sweetly odd

Conner had his first appointment with his real speech therapist, Erin, yesterday.  She was Cade's therapist, so it was nice welcoming an old friend back for visits.  We've been visited by Robin the past couple months until Erin had room in her schedule for Conner.

Conner did very well for his first 'lesson' Erin said.  Signing a lot, and seemed to be a good problem solver and his attention span is also pretty impressive.

she asked what he could say and sign....and I told her.  His first word was 'shoe'.

 Conner has a 'thing' for shoes.  Shoes shoes shoes.  he wears them when he's awake, and even sometimes tries to get them in bed with him too.  They matched in the beginning, but once he figured out he could wear not only his shoes, but his brothers and sisters etc....we've been graced with differing combinations....some quite odd.  

ballet slipper with a soccer shoe.

pink soccer shoe with a green soccer shoe.

mommy's mismatched sunday shoes.

big brothers crocs.

little shoes inside big shoes.

soccer shoe with a croc....a personal favorite of his currently.

right or left....left or right.  doesn't matter...as long as he gets them on.

can a speech therapist help us with this fetish?

a summer evening swing....(a right soccer shoe paired with a right croc)


conner: shoe lover.


Bob, Meghan, Bella, and Lola! said...

Fabulous! I love how you catch all these little moments of your kiddos. It's really sweet.

kelly anderson said...

kelly: conner lover.

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