wade and jane and kent

meeting Kent for the first time.  He's the son of one of my best friends growing up...in the midwest...Wud the Stud, Wadeus the Flateus...and some other nicknames I'll keep to myself.  He's a long lost brother.  From an amazing wonderful family.  Jane.  Can't imagine anyone more perfect for Wade than her!  You're a sweet heart Jane!

ewwww!  cover your eyes!

so hard when you have such ugly subjects to work with! :)

1 comment:

Jane said...

SHANNON!! Thank you! You're incedibley kind to have taken these pics! We had a good time seeing you, Kelly, Franzi and Thompson's for the reunion. I'm so impressed with what you and Kelly are doing with your TALENTS!! Wade's always told me how talented you two are. You're photography is fabulous. You're a great mom and Wade is blessed to have grown up with ya! Love Jane

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