feb 28

Up and at 'em at 6:20. Cade ate 8 pancakes and 3 pieces of French Toast. He is a huge eater for breakfast. Kendall out eats him for dinner. John and I crack up when it comes to dinner. Last night we had stir fry. Kendall ate his dinner, seconds AND Cade's dinner. You'd never know looking at Kendall that he can eat that much food!I headed out with Julia, Jaley and Kerst for the musical rehearsal. I am in charge of photos. Jaley and Kerst are also in the muscial in the opening and closing scene. We also added them to 2 other scenes today. The musical is really coming together.I also took Conner along with me. He was a HIT. EVERYONE fell in love with him. I usually had him attached to my side or my back while taking pictures. Someone took a picture of me with him peeking behind my back at the stage. I didn't see the photo; I hope to get a copy. We shall see. We were there from 10:00 until 6:00 today. I got home and the house was still standing.


feb 27

I wrote this already...but then someone logged off and I lost it all...hopefully I remember everything.Cade was up first again. He ate all of the pancakes John made during the first course eaters. He had more once Kendall and Kerst were ready to eat. Non stop eating for that kiddo in the morning. He also loves yogurt. He LOVES anything having to do with putting stuff into his mouth that tastes good. I ran out today...Conner has been snuggly. His eyes brighten up whenever someone walks by. so sweet! give him a kiss for me and an extra squeeze! He enjoys being on the floor with toys, but not for too long. He will last 20 minutes, sometimes more. He has been getting around. He seems to enjoy being under our side tables next to our living room chairs.Kaylee had her first snow this afternoon. She called and talked to her mom about it. I really enjoy those calls. I'm glad she was able to see her own snow. Kendall and Kaylee went out and played in it for awhile. It didn't stick. She came in "so sad" because it stopped snowing. (Cade was taking a nap). They enjoyed being together...cute little playmates. They came in and warmed up near the fireplace. I didn't think it was that cold, but the still like the fireplace. Kendall fell asleep on the floor. Kaylee likes to lie down on the arm of the chair and veg while watching some kind of educational show on Qubo (something like that; it is a new digital tv television station. We are getting used to these new channels...).A certain little friend of mine decided to help me with the laundry and somehow dumped an entire container of fabric softener in the dryer (no clothes) - the container must have fallen off of the washer during the fast spin cycle while I was doing my Sanitation Load with my white washcloths. The next load of laundry that was washed was SUPER soft and smelled great because I mopped up the softener with those clothes. I have such great help! whoops! very nice little helper.I headed off to the HS to help with the musical around 4:30. I took over 1300 photos tonight. It is going to be a great show! More practice tomorrow. I will proabably take Conner with me and sling him over my shoulder while I take photos. I hope you get that shot! I will see how it goes.Kiddos are all in bed (except Conner; he is watching a movie with Jaley and Jenna).


feb 26

Sorry so late... beast of a day yesterday (with schedules).Cade up first. Starving. 6 pieces of French Toast and wanted more. I was out with that batch. He ate a banana to top himself off. no surprise! He was ready for more food about an hour later when Kerst and Kendall were up and moving.Conner has a cough. Not bad. Drainage. I gave him some infant cough and cold medicine and it really helped. He hung around with me in the sling. When his hands weren't handy, he would suck on my arm. He also likes to rest his mouth on the edge of the sling too.Kaylee still calls me "Your Highness"...The kids played outside again. It was beautiful. Today (now the 27th) is cold. It is supposed to snow. The hot tub has a leak. John is tired of dealing with it and wants to get rid of it.Now the beast of the scheduling ... Musical practice for Julia after school until 8:00 pm.. Kerst and Jaley too since they are in the opening and closing scene. It was a dress rehearsal. The girl playing Amneris went home sick so Julia got to fill in! I stayed and took photos. She was amazing! She even knew most of the lines. Her choir teacher was amazed too (and I am wondering if she is wishing she had Julia in there instead; Julia has more of the "princess" look than the other girl. Madey, the lead, is a great singer, it seems that Julia fills the role better). Jenna and Jaley had a concert last night. John wasn't home so I loaded everyone in the car and took Jenna and Jaley to their concert. I headed back home, dropped the kids off, picked up dinner for Julia, dropped dinner off to Julia, went to the concert, went to the musical practice for more pictures and then made it home around 8:30. I was tired so no journaling last night.John handled the bedtime routine. I hope everyone survived! I usually do that routine. They were all asleep when I got home.Oh, and Cade had a 3 1/2 hour nap yesterday. Kendall went on the potty a couple of times. Cade didn't make it on it as he had already filled the diaper. Tomorrow (today) is another day. I'll have pancakes for you Cara!Oh, I changed Kaylee's eye appointment to next Friday while John is home. I don't want to haul all of the kids there for a 2 hour appointment...or try and find someone to watch them.


