party giraffe off

this was a card that David got for his birthday last night. It was too funny! The inside said:
Party giraffe off.
Happy Birthday
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happy birthday honey!

Today David turns 30! Hard to believe that since he doesn't act a day older than 6 sometimes! I'm so happy to belong to such a wonderful man! He's a wonderful father and great provider for our family. He's done so much for us and I am happy to be with him forever. Happy Birthday Honeybuns!

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We rented 'Enchanted' and the kids LOVE it. I'd say Kaylee is addicted to it. I turned the movie on while I was getting the kitchen cleaned up. Cade got nice and comfy on the couch. TOO comfy! He was so tired he couldn't watch the movie or even finish a favorite snack of his....popcicle! He's never fallen asleep like this before.

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take me out to the ballgame!

Richard was in town from Houston to attend a conference in Scottsdale. He was able to get some pre-season baseball tickets for the A's and the Giants. It was fun to go up and hang out for the day with Richard.
Our first seats were in the back with standing, sitting room only. It was super hot so we eventually moved to the side bleachers where there was a bit of room to sit. The kids enjoyed the bleachers and exploring.

Cade really enjoyed the powdered doughnuts at the game!

after an inning. there were over 10,000 people there attending the game. wow.

After the game we went back to the Scottsdale Resort where Richard was staying. We walked around for a bit, and played in the tennis court throwing balls to the kids. It was interesting to go to the dinner with two small kids and being surrounded by all these Accounting professors from all over the country. They seemed to enjoy the entertainment of having the two little munchkins in their midst. It was a fun day!

exercising with gma and gmpa

My mom and dad came to Arizona to help us put in shelves and a workbench in our garage. It was a long but fun week. I was able to help dad every day out in the garage. We were out there from about 9am to 10pm each night. I was able to learn a lot of useful things. Mom was inside entertaining the kiddos...going outside to pick weeds, reading books, jumping on the matress, going to the park, going on walks....Kaylee and Cade really enjoyed grammie!
Unfortunately we didn't finish the garage project totally. Thus, this job has now turned into phase 1 and 2. In August when the baby comes, they will be back again and Dad will have to work in the oven outside...and you thought 75 degrees felt like 95!
I can't wait for them to come back!


im blue, what are you?

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On Friday a great friend of ours, Tony was in a motorcycle accident...against a bus. A school bus pulled in front of him turning left while he was traveling on his motorcycle. He has multiple broken bones and a crushed vertebrae. He is in a lot of pain and has gone through one surgery so far. We are thinking of him and Alicia. Please know that we're praying for you! We love you guys!

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