exercising with gma and gmpa

My mom and dad came to Arizona to help us put in shelves and a workbench in our garage. It was a long but fun week. I was able to help dad every day out in the garage. We were out there from about 9am to 10pm each night. I was able to learn a lot of useful things. Mom was inside entertaining the kiddos...going outside to pick weeds, reading books, jumping on the matress, going to the park, going on walks....Kaylee and Cade really enjoyed grammie!
Unfortunately we didn't finish the garage project totally. Thus, this job has now turned into phase 1 and 2. In August when the baby comes, they will be back again and Dad will have to work in the oven outside...and you thought 75 degrees felt like 95!
I can't wait for them to come back!

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