feb 25

Kaylee was the first Williams kiddo to wake up today. She enjoyed sleeping with Jaley. I headed downstairs after she went down. She found the granola bars. Not the best breakfast. I convinced her to hand over the uneaten/unopened ones and to help me make pancakes. "I'm so sad"...but became "berry happy" when I mentioned pancakes. Kaylee had 6; Cade had 8.It started out chilly this morning. We turned on the fireplace. By 10:00 I put the jackets on the kids (Conner was sleeping; I'm not ready to take him out when it is just warming up with his raspy voice) and we headed out. Cade and Kendall were happy to see their balls again.They had a lot of fun on the swing set. Cade helped me check out the hot tub. He was excited to hear that they would go in it after Uncle John came home from work.I started "ogre cheese" for lunch and just as the water started to boil (it only takes 1 1/2 minutes with the induction cooktop), the electricity went out. Argh. I grilled Chicken Nuggets on the gas grill outside and we made PB and J out of the leftover pancakes. Cade didn't like the idea of peanut butter and jelly on the pancakes but I convinced him to try them. He smiled after the first bite. I just love that cute little smile with his squinty eyes. Kaylee didn't want anything to do with the pancake sandwich (it is a treat to have those in Elementary School...the kids think it is cool...so Kerst says).The electricty was out for about an hour. Thankfully it was warm out and I didn't need to worry about heat and the house. I had warm water for Conner's bottle on the stove and a backup in the bathroom (I have a thermos I put hot water in at night for his middle of the night feedings so I don't have to run the water forever to heat it up or run downstairs to the microwave).The boys napped. Cade started to explore the room during naptime (books and toys; Kendall doesn't climb out of the crib) so he now sleeps on the top bunk during nap time. He is starting to get used to the idea that it is going to be that way. We have also been working on not kicking while getting his diaper changed. I told him that it hurts others and that I don't want him to do that to his mommy when she comes out. She has an owie and we don't want to hurt her more. Today was a better day for not kicking. I think I will attempt some potty training soon...Kendall actually went bubbles in the potty before going in the hot tub tonight. He was proud of himself. May as well try to do both boys. Cara, can you come out?While the boys napped I posted photos for Shannon. My kitchen can wait. I find that if I don't get certain things done the night before that I get even further behind. For example, the kitchen. I like to go to bed with it clean. Last night Jenna had a head incident in her bathroom with the cabinet door. Lots of blood. I'm glad she didn't faint; she is queezy around blood. We got the bleeding under control and Jenna and Jaley calmed down. By then it was late and the kitchen had to wait. I didn't get the kitchen cleaned until even later...oh well. Conner is officially (in my eyes) sitting up. I caught it on video for Shannon today. He has been wobbly and has been practicing on our laps and in my bathroom sink. He finally counteracted his wobbliness today! He is so sweet. He still loves to be held, but really enjoys sitting up.Kaylee forgot my name again today. Whenever she can't remember my name she calls me "Your Highness"....I call her "Your Majesty" (sometimes it is the other way around). She is pretty silly. She was excited to sleep in Jaley's bed tonight. She climbed right in and told me good night.Cade and Kaylee read books to their parents tonight. I got some cute pictures.Not much going on today. Pretty much the same routine. Life will pick up here soon with the musical just around the corner. I need to go in and take pictures. We shall see how that goes.I think Conner has Kelly's raspy voice.The kids had fun in the hot tub with John tonight. I had them hop in there before dinner. They didn't care for the veggies again tonight (I am a veggie person at night; fruits during breakfast and lunch...I need to add some fruit variety in dinner for them). They seemed to like the chicken (sweet and sour) and the chicken rice (rice-a-roni style). They still ate like birds, but at least ate some.They are all snoozing...so sweet. I'm headed up too...soon to be up in an hour or so with Conner...


he's on the move!?

conner is on the move!?

It's only been a week and he's on the move!?

I have around 6 more weeks before I can get him back...and he's on the move!?

Last he was here he was just rolling around a bit...now, he's on the move!?

Corin, keep pushing him down and put heavier weights on his ankles, he's trying to move!

My little cutie is on the move!!!!!

feb 24

Kaylee slept with Jaley last night. She actually slept in until 6:45! Cade was up at 5:45 with John. He found the yogurts in the fridge. At least he eats healthy!

I bought a lock for the fridge; it doesn't work if you don't lock it!Conner is scooting with his toes. I got a video of it for Shannon and posted it earlier today. He still has a raspy voice; I figure it is the drainage. We have a whole house humidifier so it can't be because it is too dry... He has a clear runny nose at times.

