Wade and Jane Sanner

I had the chance to go to Utah to take photos of Wade and Jane's Wedding. It was such an honor to be trusted with such an important task. Needless to say I was excited but extremely nervous. I was so happy with how the pictures turned out. They are such a cute couple too. I had a lot of fun getting to know the new wife of one of my best friends. Wade and I were good friends since before school. We'd go and play at his house before school. We'd hang out at dances and go to school dances every once in a while together. Wade was popular with every group in school yet was respected for who he was. I'm proud to call him my friend. I'm so happy he has found someone so great to be with...plus she is so gorgeous!

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introducing: wade and jane sanner

October 13, 2006
happy day!


my day

On mothers day I awoke to a handmade card from the kids and David. It was the cutest card ever! It was so cute I even took a picture of it! :) The front says: So, what's the best part of being a mother? The back: Us! and has pictures of the the three 'kids'. That made my day seeing how cute the card was. Nothing better than handmade cards!
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I love to see the Temple

When David and I were visiting Salt Lake for our 5th anniversary I took a great pictures of the Temple, then took it home and did some 'doctoring' to it. This is a great photo and I've been asked where I got it. I've surprised a few people when I tell them I took it.

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I got it at Target!

Up in Provo Canyon in 6/2006...Kaylee had leaked out of her diaper and we decided to just put her in a target bag. Man, she can pull off anything! Just a stylish girl...she gets it from her Aunt Kelly.

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Kelly and Dad

Two of my favorite people. Kelly and Dad. This is while I was in Utah in 6/2006. It was great to be back up and visiting family after we had moved to Arizona. Sure do miss all the grass and green trees....and the seasons......and....well, I'll just stop there before I get too sad.
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We have Grass! David, his dad and Brett Gardner helped to lay the sod on the RAINIEST day of the year! It rained non stop ALL DAY and it wasn't even the monsoon season. It was March for goodness sake! We appreciated their help so much! It wouldn't have been such a happy day without their help. In return for helping us with the sod, we helped Brett and Emilie lay their sod just a few weeks later.
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Eden and Kaylee

Little did I know, this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship! Kaylee and Eden LOVE each other. Emilie (Eden's mommy) is also a great friend of mine. This is earlier when Kaylee and Eden just started getting to know each other. Eden is such a sweetheart!
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kaylee and cade with auntie kelly

Kelly came and visited after having Cade. It was great to have her in town and having fun with her new Nephew and her favorite Kaylee. I sure do miss having Kelly close. This has been the first time that we have lived so far apart. We are taking it well though. I need to go back up to Utah to visit though. I miss it during the hot months in Arizona.

Kelly is so fun to have around. She helped me feel excited and happy about my new home and my role as a mother. I hope Kelly will be able to be a mother sometime soon.
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