cupcakes with rings

Kaylee requested her own style of cake this year.  I normally will do an ice cream cake for the kids...but this year, since she knows she now has a say, she requested cupcakes with rings on them.

she was delighted with her yummy cakes.

next year she'll be dictating the flavoring and colors.

every year I get less and less choice and she gets more and more.

I've never been much of a 'birthday party' planner.  maybe because it sneaks up on me so fast, or that i'm just too lazy or afraid to plan something like that.

we've always kept it low key with just our little family and a few gifts.

cade eyed the blue ring.  just had to have it.

we watched our good friends Audrey and Christian during the day so held a last minute 'mini party'.  they got to taste test the cupcakes before the little-big bash that night when Daddy got home....that's when the gifts were brought out.  two pet shop gifts and a horsey for her dolls.  what a perfect birthday.  she was a happy girl.

we celebrated a day late.  Uncle Alan got married on Kaylee's birthday, so I took her with me to the Temple and she enjoyed cousin Bailey and family while I took photos.  She was so happy to be there and around a beautiful happy couple on her birthday.  She didn't mind sharing her birthday excitement one bit with Uncle Alan and Aunt Patti.  it was a fun day.

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Bob, Meghan, Bella, and Lola! said...

Happy Birthday Kaylee! What a cute girl. I love her spunky, but sweet personality. I really miss teaching her in Primary!

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