first day of school

Kaylee is ready for her very first day of Preschool at Santa Rosa Elementary. She was so excited to go!

Her teachers said she did GREAT. They kept asking each other...is this really her FIRST day of school? She did great with all the kids and fit right in!

A hug for Buddy before she goes.
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Cade is 2!

a yummy frosted doughnut. don't worry everyone, he's gettin a real cake on Saturday for the party!

bit too close! Cade singed his eyelashes during the 'candle ceremony'! whoops!

getting into the good stuff....frosting!

nothing's too good to waste!
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the things they do

Kaylee was gracious enough to let Cade try on her pretty princess shoes.

Takes a man to look so good in heels!

Just one of many fashion statements by miss Kaylee.

best buds.
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what up

Kaylee and Cade love to play together. They get themselves in very odd positions sometimes which makes me laugh. Today it was 'wear your shirt on your head'....Cade looks so tough and Kaylee looks like she's rappin in da hood.
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jesus wants me for a.....


I can't believe she's old enough for Primary!
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new to the family

We got a new chest freezer! We're so excited! Now our freezer inside isn't so stuffed and we can store more food! Ice Cream Cakes will be a breeze to make now!!!!!
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Cade riding his truck!

Thomas the Train Aqua-Doodle FUN FUN!

Race Cars! Even David LOVES this one!

Yeah, a new ring! It came in the mail and I was so excited, but it turrns out, it was for my sis-in-law Julianne. It was nice to feel that heavy rock on my hand for a bit though!

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Christmas Morning


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visitors for Christmas

My mom and dad came to Maricopa to spend Christmas with us. While they were here Richard and Julianne and their kiddos dropped off on their way from Houston to CA. It was great to see them, and to see my new nephew Richard IV.

Kaylee and Frances

Richard my brother

Julianne my BEAUTIFUL sis-in-law with Cade

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temple lights

We went to the Mesa Temple to see the lights. It was nice to get out after feeling so sick all the time....although I still felt sick that whole time. It was great to get out and meet some friends from our ward there too.

We came all prepared with BLANKETS and warmness!

Kaylee and the boots to keep her warm.

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