yet, another one

Today we went to the Villages pool for the end of swimming lessons pool party. We got there early and left late. We had tons of fun with tons of friends. We....I mean Cade...ate tons of yummy pizza, cookies, snacks, suckers etc.
What's the fastest way to get the kids to clean up their toys? Tell them we're going swimming.

Kaylee with her most favorite swim teacher EVER! Miss Amy. She keeps asking for Miss Amy. Go to Amy's house? Where'd Amy go? Amy go home? She's going to be talking about her for a while. Kaylee stayed next to Amy's side for probably a couple hours. Amy was a trooper.
Probably the 2nd of 4 visits to the goodies. Some of the mommies were getting a charge of his appetite.
One of Cade's favorites of the day...donut holes! Thanks to whomever bought them, and sorry that he ate so many!

He could stuff a whole donut hole in his mouth, and then take a couple donut holes in his hands. Little swiper!

Who needs a table?


E said...

hi friends i love you love eden

Tammy said...

donut holes, pizza, treats, what more could a kid ask for when you have the pool too?

MissKris said...

Hey it's Kristin Russo from the ward. I have to tell you I mentioned the word swimming in nursery and I have never heard the room get quieter! All of the kids stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me and then Cade decided that he was going to go swimming and started to take his shirt off! It was pretty funny.

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