feb 24

Kaylee slept with Jaley last night. She actually slept in until 6:45! Cade was up at 5:45 with John. He found the yogurts in the fridge. At least he eats healthy!

I bought a lock for the fridge; it doesn't work if you don't lock it!Conner is scooting with his toes. I got a video of it for Shannon and posted it earlier today. He still has a raspy voice; I figure it is the drainage. We have a whole house humidifier so it can't be because it is too dry... He has a clear runny nose at times.

I trimmed his nails today. He has a good pinch. He loves to pinch elbows - be it holding him to give him a bottle or wearing him in Shannon's cool sling.The kids had omlets today. Kaylee wasn't too sure; she wanted pancakes. Once she sat down and tried it, she loved it. She as a grazer this morning. She must be catching up with her bird size servings at night. She loves apples...she eats them around the center. She and Kendall were walking around the backyard this afternoon pretending and eating an apple. They are so cute together!Kaylee reminds me of the little girl, Penny, in The Rescuers. Spunky. Specifically the part when she is talking to the "mean lady" and her crocodiles...telling the crocs that she can walk up the stairs by herself. "Do it myself" - so Kaylee.Cade threw Kendall's ball over the fence; he grabbed it and went dashing to the fence and chucked it. If he didn't have such a great arm, it wouldn't have made it. I don't think Kendall can do that. Kaylee put Cade's ball in the time-out window well (while I took Cade inside to "think about what he did"). When I found out what happened to Cade's ball, I had Kaylee put her ball in the "time-out window well." It broke my heart...she was saying "I'm Sorry. I'm so sad" as she put it down there. I didn't leave it down there long. She didn't do it again. Cade and Kendall's ball is still in there from a later falling out with the balls (note, Kaylee's ball isn't in there). Maybe I'll retrieve them tomorrow morning when we go out and play in the beautiful weather again! It was 65 today (maybe even warmer).Ogre-cheese was the request for lunch again. Are they ever going to get sick of that?Jaley was so cute with the little guys today after school. She played frisbee and ball in our AWESOME cul-de-sac. They also did chalk drawings on the driveway. She is amazing with them!Cade had 3 plates of spaghetti tonight. I need to put pears on the shopping list. We have plenty of bananas and apples. They don't care for veggies; our kids LOVE them.As soon as I mentioned it was time to get ready for bed, Kaylee piped in with "2 more minutes please." She does that every night. Cade said he wanted to call his Dad (He is figuring out how to drag out the bedtime routine...but this part of the routine is a must!)We went upstairs and discovered that Kerst had made a "fort/tent" out of his bunkbed for Kaylee and Cade. They were a little distracted with talking to their Mom and Dad. Kaylee ended up falling asleep in Jaley's bed. Jaley is excited to sleep with her again tonight.John picked up chlorine tablets tonight during the "swim team drive". Kaylee will be "So Happy" (another phrase I love to hear her say). When Kaylee saw Jenna in her swimming suit, she informed us that she was going swimming too. We tried to explain to her that Jenna swims in a different pool.Kaylee and Cade remind me of Shannon and Kelly. Whenever Kaylee thinks Cade will be put on timeout, she will come up and chew me out. Flashback to when Kelly and Shannon were little. It is a really sweet bond those two have with each other. So much for rambling. Shannon and Dave, thanks fo sharing your kiddos.

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