memory lane

i'm off to attend my 10 year high school reunion.  we're all going to tailgate before the homecoming game.  that'll bring back memories!  playing in the band to the tune of notre dame fight song...jaws...superman, being in flag/rifle corps, crazy high school kids.

it's been so long since i've been back to KS.  excited and wondering what everyone has made of their lives since 99.  we shall see.

long beautiful hair...haven't had it that long in 9 years...wearing a WHITE cap and gown.  not too flattering on us girls....darker colors are slimming!?  we didn't care, we got to throw hats in the air.


here's to a crazy fun weekend.

go wildcats.


jennaloha said...

Wildcats! You're a High School Musical Star in Real Life! Who's the Zac Effron at your side, hottie?

Shannon said...

you know what's funny!? the guy I'm walking with, his name is Zach! Yeah, it's all coming together now!

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