duk 2

yet another great outtake from our duk boy.

so cute!


i duk.

cade stuck on his bike in a dip in the street.


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wanna go tubbin?

yes...we do!
Conner will soon be the newest tubbing member of the family. Ear tubes, that is.

He is currently on ear infection #5...and he's not even 6 months old.

I guess our family loves to go tubbing!

a biking we will go!

Kaylee and Cade got new bikes! They have gone out every day to ride. They love it! It's been a lot of fun!

princess fairy

kaylee went to a friends fairy birthday party. she was so excited!

sleeping drapes

Cade my sleeping drape...
just want to pinch those toes!


my friend Lauren came over with her cool scooter. Cade fell in LOVE with it!

Lauren let me take it for a spin. SO FUN!

watch out! here i come!Cade is in HEAVEN!Cade loved this scooter! can you tell?
always sad to say goodbye.



didn't think today would feel like this.


welcome kent!

One of my dearest friends growing up just welcomed his first baby this morning!
Congratulations Wade and Jane!

Kent Thomas Sanner
January 19th, 2009 1:37am
7 lbs 5 oz 20 1/2 in
skinnky string bean just like his daddy!

Wade: the baby daddy.

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photo shoot with the Nolans.can I say blue eye jealousy?


hardy reunion 2008

a success
David's mom was in charge of our reunion that we had this year. It was a BLAST! We had such a great time at parks and doing so many fun things. I was the designated photographer...so I was busy capturing all the fun things going on.
beautiful Arizona sunset (photo by Alecia O.)
One of my FAVORITES of Kaylee (photo by Alecia O.)

Me and Conner
I think he might be getting a bit sick of all the loving he's been getting the past few days.
playing in the sand during our Usury Mountain day...can you believe this is Jan 31st?Cade....stuffing his face.

some fun perspective of our pavilion we rented at Usury Mountain Park.
Cade has been such the sport guru. He surprises me how able he is to hit, throw or kick a ball.
Climbing the fence while visiting Papa/PapaG's grave.
Nielsen's Frozen Custard...a bit o heaven.
Cade doing what he does best.
Kaylee and Lynnea...best cousin friends forever.
at Papa/PapaG's grave, singing "I am a Child of God"
singing again...really sweet photos. It was fun to sit eye level with the kids and see their perspective with all the adults and teens standing around them.
Conner, my smooshy loveable baby.
He's loving his feet. Oh to be that flexible again.
why so concerned?
Love this shot of Cade walking around the lake with the tree branch in focus....
Cade was so interested in the ducks. He spent a lot of time watching them. I spent a lot of time watching out for him.
Lynnea and Kaylee...they'll pay for it....he's gonna be a big kid.
They'll be sorry!
Fountain Hills
The LARGEST Fountain in the World.
Cade and the Fountain. It goes off every hour. At noon it seemed to stay on for about 30 minutes.
We played 'frisby golf'...or at least attempted. It was too windy and the kids were not interested in playing.
David...need I say more?
One thing a frisby is useful for....Cade is so inventive!
Cade by the pond. My little wanderer. What a fun week. I love my family that David has given me! It was so much fun spending the week with such wonderful people. Silly like me. We get along so well!

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