon Character: Sebastian
15. Something you shout: STOP!
16. Animal: Sloth
17. Body part: shin
18. Word to describe you: steady
19. Something you like to do: sleep
20. Place you'd like to be: somewhere on a getaway with David

ok, I tag Kelly, Julianne, Brooke, Tammy B, Jenna and anyone else


yet, another one

Today we went to the Villages pool for the end of swimming lessons pool party. We got there early and left late. We had tons of fun with tons of friends. We....I mean Cade...ate tons of yummy pizza, cookies, snacks, suckers etc.
What's the fastest way to get the kids to clean up their toys? Tell them we're going swimming.

Kaylee with her most favorite swim teacher EVER! Miss Amy. She keeps asking for Miss Amy. Go to Amy's house? Where'd Amy go? Amy go home? She's going to be talking about her for a while. Kaylee stayed next to Amy's side for probably a couple hours. Amy was a trooper.
Probably the 2nd of 4 visits to the goodies. Some of the mommies were getting a charge of his appetite.
One of Cade's favorites of the day...donut holes! Thanks to whomever bought them, and sorry that he ate so many!

He could stuff a whole donut hole in his mouth, and then take a couple donut holes in his hands. Little swiper!

Who needs a table?


neil diamond: coming to america parody

I heard this Neil Diamond parody of Coming to America on the radio a few days ago. I got a kick out of it.

backyard pool

Disclaimer: this blog will probably be posting many more pool shots, so if you're getting sick of it, don't visit until the end of the swimming season in AZ...which is basically October! See you then!
Cade was able to fill up the pool by himself. Usually Kaylee takes that role. Luckily we got away before Kaylee knew what we were up to. We filled the pool and put on a small sprinkler, then called her to come and have some fun. She was happy to join us.Kaylee got relaxed quite a few times outside.Filling up the pool really makes you thirsty. But thirsty enough to drink Maricopa water?
Kaylee relaxing. Wahoo! Way too much fun with a small pool and sprinkler!Lazy summer days. They enjoyed running and jumping in the pool and splashing all around.

what's happening?

It rained for just a bit yesterday, but for those few minutes, it was quite something to watch. At first Kaylee didn't believe me when I told her it was raining. Cade seemed to be mesmerized by the rain the most.

swimming lessons

I know it must seem like I've put up so many swimming shots lately, but really, that is what we've been doing. If we're not in a big pool, we're outside in the back yard in our little pool. Thats life for us right now! :P
Pouty Time. For some reason, when the parents are around, the kids seem to misbehave more. Normally she'll do just fine, but this one time that I stayed at the lesson, Kaylee decided not to participate a couple times.

Relaxing between exercises.

Kaylee loves her pool time. She hates to go home. I usually have to coax her into the car with a popcicle.

Kaylee kicking to Miss Amy. She had such a fun time in lessons.

Kaylee patiently waiting her turn. Miss Amy used a phrase quite a bit during lessons. "Girls, sit down!" It's gotta be hard to sit still when fun is right there in your lap!

Our next ideal move would be to a place that has a free community pool. It's too bad that the Meadows doesn't have something so nice.


7 years and he scratches every itch!

Sunday was our Anniversary. 7 happy years. It wasn't too spatacular of a day. David has hurt his back so I went to church with the kids while he iced his back and rested. I gave the lesson in primary as well as sharing time. They both went very well too.
The night before our anniversary I came home with two blizzards and put some candles in them. David LOVES blizzards with extra snickers. It was just another excuse to have a great yummy treat. Blizzards are a vital part of my dad's diet. He'd be happy to hear how we celebrated our 7 year itch.
Hopefully next year we will be up and about and enjoy the day a bit more. But I'm still glad I was able to take care of David on our special day. I'd have it no other way. Love you Honeybuns!

love notes

Kelly is so sneaky. I think I'll be finding notes for a while! So far I've found a couple sticky notes too.You're sneaky Kelly!

Can't wait until August!


the dualies

Kelly and I set out for some fun twin pictures. It was right after cooking group. This first photo is right out Leslie's house....thanks to her neighbor for having some long grass! It was perfect!I don't look very pregnant in this shot. Cropping really takes off pounds!Another favorite shot in the grass with Kelly. Next to the Taco Shop. A cool texture on the old building next door.
We heart shoes. A LOT!
This is a favorite shot. I'm actually wearing regular pants here, just not zipped or buttoned up. tee hee hee!Kelly got some great shots.Now you can see my belly! That was a fun time! Let's do it again when I'm not so big!

fun shots of the kiddos during the week

Cade the yogurt addict. Put a camera in front of Kaylee and she'll give you some cute poses!
gotta love this little boy!Trying on aunt Kelly's specs...what a smartie!Wrestling....in a loving way.Cade is a GREAT helper. He'll go and get dish towells and clean up a spill, then go and put the towell away. He love to help sweep and clean up when we're working together. He'll be a great helper when he's a daddy!Daddy and Cade having some fun.

shopping fun with kelly

Not only did Kelly and Shannon enjoy going out and shopping, but the Kids had their own kind of fun. Kaylee and Cade enjoyed being chased around the store while mommy followed them...waddling around as fast as she could. Kaylee was enjoying the many beautiful colors of lipstick. I'm surprised that she knew those went on her lips and not eyes. I don't wear lipstick.
Walking hand in hand with their 'loot'. It's always fun to shop with Auntie Kelly. For some reason, mommy just isn't fun enough!

We love you Kelly!

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