the monsoon season has been bleak down here in the copa.

not much to speak of in terms of rain and winds and great lightning and thunderings.

more like a spitty rain.

Kaylee and Cade and Conner enjoy a somewhat wet sprinkling.

and by the way....Monday....you're not coming fast enough!


he knows it.

he's two...and although he can't talk yet....he lets me know he understands what it means to be a twosie.

love you still conner.


conner is 2

we had to re-do the candle blowing out because I kept missing it.  Conner blew the candles out every single time without any help.  this last time you can tell he knew the drill and got them blown out before David was even able to completely place it in front of him.



if only the whole day was this perfect and sweet.

a day when there's nothing but LOVE going around.

that's not always the case, but at least I can remember these moments forever.

my kids love each other.

and of course, can't go a week without a conner'ism....boots.

he's been sporting his ever famous croc on one foot, and his new found love, lightning mcqueen  boot he found...who knows where....but poor thing got a blister from wearing it all day....on the wrong foot of course.




swim lessons

Kaylee's third year of swim lessons.

she took off.  she's swimming really well.

cade is progressing very well too....

conner got too excited to join in on the lessons and jumped in to swim with the kids....miss sonny was there, don't worry.  so the last lesson I dressed him up accordingly.  a swim diaper, so his diaper wasn't as heavy as he was.

he's going to love swim lessons next year when he is finally old enough.


celebrating independence

we got together with family yesterday and had a yummy BBQ after going swimming.

down here in Arizona, it's hard to party 'old school' when basically every fun firework is illegal.

we got to play with some poppers, popping bottles and 'glow worms'...aka....street poo...really, that stuff is just nasty to watch 'grow/glow'.

out there for almost 10 minutes....lighting fires in 110+ degree heat...hot.

miss those days when we would light off roman candles into the wheat field and put out a fire on our fence post when one of the fireworks set it on fire.  good ole' midwestern days of firecrackers.  we even had a friend make his own, and it turned out pretty cool.

maybe next year we can go out of state and get our hands on some fun stuff.  the kids would love it, and I'd like them to do what I did as a kid.

(conner dressed the part....pink, white and blue, with a camo croc for military support)


cupcakes with rings

Kaylee requested her own style of cake this year.  I normally will do an ice cream cake for the kids...but this year, since she knows she now has a say, she requested cupcakes with rings on them.

she was delighted with her yummy cakes.

next year she'll be dictating the flavoring and colors.

every year I get less and less choice and she gets more and more.

I've never been much of a 'birthday party' planner.  maybe because it sneaks up on me so fast, or that i'm just too lazy or afraid to plan something like that.

we've always kept it low key with just our little family and a few gifts.

cade eyed the blue ring.  just had to have it.

we watched our good friends Audrey and Christian during the day so held a last minute 'mini party'.  they got to taste test the cupcakes before the little-big bash that night when Daddy got home....that's when the gifts were brought out.  two pet shop gifts and a horsey for her dolls.  what a perfect birthday.  she was a happy girl.

we celebrated a day late.  Uncle Alan got married on Kaylee's birthday, so I took her with me to the Temple and she enjoyed cousin Bailey and family while I took photos.  She was so happy to be there and around a beautiful happy couple on her birthday.  She didn't mind sharing her birthday excitement one bit with Uncle Alan and Aunt Patti.  it was a fun day.



six years ago little miss Kaylee was born....exactly at this moment in time.

six years ago my world TOTALLY changed.

you were our miracle...a blessing we never thought would come.

and you did.

what makes you wonderful?

you sing like a princess
you dance like a princess
you're a little actress
you are so helpful with your baby brother
you're up for a good wrestle with Cade...and now he can put up a good fight.
you love your brown and white cereal
you love to have a pok-isle after your 'mommy sandwich'
you love to be tickled....and I love tickling you
you have beautiful brown eyes....like mommy (daddy says)
you love to learn and ask me to teach you things

my little girl isn't so little anymore.

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