these little piggies

I think the night time is when they get crazy!

Lynnea attempting the piggy face.
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Kaylee was in the mood to take photos. I was glad to take the chance and snap some cute ones.

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bedtime ritual

Kaylee and Lynnea have been enjoying the time in their room to read books. Tonight Lynnea was 'reading' a book to Kaylee and she sure was enjoying it. They are so good together.

Kaylee is really enjoying the time with her cousins.

They're gonna miss each other when it's time to leave.

Me and my little cheese.
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lets try the back yard

After the park we went home and I decided it would be best to get them outside to finish burning off all that energy that wasn't extinguished at the park....which was quite a bit!

Kaylee didn't fit in the trunk. She decided to go with the luggage rack.

The three of them waiting for their turn in the car.
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kaisa once again

Kaisa has really gotten used to us now. She is such a good little girl. I got out the saucer for her to enjoy and she seems to love it...at least for a while. It's nice to rotate her around different toys to keep her busy. Of course the other kids keep her interested...to the point of annoyance! Who wouldn't want 3 older kids inches away from your face for too long anyway?
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day at the park

This was our first...and will also be our last day at the park. It was hard to tell these little ones that there were only enough kiddie swings for two of them. Sharing wasn't an option in their minds. It took a little work, but eventually they got the idea that Shannon was getting tired of pushing them and they needed to go and slide and climb around for a while so she could take care of baby Kaisa. It was tough for someone so 'front' heavy to lug around these 4. We'll be spending some quality time at home now! :)
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fun for the wiik

David's been having a blast with the Wii that Jared and Rachel let us borrow. It's been fun. David just made pro tonight with bowling...I'm so proud of him! :P I enjoy the tennis pairs...that's been fun. I've somehow gotten the fast serve down pat...at least for the moment!
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sleeping beauties

I used to be a tummy sleeper...that was until I had kids. Looks like Kaylee has taken after me. The sleeping positions of these little ones can be quite silly.

When I came in to check on the girls, Lynnea was on the right side of the bed snuggling the basket.
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fea·ture /ˈfitʃər/ [fee-cher]

*****Also called feature film, feature presentation. the main motion picture in a movie program.*****

For the first few days Lynnea would be requesting a 'teacher' movie. I wasn't too certain which movie she was talking about, so I would quiz her of what she was talking about. Just about every time, the first movie I named was the one she wanted. That's odd...why do they all have the same name?

Then, I remembered, that Lynnea calls "Movies" her "Features"....as in the 'feature presentation.' Goodness, how on earth does a little one get so technical! It must be a word that Jared taught her to confuse her aunt and uncle!

Today Lynnea was asking David for a 'feature' and I could hear David asking her over and over...what movie is that? I interrupted and said..."David, she's saying 'feature' instead of 'movie.'" So David replies, "How the heck does she know that?"

out of the mouth of babes!

jingle belle?

Meet one of Kaylee's newest favorite princesses....Jingle Belle. I've tried to teach her that her name is simply 'Belle' but she continues to call her Jingle Belle. She'll get it right someday.

She currently is saying Cinderella correctly....finally! She used to say 'Tru-la-la-la' which was too cute to hear.

I'm amazed at all the prinesses that she knows...Sleeping Beauty and Snow White? I've never even told her those names let alone shown her pictures of them or shown her the videos. She must be learning it at school!
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sunday best

Ready for Sunday with her best cousins! Lynnea and Kaylee just love each other! Lynnea was a big girl and went to Sunbeams with Kaylee in Primary. She had a pretty good time. She was sad in class...probably because she couldn't play with any toys. It's hard to get used to a classroom atmosphere sometimes! Kaylee was excited to go to church with Lynnea.

Aren't they just so cute together!

Cade getting some lovin from Lynnea. Kissin Cousins.

Who couldn't resist a cute little buddy like him!

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Poor Lynnea. She threw up while Grammie, Papa and Gigi were over last night watching the kids while David and I went out for a movie. This morning she threw up a bit more....but it was nothing compared to what was to come!

I talked to Lynnea about being sick and how she felt. I told her when she felt sick like that again to tell us and that we would take her to the bathroom and help her if she needed to throw up. A while later, after giving her some anti nausea medicine she got up from the couch and a fun movie and ran to the bathroom....we're lucky we have one so close. She threw up the toilet seat and did her thing. David quickly followed holding her head and I came in and went to work getting the washcloths and cleansers.

Poor Lynnea was crying. We let her sit in a bath for a while. We thought it would be best to just keep her on fruit popcicles and juice for a while. Seeing partly digested fish crackers doesn't quiet make you yearn for some more. Lynnea is asking for food, but so sad to say we can't give her any. Hang in there Lynnea!
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aahhhh the perks of visitors

Cade has been itching to get into Kaisa's cute little seat. When the moment came, he seized it!

Kaylee got comfy and watched a Barbie movie with everyone else.

kinda like her own banana chair...too cumfy to resist!

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how cute is she!?

Kaisa is so photogenic! Such a pretty little girl!

Today she was finally hungry enough to gobble down a lot of her tasty cereal bites.

nice skinny feet...definately not my child! :)

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nap time

After I take Kaylee to school Cade and I come home and I put him down for a nap...many times I will do the same. This time I had three kiddos to put down. Lynnea at first said she didn't want to take a nap. I gave her two options. "You can either go and nap in your bed or nap in my bed with me." She said "Nap in your bed." So I threw her up in bed with me and we had a heavenly nap.
Once it was time to get up all the Kids were still sleeping. I was sure that Kaisa and Lynnea would be up before then, but nope....the house was as quiet as could be.

I went into all the rooms and got them out of bed. Cade was happy to get up and get sister....but he's used to doing that. Kaisa wasn't happy at all to get woken up and neither was Lynnea. Man....I wish I could teach my kids that sleep is something to cherish! My kids are just too happy to be awake....even when it's still dark outside! what's the deal!

Funny to think that Kaisa didn't want to get up since she had slept in until after 10am with only getting up at 2am to eat. She was ready for another nap at noon! That's my girl!
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Kaisa time with Lynnea and Kaylee

So, unless you haven't heard....I'm watching a couple nieces for a week while Jared and Rachel....David's brother and his wife....are away in probably an extremely boring family vacation in Cancun...just the siblings and spouses with no kids. Well, maybe it isn't extremely boring, but probably ridiculously exciting! The kiddos seem to enjoy their stay quite a bit and are getting along very well.

Kaisa was happy to get some friends to help her enjoy her toys. Kaylee, Cade and Lynnea just love playing together and whenever the chance provides, a little playtime with Kaisa too!

Cute Kaisa!

Lynnea enjoying her time with her cousins.

Kaylee just loves all these live in play buddies!
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