we have a fish!?

Tonight I made a MAD salmon marinade. David is in love with the marinade. I was glad I picked a good tasting one that he would like.

I wanted to see if the kids would eat the salmon, but no luck. Cade's few bits of 'precious' salmon were thrown on the floor (thus some time-out's for him) and finally I was able to get kaylee to try her's. I said "Kaylee, eat your fish please" while pointing to it. She looked at it and said "fish?" I saw her pick it up and then got distracted with something else.

Later I looked over and saw her hand in her cup of water. She was putting corn in it...not a big surprise since she will sometimes play in her cup of water. I asked her what she was doing...and expecting a sorry or a blank stare she said she was feeding the fish! I looked in her cup and there was a small piece of salmon on the bottom of the cup with corn floating around. When I asked her to eat her fish and she didn't like it, she just decided to let it swim around in her water and feed it some food.

That was quite a cute moment. She was serious about her fish and giving it some food.


drum roll please

We found out today what we're going to have!

side view of the baby

our little one snuggling

so, this last picture you should be able to tell what we're going to have.

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i am so smart

i am so smart. i am so smart. S M RT...i am so smart. Yesterday David and were working to get some new 8 foot florescent lighting installed in the garage. He went into the attic to find where the studs were to know where we needed to place the light, but before he could do anything, he tried to stand up from a squat in the attic and felt something bad in his knee. Doesn't look good.

I was so determined to get that stinking light up that while he was in the house icing his knee, I went ahead and figured out what I needed to do to put the light up, extend some wires and all that fun stuff. I worked into the dark and David kept me company during the last part while I connected the wires and tried the lights for thee first time. WHALAH! I was so proud of myself!

Shannon, homemaker, mommy, wife, sister, daughter, electrician. tee hee hee
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happy V day!

Here are the Valentines Cards that we passed out to friends. Imagine a black border all around the two cards...I got black borders around them. They turned out cute! Kaylee gave them to her teachers at Preschool and we enjoyed sending them to family and friends.


miss personality

Kaylee seems to pull different faces and shows us all the infinite sides of her. Some we'd rather not see but most are so fun and adorable. It's cute to see her take care of Buddy when he gets hurt or is sad. She'll be a great mommy someday. She will also have humor in her life. I can see her brightening up anyones day. At school the teachers are all amazed at how well she has fit in and how spunky and giggly she is. She's a character!
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Cade's official Birthday Party!

Festivities are ready for the birthday boy!

I made an ice cream cake in the spirit of our little buddy who LOVES balls. It was fun to figure out how to do all the stitches and molding. It turned out really great!

Side view of the cake. So fun!

Cade is so excited for his 'baa' cake!

Cade enjoys his first official birthday party. Last year he had Croup and so didn't enjoy all the excitement of a birthday. He definately enjoyed himself!

Let's see what we have here! He got some really fun toys from all his friends!

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saturday is a special day......

many hands make light work! Kaylee makes sure daddy doesn't miss a spot!

miss wild one!
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bath time is fun time

Cade LOVES tubby time. Tonight was definately a time he NEVER wanted it to end. As soon as mean old mommy turned off the water.....look out....here it comes!

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