Thompson Family

as a thank you to my friend, Ahnica, for letting all of us crash at her place, I did a little impromtu photo shoot.

I grew up with Ahnica.  We were both in the same Kindergarten class...were close friends through school...and still are.  There were only 5 LDS members in our grade, and 4 of us made it to our 10 year HS reunion.  It was great to be together again.  Fun memories.  Fun times!

Ahnica's husband Micah is simply amazing and wonderful.  He's definitely a winner!

Eden is 4 and such a little spitfire!  She and Kaylee would make instant friends!  She pulls the silliest faces...just like one little girl in my family too.  What a beautiful girl!

I can't wait to see what #3 looks like!  I'm guessing you're gonna have....a....girl. :)

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Micah and Ahnica said...

Thanks for the really sweet post. I know, it's a bit belated, but I still appreciate the kind words and am happy to say we are friends, be it we live far away from eachother. It is nice to know you always have a place to crash whenever the urge comes. Thanks again, we loved having you guys at our home and really appreciate the photos! We love you guys!

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