I trimmed his nails today. He has a good pinch. He loves to pinch elbows - be it holding him to give him a bottle or wearing him in Shannon's cool sling.The kids had omlets today. Kaylee wasn't too sure; she wanted pancakes. Once she sat down and tried it, she loved it. She as a grazer this morning. She must be catching up with her bird size servings at night. She loves apples...she eats them around the center. She and Kendall were walking around the backyard this afternoon pretending and eating an apple. They are so cute together!Kaylee reminds me of the little girl, Penny, in The Rescuers. Spunky. Specifically the part when she is talking to the "mean lady" and her crocodiles...telling the crocs that she can walk up the stairs by herself. "Do it myself" - so Kaylee.Cade threw Kendall's ball over the fence; he grabbed it and went dashing to the fence and chucked it. If he didn't have such a great arm, it wouldn't have made it. I don't think Kendall can do that. Kaylee put Cade's ball in the time-out window well (while I took Cade inside to "think about what he did"). When I found out what happened to Cade's ball, I had Kaylee put her ball in the "time-out window well." It broke my heart...she was saying "I'm Sorry. I'm so sad" as she put it down there. I didn't leave it down there long. She didn't do it again. Cade and Kendall's ball is still in there from a later falling out with the balls (note, Kaylee's ball isn't in there). Maybe I'll retrieve them tomorrow morning when we go out and play in the beautiful weather again! It was 65 today (maybe even warmer).Ogre-cheese was the request for lunch again. Are they ever going to get sick of that?Jaley was so cute with the little guys today after school. She played frisbee and ball in our AWESOME cul-de-sac. They also did chalk drawings on the driveway. She is amazing with them!Cade had 3 plates of spaghetti tonight. I need to put pears on the shopping list. We have plenty of bananas and apples. They don't care for veggies; our kids LOVE them.As soon as I mentioned it was time to get ready for bed, Kaylee piped in with "2 more minutes please." She does that every night. Cade said he wanted to call his Dad (He is figuring out how to drag out the bedtime routine...but this part of the routine is a must!)We went upstairs and discovered that Kerst had made a "fort/tent" out of his bunkbed for Kaylee and Cade. They were a little distracted with talking to their Mom and Dad. Kaylee ended up falling asleep in Jaley's bed. Jaley is excited to sleep with her again tonight.John picked up chlorine tablets tonight during the "swim team drive". Kaylee will be "So Happy" (another phrase I love to hear her say). When Kaylee saw Jenna in her swimming suit, she informed us that she was going swimming too. We tried to explain to her that Jenna swims in a different pool.Kaylee and Cade remind me of Shannon and Kelly. Whenever Kaylee thinks Cade will be put on timeout, she will come up and chew me out. Flashback to when Kelly and Shannon were little. It is a really sweet bond those two have with each other. So much for rambling. Shannon and Dave, thanks fo sharing your kiddos.


feb 23

The kids didn't show up downstairs for breakfast (begging for pancakes...they are so cute) until 7:19! That is a record! Maybe our crazy day yesterday wiped them out. They requested pancakes and swimming. They were sad when I told them that they had to wait for Uncle John to put more "medicine" (chlorine) in the water (That requires a trip to the store).IT IS GORGEOUS OUTSIDE! 65! The kids played outside almost the entire morning. I went out several times and got a slight sunburn. I checked the kids and they were fine (I think I am super sensitive to the sun after winter).Cade had a diaper incident in the backyard. This resulted in a load of laundry and him being sad that he couldn't go outside for the moment. I got some great pictures of him looking on at Kendall and Kaylee playing. (Sorry Cade...he survived the waiting for clean clothes and heading back out to play).We played catch for about an hour in the backyard. Conner woke up and joined us. I have decided to hire him to dethatch my lawn!The kids ate lunch on the picnic table in the back. It was fun to watch them interact.With all of the craziness of the morning (Kendall had a diaper incident when he woke up...creating more laundry), I didn't get ready for the day until the boys were down for naps. Conner kept me company in my sink as I got ready for the rest of the day. I think I need to take Shannon's advice and shower at night.Cade slept 4 hours! He must have been wiped out from having no nap on Sunday. Kendall has rough Mondays after no-nap Sundays. Thankfully Kendall got his nap in yesterday! I need to figure out how to get Cade to rest on Sunday before church. Poor kid.I took Kaylee to the High School after Jenna and Jaley came home to bring Julia her salad and drop off some costumes (the boys were still sleeping). She enjoyed watching the rehearsal. She loved the singing.I made homemade Mac-n-Cheese (Ogre Cheese in the words of Kaylee) for dinner. Cade had 3 plates! I was shocked! Kaylee and Cade eat the right way. Huge breakfast, medium lunch and super small dinners.The kiddos are tucked in bed. Kaylee is snuggling Jaley right now. I'll have to grab a picture.I chatted with Shannon on the phone. She had a rough trip to the Wound Clinic which resulted in the Home Health Nurse to come visit and change her dressing. She is hanging in there! I CAN'T wait for her to come play with us. Get Better Soon BOW!


