we are family

The Relief Society Presidency did a little people skit for Enrichment activity. We had "You're a Star" night and we all displayed our talents.

It was a hoot. I'm so glad we got it on tape! Thanks Robyn!



first day of school

Kaylee started Preschool today. They started late because the Maricopa Elementary finally got it's license to hold preschool. Now I don't have to drive 15 minutes to school...it's just about 2 minutes away. We might be using the bus too. We'll see!

Here is our natual beauty...being her natual self!

AWWW MOM! NOT ANOTHER PICTURE!after pouting a bit, she decides to throw a smile outnow, that's what I want!

so as not to get lost...just a reminder who this cute girl is!


game over

do you like sausage?

I love baby sausages!

conner patrick williams: a formal introduction

These are the announcements I started on before Conner was born. Now I've finished them. They're fun to make! Can't just stop at one!



Cade and Kaylee got their hands on a small skittles bag and disappeared for a while. Kelly found them in Conners room behind the rocking chair. We both walked in there pretending to not know where they were. We'd call out, "Kaylee, Cade, where are you?" They wouldn't answer. Not even a giggle. The only thing you could hear were their little mouths chewing up those skittles as quickly as they could. I was able to get a bit of it on video. It's funny to hear their chewing, knowing they are trying to keep quiet. So cute! So Yummy!

walk walks

Auntie Kelly has the coolest shoes!I'm a Model!

sunrise cafe

I treated Kelly to the Sunrise Cafe here in Maricopa. I told her she had to try the Monte Cristo. It's a deep fried ham/turkey/cheese sandwich (with three slices of bread) served with powdered sugar and strawberry preserves. YUMMO!Cade enjoying the lunch. Yummy chicken and fries!
Kaylee and Kelly giving loves

splish splash

Fun times with Auntie Kelly once again. David and I went out to see I.O.U.S.A. while she kept the kids. This shot is a favorite!
Waiting for the ducky pool to fill up.
best of friends
a great day for a dip


auntie kelly

We HEART Auntie Kelly.

backyard fun

Auntie Kelly had some fun with the kids. It's alwasy fun when she comes to town!


conners tub time

Conner really enjoys his tub time. As far as the warm washcloth stays warm, he'll stay happy. sweet boy
clean toes
cute shot
got his thumb...hopefully he won't find it again! :)
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