boo boo boooooo!

here are our little trick-or-treaters this year:
Please tell me you know who this is.
(Poor Sheena had no idea! She's gotta get with it!)
Hint 1:
He was delivered in a basket as an infant to his uncles house. Dudley is his spoiled cousins name.
Hint 2:
He was 'the boy who lived' after encountering 'He who should not be named' Hint 3:
that is a scar, not an 'N'
For those who are too slow for my patience...he's Baby Harry Potter!
(ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh!) his new spooky laugh, and I don't know where he got it!
Of course, you can probably guess what he is...he's a cute pirate!Check out that awesome belt! arrgh arrrrrrgh!
Until last night she was going to be Cinderella (and who knows, that might change tonight once we're ready to walk out the door).
She's Cade's little sidekick.
"I'm a Pirate Princess!"Look at how the pretty (ugly) dress twirls!aarrrrrrgh!

pacana park

He's such a boy! Anything having to do with balls, he's interested!
Of course Kaylee will never be found too far from Cade. They're such great playmates...most of the time!

Sheena, you sneaky! Taking a picture of me, Conner and Kaylee at the pond. They're were little fish swiming around in there.


outside fun

The mornings down here in Arizona have FINALLY cooled off and we're enjoying our morning playtime more. Cade has figured out how to ride his bike...using the pedals. Kaylee is super quick on her scooter. It's fun to see them play along side each other.

who you waving at?ME!and Conner!
This perspective was pretty cool! taking a short break
Those of you who know Kaylee know that it's a hard thing for her to share. You can see her thought process and action when Cade decides to try out the scooter. Cade going the speed of light. Almost didn't get it!

This looks like it would work...but didn't. Good try and thanks for sharing Kaylee!my handsome CadeI love his expression going down the drivewaypoor ants!
Sunday Walk

We've enjoyed going on walks on Sundays...either before or after Church...best when it's cooler in the morning. Daddy is a bit big to pullCade pulls the wagonfootprints


my version

of a hooter hider
(yes, that's what it's called!)



Cade has been extremely difficult to put down for naps or at bedtime...ever since we took the binky away, and that was a year ago! Last night I put him in his crib (which he learned to climb out of yesterday!) with some books and his cars.
After showering and washing Conner I come out to the kitchen and peek around the corner to see what he was up to. He was too quiet. Yeah, he was asleep! A record.
If anyone has any idea of how to get him to happily (or somewhat willingly) go to sleep...let me know! I've also been having issues with Conner. Lately he's been eating every 3 hours at night, and during the day he is refusing to eat until 4 or 5 hours have passed. (yesterday morning he went 7 hours!)
I talked to my friend Chelsey (who is the sleeping child whisperer I hear) and she said, he's probably ready to sleep through the night. Great idea! I was thinking about doing it before David gets home on Friday, so might as well get going on it!
I put Conner down to bed at 7:30...went to bed and put my ear plugs on...planning to wake up in 6 hours to take them out and listen for Conner.
I woke up at 1 and took them out. Listened...nothing. Almost 3am he wakes up. Now I know it's definately possible for him to go 8 hours without eating and still love me!
Good job Shannon!
(pat on my back!)

dinner r&r

Decided last night to have an easy dinner.
I was able to sit and relax while the kids got some energy burned.
Seems like whenever I go to McDonalds there is someone I know there...and I don't go very often...I think this was my 3rd time. It's fun to see friends and get some adult time of my own too.
David is gone this week to some training and I've had one of the longest weeks...for no apparent reason. Monday felt like Tuesday. Tuesday (was that yesterday?) felt like Thursday. I'm wishing today was Thursday. oh hum.
David gets back late Friday night.
I need a break.

kaylee the rascal

So, I'm trying to rest for a bit and after a while I come out to seeing Kaylee washing her face in the bathroom sink with something on her face and ands. Turns out Kaylee had gotten her hands on a Sharpie. A pretty red color! She has it on her finger and toe nails.
She went to school like this the next day. There comes a day when you're just finished cleaning up some messes. Kaylee's teacher must have had a funny reaction to this suspicious rash!

strawberry rhubarb

Sheena came over on Sunday night and wanted to make something for Kim, a friend who just got baptized and is in our ward. She was thinking something along the lines of brownies...but....I was thinking strawberry rhubarb pie would be better!

I was watching Oprah earlier in the year and they had Cindy Crawford show her favorite pie to make. I found the recipe and tried it out. Very yum. The crust wasn't too easy to work with, so next time I'll know to use my own recipe.

a rare thing indeed

Kaylee and Cade fell asleep in the car...

...holding hands!


i want

Sometimes Kaylee will be so persistent at getting something I have to come back with something to say or I'll go crazy. I've been responding when she says "I want......" by saying "I want a million bucks."

The other night Kaylee wanted more grapes, so of course, she says "I want more grapes!" David, having heard my way of staying cool, said "I want a million dollars!"

There was a short pause. Kaylee responds..."I want ten!"

We had a good chuckle!


while kaylee is away...

...at school...we get to play!

Cade has learned how to pedal and is so good at it! He loves his little bike!

He's such a cute boy! So many things to love about this little one!
Here's the third man in my life! Sweet Conner!
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