sweetly odd

Conner had his first appointment with his real speech therapist, Erin, yesterday.  She was Cade's therapist, so it was nice welcoming an old friend back for visits.  We've been visited by Robin the past couple months until Erin had room in her schedule for Conner.

Conner did very well for his first 'lesson' Erin said.  Signing a lot, and seemed to be a good problem solver and his attention span is also pretty impressive.

she asked what he could say and sign....and I told her.  His first word was 'shoe'.

 Conner has a 'thing' for shoes.  Shoes shoes shoes.  he wears them when he's awake, and even sometimes tries to get them in bed with him too.  They matched in the beginning, but once he figured out he could wear not only his shoes, but his brothers and sisters etc....we've been graced with differing combinations....some quite odd.  

ballet slipper with a soccer shoe.

pink soccer shoe with a green soccer shoe.

mommy's mismatched sunday shoes.

big brothers crocs.

little shoes inside big shoes.

soccer shoe with a croc....a personal favorite of his currently.

right or left....left or right.  doesn't matter...as long as he gets them on.

can a speech therapist help us with this fetish?

a summer evening swing....(a right soccer shoe paired with a right croc)


conner: shoe lover.


arizona husky

every once in a while I'll get chilly in the house and need to escape to the heat outside....the kids enjoy coming with me....basically everywhere....so we explore the back yard together and have a bit of fun.

i took the chance to shoot some action swinging shots.....did well....share some later.  this is more of a still, but once I edited it, I noticed that I have created my own native arizona husky puppy.  those are some cute doggies.

we're having the 'misternaries' over for dinner tonight.

making homemade rolls.  yes, a special occasion.



our grapefruit tree is yielding a bounty this year....a small bounty at that, but still....can't wait until March.



today David and I have been married for 9 years.  one more year and we will be in the double digits.

I've done a lot of fun things with David.

I've learned quite a bit...some willingly, but others not as willingly.

Looking back, I thought I was mature and had experienced so much....but that was just the beginning.  At least I have someone to experience this all with...someone to fall back on to strengthen me...

6 moves in 2 states

3 college graduations

5 MRI's

1 back surgery

2 knee surgeries

4 pregnancies resulting in 3 beautiful babes

4 cars

2 presidential elections

4 sets of ear tubes

6 computers

way too many shoes/shirts/pants......clothes for me...thanks to kelly

enough guns for him...but not enough time to have fun

amazing loving families

wonderful friends

many sleep-in-Saturdays for me...thanks honey

the chance to enjoy our own hobbies and supporting each other in them

enjoying our evenings together when the kids go to bed.....early.

here's my latest fun moment this morning.....the kids love to get into our bed and mess it up.  it bugs me, but not to the point where I ruin their fun.  bed are made for messing....right?

i'm not sure why he loves making this face for the camera...but i love it.

that's the buddy face i love to see.

conner giving a kiss and a silly face.  notice my green necklace.  he loves wearing that thing.....and shoes......don't get me started.  silly boy.

here's to the next year.  and a kiss from conner.

love you honeybuns

kids are hungry.  better jet.


welcoming summer

our first jaunt outside in the water.  

slide: 5 bucks
kick boards from last year: who knows how much they were
a quiet time inside the house: priceless

i better go lock the door!



enjoying the high life this week up in durango.  Love being with family and enjoying each other this week.  just a few shots of the fun.

cousin Dakota

what's this mom?

oh, i'll smile for you!

cade is feeling left behind after the quads leave without him.

gettin ready to fish in the backyard pond.

....WAIT!......WAIT!........Conner wants a ride!

up in the mountain meadows riding quads and eating lunch.

Lynnea...aka 'Neah.  Kaylee's bosom buddy

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