Poor Lynnea. She threw up while Grammie, Papa and Gigi were over last night watching the kids while David and I went out for a movie. This morning she threw up a bit more....but it was nothing compared to what was to come!

I talked to Lynnea about being sick and how she felt. I told her when she felt sick like that again to tell us and that we would take her to the bathroom and help her if she needed to throw up. A while later, after giving her some anti nausea medicine she got up from the couch and a fun movie and ran to the bathroom....we're lucky we have one so close. She threw up the toilet seat and did her thing. David quickly followed holding her head and I came in and went to work getting the washcloths and cleansers.

Poor Lynnea was crying. We let her sit in a bath for a while. We thought it would be best to just keep her on fruit popcicles and juice for a while. Seeing partly digested fish crackers doesn't quiet make you yearn for some more. Lynnea is asking for food, but so sad to say we can't give her any. Hang in there Lynnea!
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