he's growing up too fast

Cade has gone from a baby to a little boy it seems. He loves dressing up in almost anything . . . dresses, hats, shoes whatever. He's such a good boy and a great brother. He is so gracious to take all the abuse of a loving older sister. He is just about as heavy as Kaylee . . . solid as a rock and 1/2 her age. He's gonna be such a great big . . . as in older . . . brother someday! I love you Buddy!
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yum yum yummo!

Yesterday Kaylee said she wanted a treat. We went over to the freezer and she picked out broccoli. HU? I told her she probably wouldn't like it, but she insisted that she wanted broccoli. I got one out and gave it to her. She ate it and said 'yummy'. I couldn't believe she was eating broccoli! I didn't like it until I was an adult. That Kaylee can really surprise me!

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did i put too much on?

Kaylee got into my makeup yesterday and came outt feeling so proud that she looked pretty and just like mommy. It seems like she never creates the same mess more than once . . . actually she has. She's a funny one!

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i looked out the window . . .

I made some yummy Jell-O flavored popcorn balls for desert tonight. It was a great hit . . . with the kids. They were ey'ing it all during dinner. They couldn't wait to get their hands on them. Little did I know that they would take that into their own hands. As I was cleaning up I realized that Kaylee had taken all the popcorn balls and placed them on the TV sidetable. I also noticed that Cade had one in his hads . . . still sitting in his booster seat (Kaylee was sweet enough to give him one).

Kaylee digging into the popcorn ball.

Cade loves treats! He was so sad when I took it away. That thing was so soggy! Yucky!

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Kaylee LOVES Cinderella. She always needs to have her Cinderella purse and loves to wear a dress when there is music so she can dance along. She is such a girly girl. She has a cute way of saying Cinderella . . . Tru-la-la-la. I'm sure someday we'll get her a Cinderella dressup for her to enjoy. Cade enjoys everything that Kaylee does too. He'll put a doll in a stroller and carry around a purse just like his big sister. He's such a cutie and a momma's boy. My kids are fun.


what a wild night!

Tonight was a fun night. Tony and Alicia Boyles came over to watch the kids so David and I could go out and watch a concert . . . I'll let you know who the 'big celebrity' was in a moment . . . first, our awesome friends . . .
Tony came in and sat down . . . only a few moments later Kaylee comes up and climbs up on him and sits right next to him and is instantly warmed up to them. She never does this to someone she doesn't see often . . . actually, she really never does this often at all. Count yourself as lucky, Tony! He is a part time police officer and it's fun to hear a few stories from him and watch him and Alicia ride their harley around. What does it take to get him to take me around on that motorcycle!? hint hint

Alicia is such a fun person. We serve together on the enrichment committee and is a wonderful friend. She is great with the kids. Someday they'll get to have fun with their own! (hopefully the kids were as good as they said and didn't ruin any plans!) . . . My sister Kelly remared about being in Nursery that it was a 'good form of birth control.' Of course she was joking, but you hope that your kids don't change someones mind about kids . . . anywho . . . Alicia is a mortgage somethin or another . . . and we talked about the market and how it's going . . . or kinda not going . . . with all the foreclosures and why that came about. We gotta have them over more often.

We arrived at the Celebrity Theatre . . . it was north in Phoenix. It was a nice small theatre with a very unusual stage. It is round with seating all around it. This is our first view of the stage and I thought . . . 'dang, we're just gonna see the drummers bottom all night.' Acutally, the stage turns during the whole night so we got to see EVERYONE in the band. That was kinda neat.

There were TONS of women, and probably 3 guys in the audience. So, now you must know that is it a popular celebrity with the women . . . that is, women in their 50's! {David trying to make light of the note leaned over to his mom and asked 'Do you see any of your friends from high school here?'} He just keeps me laughing. We were probably in for a fun and interesting night.


Donny Osmond night at the Celebrity Theatre. Now you know why there were so many beautifully seasond ladies there last night. Donny . . . their teenage heart throb was in town. I must say though, he has an amazing voice. Very friendly to the audience and gracious enough to sign some cd cases and 'record labels' during his songs, something David wasn't too happy about. He sang many songs by different artists as well as some new ones and a few older ones . . . puppy love . . . soldier of love etc. It was a pretty fun evening.
One funny thing that happened was when a lady who was probably reaching her 60's hopped on the stage and started dancing around the stage around Donny. The security quickly got to her and escorted her back to her seat. What a wild night!
We happened upon the tickets because we are Donny enthuiasts! no, Actually we got the tickets from David's Dad. He bought two tickets to surprise mom for her birthday . . . but then it turned out that Emily would be in town so he wanted to get three tickets that were together. He asked if we'd be interested in buying the first two. We did and had a fun time.

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boring kids?

Yesterday Kaylee was in the picture mood . . . I got a lot of cute pictures. Too fun. She's such a hoot!
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swimming fun

Kaylee really got into enjoying herself this past month in the pool. Just a month ago she would only get as far as the second step in the pool and when I held her . . . she'd hold onto me like she was stuck like super glue. She was so afraid to be by herself in the water. I finally got her a floatation to go along with her water wings and she took off . . . it's so cute to see her jump in the water and kick like crazy. She smiles from ear to ear and can't hold in her excitement in her voice! yeah Kaylee!

