I love the pictures I took of Kaylee as a newborn sucking on her binky. I was happy to see that I got a good one for Cade too. Kaylee refused taking a binky after only 2 months. It won't be very fun getting him off of it.
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And now there are 4

The first family portrait after having Cade. We were on our way out the door to visit David's parents in Mesa. I had adjusted very well considering Cade was up and eating every 2 hours AROUND THE CLOCK until he was about 2 months old. I was sure tired, but was able to handle it. I was so proud of myself!

I've had a few people ask me if 'we're done' since we have one of each...a boy and a girl. I said "no way, we're just getting started!" It's great to know that we aren't finished having kids yet, that we both want more.
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Little Ears, Big Pain

Poor Kaylee had ear infection after ear infection. After Cade was born she had one for a whole month. We kept bringing her into the doctor or urgent care. It was sad to see her so limp and in so much pain that she wasn't herself. Poor little sweetheart.
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just the two of us

Here is my little man. Cade and Mommy. It was so great to finally meet him. He looked so similar to Kaylee when he was born. Dark hair and a nice complexion. We had some friends come and visit us at the hospital. Sheena and Adam Curiel came and brought us a cute blue blanket that is soft on one side and satin on the other. Emilie and Brett Gardner watched Kaylee for us while we were in the hospital. It's so great to have such wonderful friends.

We also had Alyson be our nurse in postpardum. She was great! She hooked us up with the BEST room and enjoyed all the perks that comes with having connections. David's mom and dad also came and saw Cade. I sure love having visitors in the hospital. What a happy time.
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Buddy the Mutant?

Cade our little 'buddy' was born with 2 prenatal teeth on the bottom jaw. He must be some type of mutant! The delivery nurses were surprised at what they saw...one hadn't seen this for over a decade. We went to the dentist and had them pulled. He was their best patient! (mostly because he was too small to know what the heck was going on!)
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a new son

Daddy and Cade. I love the pictures of David with Kaylee soon after she was born. This is no exception. It is great to see Father and Son together. David was afraid that he wouln't be a good example to a son...so much more to teach him. I think he'll do great!
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