still here

6:20 and i'm still here.

no rapture to report on.

guess we'll start getting ready for bed.

dang....and I forgot all of laundry needed to be done/saved for post 'rapture' Monday.


ok V. this is for you!

been so busy, haven't gotten a chance to look at the photos Veronica took during our 'photography class/week' together!  It was a blast and we both came away with more than we expected!

love this shot she got of Kaylee and Cade....they're posers for sure!  love how they're holding each others hands.  they can be darling, can't they!

kaylee is always sweet to pose for me!

so, while taking photos, Conner gets too curious and gets STUCK in the mud.  I go and pull out his tiny feet from the mud.  his nice new shoes are now muddy covered gooey messes.  that was quite a gross mess.

some pics of your's truly, taken by budding, manual mode using Veronica!!!!

me and the giant.

i'm usually not a fan of 'camera action shots' but these have a nice flare.....

love the green reflection going on in the lens.

i like the 'wind in my hair' although I don't have much to blow around, it's cool.....a little wisp.

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