We went to the park today for our Christmas Eve playtime. While Kaylee was playing in the sand beneath the jungle gym some teenage girls were talking and having fun above her. Suddenly one of the girls said loudly, "Oh my G@#". I immediately thought of Kaylee overhearing that language and wondering what she might be thinking.
I heard her almost instantly. She said, "That's a bad word." The girl who said it looked surprised and said "What?" Kaylee replied saying, "That's a bad word. Say, oh my goodness."
That made me and David so proud and also made us laugh at the same time. Kaylee had no fear in correcting someone.
David said, "It's no wonder why we should be as little children."
I was so proud of Kaylee. Way to go!

chop chop

I've still been having a rough time with my back. 4 cortizone shots in a year, numerous visits to chiropractors and still a constant dull pain in my back and annoying sciatica.

Surgery is scheduled for January 26th. There is an end in sight!
happy day
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We went out last Saturday and set up the tripod and took some photos. enjoyso sweet to see them so loving!cheeseballs!wooooo! such a handsome couple!
close your eyes...yucky kissing! ewwww!


night out...almost alone

David and I went to see JON SCHMIDT in concert. We went with his brother Jared and his wife Rachel and Davids parents. It was an amazing concert. He is such an amazing artist. He also had a chellist with him and they both were a HOOT! We had such a fun time. If you ever get a chance to see him in concert....DO IT! You won't regret it!
Conner was our side kick and did such a great job. He of course fell asleep during the concert sucking his two fingers...too cute.
One of our very first dates was a Jon Schmidt concert at BYU. It was at that first concert that David actually put his arm around me for the first time. We've been to a few of his concerts since then. It's a great tradition. This is our second Christmas concert we've been to. I love to hear David play the piano...Jon Schmidt's music is very difficult to play, but I love to hear David play it.

colin in a coma

I watched Taylor and Colin the other day and while eating his PB&J he FALLS ASLEEP! Kara says that whenever she feeds him peanut butter he falls alseep. Wish I could do that with my kids!


more park playing

First time in a swing.

He has such sweet eyes.
These kids LOVE swings!
ok...I think she's done


visiting the sparks in the rain

Our best pals Brody and Ashton came from Washington to see us. It was so great to chat and catch up. A lot has happened since the Sparks have moved. I sure do miss my friend!
Amanda...aka Brooke White and Me. I love my friends!
I also love kissing my kids!
Me and Conner.

Ashton LOVES LOVES LOVES babies. I don't think I can stress how much he LOVES LOVES LOVES babies!
He is such a sweet boy.
He'll make a great big brother someday.


smith family

man...that's a lot of toes!Lauren pulled the cutest expressions. She's such a precious girl.
I like this candid shot.Sweet cuddly babies. This shot was too cute and I couldn't pass it up.

this shot really shows some of the kids' personalities....Kamary...too funny! Lauren...of course she's haning on daddy...whom she LOVES. Kohler...interested in everything.... my absolute FAVORITE shot


abby and austin

I took photos of my neighbors kids. They're such sweet kids. They play so well with Kaylee and Cade. (Kaylee and Cade ALWAYS ask to go and play with them!)


park fun with friends

Janae and Kaylee...two spitfires!
Kaylee's good friend Logan.

Cade has taken off with his trike. He had a ton of fun figuring out the big boy bike. We'll have to get him one for his Birthday!Kaylee taking Conner on a stroll.Bright eyed Conner.

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