feb 22

Jenna and Jaley took Kaylee to the bathroom last night before they went to bed. She slept in until 7:00 this morning! Conner was up at 5:00. Congested. He is doing better today. A little hoarse still. No fever, if the nose is running, it is clear. I am not concerned (unless I should be). We are bumping our heat up (the over night low)...to 64. Maybe that will help. There is a space heater in Kerst, Kendall, Cade and Kaylee's room. They are toasty. Conner sleeps by the fireplace ;o)We made cupcakes galore. There were 2 youth convert baptisms. The Beehives and MiaMaids were asked to brng muffins. Julia, Jenna and Jaley fall into one of those 2 categories. So we made 3 batches. Kaylee loved helping. Cade loved eating them.Church. Crazy day, might I say. Meetings meetings meetings. Kerst had his baptism interview before church. I go early to set up. The kids were so patient. I'm glad we don't have church until 12:30. Kendall fell asleep at 11:00 and slept in the car there and didn't wake up until Sacrament Meeting (our schedule is flipped; Sacrament Meeting is at 2:20). After church I had to hold the camp kick-off meeting. The kids were good.Everyone at church is IN LOVE with Conner. Jaley took him to YW and Sunday School (I had to do Primary Singing and John had to teach Elder's Quorum). There are plenty of willing hands to take that brown eyed boy!Day of rest? Maybe next week.


feb 21

Bagged Dance. Julia had Aida practice...Jaley and Kerst are in the opening and closing scenes so I took them for a couple of hours. Kaylee had fun playing with doll houses. Kerst and Cade played (and shared!) with some balls...throwing them to each other (not at each other). It was really cute.It was a beautiful day - maybe 60's. The snow melted. Kaylee was sad. She and Cade went out to play in the backyard after Cade's nap when the grass and pathway had dried up.John prepped the hot tub. They all hopped in while I worked on dinner. Kaylee and Cade didn't want to get out. They were nice and warm as I carried them up the steps. It had cooled off quite a bit once the sun went down.Conner is "creeping" a little; he pushes his little body forward with his feet to reach the object he has in sight. He likes to have his little bum patted while he falls asleep. He was a little hoarse this morning...most likely due to drainage. Slight runny nose. Keeping him in the house (no hot tub for that kiddo...) and dressed warm. Yeast rash on his bum. It is doing much better with the Lotramin AF (athelete's foot cream). He's a cutie. "My Conner" is a favorite territorial war cry. We now say "Everybody's Conner" (Reminds me of the story of Dad saying All-body's Boy when he was a little tike).Kaylee is finally remembering my name. She only asked once this morning "What's your name again?" Most of last week she called me Shannon.


feb 20

Up and at 'em early. Kerst too! It is so fun to see him with the cousins. Once again, another air hockey tourney (no photos of that).

The kids enjoyed being outside today; it was beautiful until the afternoon when the wind picked up.

Conner took a 3 1/2 hour nap!!! Poor baby has been cat napping the last couple of days.

I picked up a Johnny Jump up and he jumped himself tired I guess.

Cade took a late nap. He fought taking one and ended up on the top bunk. I will do that as a warning and then move him down. This time he pushed his limit (sorry Shannon) and ended up on the top for his nap...I don't put Kendall down for his nap until Cade is asleep. I thought about switching and putting Kendall down first, but Kendall goes down quietly whereas Cade is a bit more boisterous with his feelings about naps (and he needs them!).

While waiting for Cade to fall asleep, Kaylee and Kendall played house and had a ball. Kendall ended up falling asleep next to Kaylee (still awake at the time) on a chair while playing house. So cute.

Kaylee was super tired tonight. She missed her mommy and daddy. After talking to them, we headed upstairs and played king/queen and then said prayers and tucked her into bed. She was out.Since Cade had a late nap, he was up a little later. He saw his first snow! I got some pictures of that. It was so cute. I called Shannon and David. David answered and Cade told him about the snow. David was asking him about it and Cade said, "See" and held the phone out the door for his daddy to see. It was super cute.All are in bed. Sleeping angels recharging for tomorrow.

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