night out...almost alone

David and I went to see JON SCHMIDT in concert. We went with his brother Jared and his wife Rachel and Davids parents. It was an amazing concert. He is such an amazing artist. He also had a chellist with him and they both were a HOOT! We had such a fun time. If you ever get a chance to see him in concert....DO IT! You won't regret it!
Conner was our side kick and did such a great job. He of course fell asleep during the concert sucking his two fingers...too cute.
One of our very first dates was a Jon Schmidt concert at BYU. It was at that first concert that David actually put his arm around me for the first time. We've been to a few of his concerts since then. It's a great tradition. This is our second Christmas concert we've been to. I love to hear David play the piano...Jon Schmidt's music is very difficult to play, but I love to hear David play it.


jennaloha said...

So David plays the piano eh. I'll tell Sister Smith.

I too love John Schmidt and have a book of his music and pretend I can play like him. I would love to go to his concert. Had I known I would have snagged a ride along with you, but it would have put a damper on your makeout session...

Let me know if you find out about more concert opportunities like this. I would totally be game.

AZSMITHS said...

I love Jon Schmidt. He did a lot of EFY concerts when I was a counselor. He's A LOT of fun. It is very interesting to know that David plays piano! :)

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