cade had a happy birthday today.   he's been really into 'photography'....wonder where he got that interest....you can see our ancient first 'digital' camera on the right side of the frame.   his birthday present (a new bigger bike) will be 'revealed' tomorrow.

I yuv you buddy.


just another monday night

ps: there's a SWEET video I took of David, but I probably shouldn't post it without permission! ;)  Need approval from the choreographer. 


park 2 day

at the park today.  having some fun with my 1.4

(either conner was tired of my camera in his face...or he was singing opera.  can't remember)

sweet 1.4      i lub u.

I watched Abby for the afternoon.  fun she and we had.
look close, she's making a heart with her hands.

(wanna see it up close?)

tickle tickle tickle

abby is a silly girl.  real silly.

she refers to herself in the 3rd person.

she comes up to me after dinner and says, "Abby fart."  way funny!


Saturday is a special day....

...it's the day we get ready for Sunday.


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