man down, man down!

guess who is home from school with a temp of 103?  she's still asleep...and it's been 5 hours.  here she is watching a movie...and conner's leg is in the foreground....soon after this, she was zonked.

while on the phone and doing some editing, i was thinking, "I better go see what Conner is up to"...20 minutes later..."I better go see what Conner is up to."....10 minutes later..."hmmm...Conner has been really silent....I better go see what he's up to".  I get up from the chair and walk over to where Kaylee is, just about to fall asleep on the carpet.

Conner has fallen asleep on the floor.  What a kid has to do when mommy is too busy to find what her kids are up to...put himself down for his own nap.

mucho heart


Robyn said...

Sorry she is sick, but very cute pictures.

Britt said...

SO sad, but SO cute!!

kelly anderson said...

i love the last pic...with conner's feet and bum..

MikeA said...

Those kids won't be laying around with Uncle Mike around! They better rest up for the funnest visit ever!

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