split again!

WOW! I never imagined it would happen so quickly! We are now a part of the new MARICOPA ARIZONA STAKE! During stake conference we were split from Casa Grande and made into two new stakes. It didn't seem like it would happen for a while. We were surprised that Salt Lake approved it. We're definately a small stake, but we sure are growing! The two counselors were our former Bishop and another great brother in the same ward. I'm so excited to have some people that I know serve in the stake presidency. The church is growing so fast down here. It's great to be a part of the growing process while watching it go from 2 wards to 6 and now a whole new stake.


remember when

I was going through the family website and I stumbled on this picture that Kelly and I took together in 2000...just a month before Kelly got married to Mike. My how much we have grown. Since then, just under 7 years ago, we've both gotten married, I've had 2 kids, Kelly's gone to beauty school and graduated, I graduated at BYU, we've both lived in many different places. I've moved to AZ and Kelly moved beneath our parents split condo. It sure has been some great times. I love thinking of how much closer that Kelly and I have grown since then...we're much closer than when we had taken this picture. I'm thinking of you Kel. xoxo
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