she got me!

Alisha tagged me:

I love the game Scattergories but have not played it in forever so here is a mini version of it. You have to use the first letter of your name to answer each question. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each question:

1. What is your name? Shannon
2. 4 letter word: snow
3. Vehicle: Subaru
4. City: Salt Lake City
5. Boy Name: Spencer
6. Girl Name: Sally
8. Occupation: stewardess
9. Something you wear: sandals
10. Celebrity: Sammy Sosa
11. Food: strawberries
12. Found in a bathroom: shampoo
13. Reason for Being Late: sleeping late
14. Cartoon Character: Sebastian
15. Something you shout: STOP!
16. Animal: Sloth
17. Body part: shin
18. Word to describe you: steady
19. Something you like to do: sleep
20. Place you'd like to be: somewhere on a getaway with David

ok, I tag Kelly, Julianne, Brooke, Tammy B, Jenna and anyone else


jennaloha said...

sorry Shannon, I'm all tagged out. I only checked your blog cuz I wanted to see some pictures of your kids in the pool for once.

Shannon said...

ooh, sorry Jenna, I didn't mean you...I meant another Jenna....um....Jenna....can't remember her last name! tee hee hee

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