We went to the park today for our Christmas Eve playtime. While Kaylee was playing in the sand beneath the jungle gym some teenage girls were talking and having fun above her. Suddenly one of the girls said loudly, "Oh my G@#". I immediately thought of Kaylee overhearing that language and wondering what she might be thinking.
I heard her almost instantly. She said, "That's a bad word." The girl who said it looked surprised and said "What?" Kaylee replied saying, "That's a bad word. Say, oh my goodness."
That made me and David so proud and also made us laugh at the same time. Kaylee had no fear in correcting someone.
David said, "It's no wonder why we should be as little children."
I was so proud of Kaylee. Way to go!


Robyn said...

Way to go Kaylee! I love all the new posts. Nice job on the pictures--they are wonderful! Good luck in RS all by yourself today. We'll be so glad to get back.

AZSMITHS said...

Hanna's a lot like that too! I should follow her example more and stand up for things! :)

Julianne said...

It is important to stand for what is right when necessary - they just seem to notice it more.

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