he's on the move!?

conner is on the move!?

It's only been a week and he's on the move!?

I have around 6 more weeks before I can get him back...and he's on the move!?

Last he was here he was just rolling around a bit...now, he's on the move!?

Corin, keep pushing him down and put heavier weights on his ankles, he's trying to move!

My little cutie is on the move!!!!!


Brian & Veronica said...

AAAAHHHHH! It happens tooooo fast!!! I wish you were there with him. I'm so glad you get videos/pics though. You'll be all better soon and you'll finally get to hug and kiss your sweet babies. poor shannon, I hope you're feeling well!!!

Jenna said...

Oh Shannon, that's got to be KILLING you to not see that for reals! I've been thinking so much about you. Hope you are surviving ok. What a strange thing to not have kids in the house! Take care and get better please.

Baldwin Family said...

Oh, he is adorable! Get better fast so you can chase him around when he gets back.

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