Eden is such a great swimmer! She paddles all over . . . the little water bug! She came with Grandma Storey and enjoyed being around her friends.

Brody is the other water bug. He taught Kaylee today how to jump into the water. He can swim laps around the pool without tiring. I think all the kids feed off each others energy!

Kaylee and Cade standing at the edge of the pool. Cade loves to float around the pool and kick around. He started jumping off the side of the pool also . . . he's a follower!

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giddie up

I had fun with Brody today. We went swimming with Eden and Logan . . . and I got some yummy ice cream afterwards. There's nothing better than not taking a nap , running rampant around the house with a cowboy hat and making messes that surprise mommy's friends.
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i 'heart' you

Sometimes I will put a note out for Daivd to see in the morning before he heads to work. This time I wrote I 'heart' U and he will add to it the next morning . . . 2 or II. I wrote I with a bobby pin, a heart with our toothpaste and a U with a bent q-tip. David responded the next morning with two q-tips saying II at the end...meaning I Love You Too. It is a fun tradition and it's also fun to get it on camera to see how different we have fun with this. I Love You David.
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we've got a new friend!

Today we got to go over to the Gardner's house to see little teeny tiny baby Avi. She is so adorable and looks just like Eden when she was a newborn. I can see the resemblence of the two sweet sisters. I made dinner for them tonight . . . an easy way to get into the door . . . ding dong . . . gotcha dinna so let me in! Emilie looked very happy. Her mom had made it in town and was enjoying the grandkids. It makes me remember what it was like when I brought Cade home for the first time for Kaylee to meet.

Kaylee was so excited to see Avi. She came to me and asked 'can i hold it?' So I said, 'yes, you can hold HER.' It was cute to hear her express excitement and want to hold her. Kaylee loved her feet.
I got a cute picture of her stroking Avi's foot. Too cute. She'll be a great big sister some day. Cade was somewhat interested in what was going on but didn't seem to mind that I was holding a little baby.

Kaylee and Avi
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I thought Kelly's picture was so pretty, I decided to try and do something too. I was just playing on the ground with the kids and decided to take a picture...this is the 'I'm pooped...my hair is a mess and my makeup is blotchy' (but nothing a bit of photo editing can't fix!). I am really enjoying life. I got my epidural shot last week and am no longer feeling pain or tingling down my left leg. I hope the effects of the shot last a while. It's nice to feel more normal finally. I'm not sure what the future holds for my back, I just hope to try and keep positive through any further setbacks.
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I love you

This is Kelly's new haircut. It looks so cute...she always looks good. There are so many things I love about Kelly...she's someone who helps pick me up when I feel discouraged. She can be funny but also sensitive. I love just sitting in the same room with her or being on the phone and not saying anything...we don't have to say a word but we love being together. Many moments don't need words, just company. I love you Kelly. You're beautiful and funny and my favorite twin!
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cade the fish

Cade loves the water. I was amazed at the first time I put the floaties on his arms. He floated and wasn't afraid to let go of me. He enjoyed jumping off the side of the pool and going under the water and popping up again. He just kicks around happily in the pool. I never thought he'd be so independent in the water. He seems so much more cautious than Kaylee was. Kaylee was the one who won't let me go when we're in the water.
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backyard fun

Kaylee and Cade love water. We promised Kaylee to take her swimming on Saturday. We called around to our friends but couldn't reach anyone so we decided to move the pool party into our back yard. They're just as happy with a hose and a small pool...but would have enjoyed floating around in a big pool quite a bit too!
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mini me

Cade and David...David and Cade. It's so sweet to see them next to each other. Cade is David's 'mini me'. So many of my friends come up to me and tell me they can't believe how alike they both look. Short hair, green eyes, cute smiles...it's definately easy to see! What a handsome duo!
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Happy day for the Gardners!

Kaylee and Cade enjoyed having Eden at our home all day today. Emilie was due to have Avi any day. She was due on Saturday and was supposed to be induced but they were so understaffed with the nurses that they couldn't get to her fast enough. She wound up taking some castor oil late Sunday and finally at 2am Monday morning they called me to drop off Eden.

Kaylee woke up to a big surprise! EDEN! Yeah! This is going to be a fun day. I asked Eden that morning where Mommy was and she said 'She's at the Doctor.' What a cutie. The kids played all day and took good naps.

Later that evening at about 6 I called Brett and found out that Avi was born on August 20 at 4:40pm and weighs 8 lb 7 oz and was 20 inches long. She has the exact resembelence of Eden when she was born only with a bit more hair and some extra rolls! I can't wait to see this little angel!

Later in the evening we had FHE and after each kid saying at least 2 prayers we headed off to bed. I sang some songs with Eden and then said goodnight. A few minutes later she came out and said she had to go potty. We sat there in the bathroom a good 10 minutes and she was asking me all sorts of questions. It was too cute. After that we called Daddy and Mommy and got to chat with them for a bit then it was off to bed again to sing the songs and say goodnight. Aly was by about half and hour later to pick her up. What a fun day!

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I'm Three!

While in Chicago for our Reunion we celebrated Kaylee's 3rd birthday. It was great to celebrate with family. She had some of her great cousins with her. This wasn't much of a cake, but the real one was the next day. We made an ice cream cake for her. We had a great summer! Two reunions in one month...too fun!
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