happy halloween

this year, the lineup.....

Halloween 2009

Kaylee the Fairy Princess

'buddy' lightyear

I love how his cheeks remind me so much of the 'real' buzz lightyear!  pinch...kiss kiss!

with some cute homemade wings (he was so proud of his costume!)

and last, but certainly not least!
Conner Bear!

happy Halloween from us!


take a look see

i'm famous!  well, not really, but this is cool!


yippee! its the weekend!

let the fun................



man down, man down!

guess who is home from school with a temp of 103?  she's still asleep...and it's been 5 hours.  here she is watching a movie...and conner's leg is in the foreground....soon after this, she was zonked.

while on the phone and doing some editing, i was thinking, "I better go see what Conner is up to"...20 minutes later..."I better go see what Conner is up to."....10 minutes later..."hmmm...Conner has been really silent....I better go see what he's up to".  I get up from the chair and walk over to where Kaylee is, just about to fall asleep on the carpet.

Conner has fallen asleep on the floor.  What a kid has to do when mommy is too busy to find what her kids are up to...put himself down for his own nap.

mucho heart

a blonde?

conner got a shorter cut...it's been about a month or so since the initial cut from longsey to shortsey...now we're even shortsey-er....and I've found out that we actually have a blondie!



playtime with Cade this afternoon...he was enjoying his time in the baskets.
check out that cute smile :)



kaylee is on timeout

of course, isn't singing my praises.

she yells out,


wow....I don't ever remember hiring her.

***how much do we pay her anyway?

happy october!

thanks to my emilie for calling me and giving me this 'too funny' idea.  em, your's is in the mail. :)  it's just too funny to see this in the front yard, on our 'mound' just perfect for my burial plot!
happy halloween!  may we all survive it!


snip snip

back in 1985, right before our whole family set out for vacation to Ben Delatour scout campground and the scenic route en route, Kelly and I decided it was about time for a bit of a make over.  I remember mom walking out to the mailbox to pick up the day's delivery, and we get busy with our wild idea.  We hid our hair and scissors in the doll house, like no one would notice 3 inches missing from off our foreheads.  I can't remember who's genius idea it was, but the outcome certainly was a work of art!!!!  
 that's me on the left holding the artist's shears, and Kelly, holding a dead rat...I mean, our BANGS!

during our trip, a few people approached our mother and asked if our haircut was some sort of new trend.

yup, we were definitely trend setters...wouldn't you think?

Kelly and I have kept perfecting that talent first attempted years ago.  We now not only cut our families hair, but we cut our own hair.  I see it as some sort of desperation...and unwillingness to pay someone that I could kinda do myself.  David even cuts the neckline for me...as long as I can't see any mistake, it doesn't exist.  That's what I tell myself, and It's working!

why tell you this?

Kaylee and Cade have decided to try out their own luck in the hair cutting business...I knew this day would come.  They do come up with some of the best ideas...partners in crime.  Heck, if mom and auntie Kelly can do it, it must run in the family.  can't be that hard anyway...it's just scissors and snipping.  Kaylee has a bit of fringe going on in her top ponytail...I could spike it and do some type of peacock effect, and Cade, I believe, has a few letters etched into his hairline.  good practice for Kaylee.  Can we turn that in as homework?

Cade is ripe for a haircut anyway.  Kaylee, we'll just wait and let that fringe to grow out.

Happy cutting!...but kids, ask a grown-up to help.  trust me, it'll turn out much better!

haircuts for the whole family tonight....kaylee, just a trim, cade a full cut, and some 'blending' to cover Kaylee's letter practice, conner: going shorter, me...i'm needing some thinning on the side, and david...'just gimme the regular'.


new blog: photography

I've been stewing on this idea for a while.  I decided to jump in and try it out.  I have my own family and personal fun journaling blog, with of course, photos.  But now I can post photos I've taken for clients and other fun shoots that I've had or participated in.  I hope you visit...often!

i'm excited to see how much my photography changes and develops (in a good way) as time goes by.



wade and jane and kent

meeting Kent for the first time.  He's the son of one of my best friends growing up...in the midwest...Wud the Stud, Wadeus the Flateus...and some other nicknames I'll keep to myself.  He's a long lost brother.  From an amazing wonderful family.  Jane.  Can't imagine anyone more perfect for Wade than her!  You're a sweet heart Jane!

ewwww!  cover your eyes!

so hard when you have such ugly subjects to work with! :)


Thompson Family

as a thank you to my friend, Ahnica, for letting all of us crash at her place, I did a little impromtu photo shoot.

I grew up with Ahnica.  We were both in the same Kindergarten class...were close friends through school...and still are.  There were only 5 LDS members in our grade, and 4 of us made it to our 10 year HS reunion.  It was great to be together again.  Fun memories.  Fun times!

Ahnica's husband Micah is simply amazing and wonderful.  He's definitely a winner!

Eden is 4 and such a little spitfire!  She and Kaylee would make instant friends!  She pulls the silliest faces...just like one little girl in my family too.  What a beautiful girl!

I can't wait to see what #3 looks like!  I'm guessing you're gonna have....a....girl. :)


my german sister

One of my dearest friends in the world, Franzi, flew in to Kansas for our 10 year reunion all the way from Germany.  We had such a wonderful time being together...I wish we had another day to be with her.  I'm super excited though...she's going to be coming to stay with me during Thanksgiving week!  I love my Franzi.  So glad you made it to the reunion Franziska!  I can't wait to see you again!
you're my beautiful European sister!


memory lane

i'm off to attend my 10 year high school reunion.  we're all going to tailgate before the homecoming game.  that'll bring back memories!  playing in the band to the tune of notre dame fight song...jaws...superman, being in flag/rifle corps, crazy high school kids.

it's been so long since i've been back to KS.  excited and wondering what everyone has made of their lives since 99.  we shall see.

long beautiful hair...haven't had it that long in 9 years...wearing a WHITE cap and gown.  not too flattering on us girls....darker colors are slimming!?  we didn't care, we got to throw hats in the air.


here's to a crazy fun weekend.

go wildcats.


fall break

only the second day of fall break, and I feel like a chicken missing it's head.  Please let me know if you find it!  These kids are so full of energy.  I can't believe I actually made it one full year with all three at home before Kaylee started school.  It must have been some sort of survival mode, but also a hecta-ton of grace from above!

you can still see the remnants of a sugar loaded donut driven lunch on her face.
sure do love these stinkers!  stinkin' up the whole house!
Kaylee is such a cheese-ball.

and introduction: sean patrick price jr

My oldest brother Sean just had his FIRST baby!...well, his wife did!
Jennifer had a tough labor...and resulted the cutest little big baby!
Sean Patrick Price Jr.
They'll call him Patrick
born October 4, 2009
9 pounds 13 ounces
(and mommy is tiny!)
21 inches
7:28pm Hawaii time...
Daddy got around to call us about 10 that night...which in Arizona, was about midnight!
Definitely a good call to receive in the middle of the night!

Welcome my cute little chub!


feedback friday on i♥faces

Sony Alpha A330
ISO 100  f 5.6  1/160 sec. 28mm
I'm new to the editing world and would love to learn anything new.  I've started to  use Photoshop CS3.

I feel my edit is too light...too warm.  any addition/change to the editing is welcome!  Take my original and run with it!!!

thank you i faces!
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