celebrating independence

we got together with family yesterday and had a yummy BBQ after going swimming.

down here in Arizona, it's hard to party 'old school' when basically every fun firework is illegal.

we got to play with some poppers, popping bottles and 'glow worms'...aka....street poo...really, that stuff is just nasty to watch 'grow/glow'.

out there for almost 10 minutes....lighting fires in 110+ degree heat...hot.

miss those days when we would light off roman candles into the wheat field and put out a fire on our fence post when one of the fireworks set it on fire.  good ole' midwestern days of firecrackers.  we even had a friend make his own, and it turned out pretty cool.

maybe next year we can go out of state and get our hands on some fun stuff.  the kids would love it, and I'd like them to do what I did as a kid.

(conner dressed the part....pink, white and blue, with a camo croc for military support)


Anonymous said...

We have firecrackers here! COme here next year! It was like WWIII in our neighborhood! It was amazing!

Bob, Meghan, Bella, and Lola! said...

We used to go to Boston for the 4th every year. The fireworks show there is beyond amazing. It breaks my heart a little every year when we're stuck in the desert heat with no really good fireworks. It just doesn't seem like the 4th! Love the pics btw!

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